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I’m not
I’m not
my bfs back just a btw..
and I’m not cute
I'm still freezing cold 😑👌🏼
I wish that would help :/ *hugs*
I’m shaking it’s so cold
that one guy who you told to shut up just asked if I had mental problems
now all his little girlfriends are attacking me
they think he uploaded his pictures to the search on pc you can’t do that 🙄
they don’t understand
hey it’s ok *hugs you*
don’t be sorry :)
also do you have Snapchat?
if you add me we could ft or something :) I’m home by myself rn and I’m kinda bored
nonononoooo don’t cry please *hugs you*
awh :(
because it makes me sad when people cry :(
shh it’s ok
*hugs you* shh
*hugs you tightly and rubs your back gently* shh it’s ok :)
no more crying ok? *smiles*
uh ig
I’m so tired 😂😩
my house is freezing
wait you live in Duluth? I live in Wisconsin ahah :)
she’s not gonna beat you up I promise they’re just jealous
^your a fake piece of shīt
ya sure I’m jealous🙄 I have a boyfriend that’s more of a man that he could ever be! and trust me if I want to I’ll get my brother to go “shopping” and go to Duluth and he lives 1 hour away from me so
and what’s there to be jealous of? him getting a böner in camera? no that’s just funny
they can’t do anything because they don’t know where you actually live 🤣
for 1 Lucas I wasn’t starring at ur thing. it just happens to pop out. so learn to have proper posting skills or ur gonna eventually get kicked. for 2 Jolene is not my side bxtch. I love her more than words can say I would literally di for her and for 3 just stop tryna break me and Jolene up cuz ur jealous of her for having me. I’m not gàÿ
I can’t email cause my email is all wonky
um. crazy girl up their i email him soooo 🤨 I don’t know y u think I can’t ask my brother to track his email?
it’s hooked up to a bunch of my other things like Spotify
you could just add my snap, I’m on that a lot
that’s not even funny lol
I can’t cause j have it connected to stuff
I’m sorry
hey there
^that person just told me I was ratchet looking
do u remember me future marine?
u dont?
“fūçkįñg úgłÿ”
tell that person then :(
should I just leave since everyone hates me..
so what’s up
^she was sent by the razzy person for you to be yelled at
how come?
so we’re friends?
I know
SO WHAT HAPPENED TO U! u were nice! U helped me through my problems now ur calling me fat and ugly and all that other stuff?! what happened to the guy who helped me get through the mean people huh... I guess people come and go out of my life after all...just so u know if u EVER want to talk to me again u owe me a HUGE apology
hey babe
^looks like your dating that person
they literally called you babe😂
UM NO! I’m dating Ethan
they took my favorite song off of Spotify
She Bad by Cameron Dallas
you should listen to it
it’s on YouTube
honestly your like a best friend to me :)
yup ahah :)
why would I date shahamen? he’s like 35 p.s. I’m 14
listening to music while I study
not normally no but it depends on who
Dan + Shay😂
I hate Taylor Swift that’s a for sure
my sister went and saw her in Canada this summer
so me and my dad went to a McDonald’s and boy was that delicious
and I’m not joking it was
Canadian McDonald’s are the bomb
this science is stupid
it’s on electromagnetic spectrum stuff
I’m listening to she bad and I just realized how much of a grinding song it is🤣
I listen to really weird songs
if you can yes
ok so I have stuff on electromagnetic spectrum
so like waves
now I’m listening to Mia Khalifa 😂
I just don’t get it
ou😂 do you like rap?
have you heard Mo Bamba?
it’s kinda hard cause it’s a quizlet
did you listen to she bad yetttt
seeeeee😂 it’s a major grinding song thoooo🤣
hi it’s Abby, the girl you wanted to RP with and gave you the account password. btw- when your ready comment on my main// collage and than log on to start playing ok? thanks! btw- I’m playing submissive slave *stripping my bra* who knows while we’re at it, I might even give u some pics😂💕