Depression be like...


💚🐢Tap🐢💚 Depression be like...

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hexxx no
I am done you can go find I different girl
hello you to going to ask am
go back with summer
hey bby thanks
shxx dam axx
so we are dating
can you delete it and put me and your pic on there
we are not dating
if you love me then change you pic
hey baby 🥰
and your not ugly your so so pretty
she not dating
You are not ugly at all you are very very pretty and you better start believing it
and Sam where with the depression
This is u
hi baby
omg nooo your so pretty!!!!
and i loveeeeee the indie filter its so cute!!!💗✨💕
heyyyy bestie
your not ugly. I wish I looked like you! your so pretty and the beads look beautiful in your hair.
seriously I’m not as pretty as u.
look at my latest post. I think you’ll like it. also read the caption.
can u pls make a private chatage for us if u don’t mind 🌷
Who me
hey baby
never mind you ain’t my baby
hey so sorry to disturb but my wanderlust contest(round one) is out so pls check out my acc to find out the theme tysm for entering😊🥺♥️ -phosphenes-(lyly)
your so pretty
yea well I’m dating her
I wasn’t going to date her I was just saying she is pretty I have a boyfriend
sorry this is my other account I switched lol
she said she was ugly but she isn’t