This is a collab with the amazing, beautiful, gorgeous and friendly collager @moonlightcocoa! She did the beautiful and aesthetic bg and I did the simple text! Go follow her if you haven’t! She needs more recognition and love 💗


🤎13/Jan./2022🤎-tap- This is a collab with the amazing, beautiful, gorgeous and friendly collager @moonlightcocoa! She did the beautiful and aesthetic bg and I did the simple text! Go follow her if you haven’t! She needs more recognition and love 💗

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awww i love it so much!! i'm gonna post it rn <33 is it ok if i add a filter, just so that it matches with the rest of my collages?
btw i loved working with you :)
This is so good! I love Emma Watson! You guys work so well together!
happy new year :)
love this 🤍 and emma is amazing x
oml tysm <3 I would love to be friends :) You can call me Geo
Yeah when you feel safe ofc you’ll have fun!
ofc I wanna be friends! 🥰
I have a Spanish name….it’s carlota
you can call be like that if you like
what abt you?
PS: I’ll post the collab tmrw
so so so STUNNING
y'all did great
This is stunning 😍
wow this is spectacular!
tysm, I'm happy you liked it💗💗 ilyy💖
Amazing collage
we should definitely collaborate sometime
aww thank u so much!!💗
I will let you know when I’m free to collaborate
this is amazing as well. i love emma
Hii bear <3 I've been very busy, they added new hours to my school schedule and I broke my collarbone, but hey, at least it's Friday and my bone is almost healed :)
awwww tysmmmm
yess !! especially the fake potterheads 😤 actually jk I love the hp universe and read the books / watched the movie, but I’m not that knowledgeable on the subject haha.
I’m still obsessing over hp though, it’s really a top tier fandom
thank you so much hon!! can't wait to see your entry ;)💗
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awww tysm!
oh ok my term 1 report cards are coming soon so I’m gonna be busy redoing some homework for better grades 😉
I’m doing great too! wbu?
yes! I would love to 💕💕
my actual name is Evelyn but you can call me Evi
tysm ❤️
aw ty so is this
your truly so talented omg
Thank you!!
omggg! I would love to be friends and chat! tyyy and I absolutely love this collage, Emma Watson is the best🤩🤩👍🍄✨
hey! by "premades" i mean collages that u have already posted on your account, so that were made before the contest❤️ sorry if that was confusing✨💕
❄️new post❄️
I’d love to be friends!! your collages are STUNNING
aww Ty!
ofc! I’d love to! I love meeting new people and making friends!
thank youuuu
no problem xx💖💖💖
I would love to be friends! I enjoy chatting with you too!<3
yup Emma is the best! I like to be called Violet thanks!🍄
free lemon bc i’m nice :) !! 👉🍋
thank you 🥺❤️
yayy scorpio gangg🤪💖
tysm by the way!!🥰🥰🥰
awesome I like being called Gracie or grace! <3
Awh tysm! ❤️
my names tanisha! u can call me by that!
aww Ty!
btw what grade r u in if ur ok with sharing?
Awesome collage❤️
Tysm ❤️
OMGG! Thank you!! I really like sushi as well, just the best!🍄🍄🤩
thank u for ur kind comments on my recent :)
tysm for the spam
I love your name! I’m alz!!
nice! I’m finishing middle
i’m soooo sorry about the collab I’m super duper busy with school and stuff but I promise I’ll post it this week 😗
Hope you understand 😉🥳
Hi I don't know if you know me but I love your account and you seem really nice do you want to be friends 100% ok if not!❤️
aww tysmmmm!!
I'm free to collaborate with you as this is my second account as my main account is Breathin_Dreams
This is super pretty, and I appreciate the follow.
Ty, and ur gonna get to 700 even sooner!!!
Awwwwwww thank you your collages are way better than mine would you want to collab sometime?
Yay do you want me to make the chat page?
hey..I’ll post the collab todayyyy
you could do a giveaway type thing with a spam of likes and comments and stuff like that if ur not comfortable doing a face reveal or a name reveal type thing!
lol, I can’t wait!!
not, thank u for being there for ME!! I’m so glad to have you as a friend!
thank you so much💕💕
same!! here’s one to u! 🤗
aw tysm, I'm going to the doctor today, sooo let see how it goes ^^
yesss sushi gang vibes🍄😎
tY!! I love posting themmm
umM I’ve been ok lolll
school s u c k s
OH I should’ve posted an update thingy! back in August or smth (this fall) she produced a paperback one! still available on Amazon I believe AND in the process of the second book
omg wait what trend😂?
and currently i'm reading "a man called ove" and it's about this grumpy old man, it's actually pretty funny!
also i love this collage! emma watson is an icon!
awww thank you sweetheart!! the song is "kiwi" by harry styles btw <333
you're welcome luv!💖
omg wait i DO know that one!
honestly i love stock figures, you can do anything with them😂
aww tysmmm!😊
hey! how should I call you?
I will make the chat page for the collaboration
aw your the kindest 🤍🤍🤍🤍
thank you so much!
heya, i posted the on the chatpage
Thanks! You are an amazing collager!
girliee your acc is gorgeouss
Don't worry little bear, I'll make sure to recommend all my fav books hehehe 😈
Eragon (and it's sequel), Percy Jackson (and it's sequel), OHMAIGOD THE CRUEL PRINCE YESSSS, hm Shadow and Bone, The selection and others.
Chat page is up on my second account Bree46 for our collaboration
thank you soooo muchhh ily💖😭✨
Hey I noticed that you and Flying_Frogs were talking about the Percy Jackson series, I've read them and the Heroes of Olympus series and really liked them. Overall Rick Riordan (the author) is a amazing author, love all his books 📚
Also read the Cruel Prince and it's sequels, if you're looking for books to read then let me know. BIG BOOKWORM OVER HERE!!! Also my collab secdule is clearing up a bit so we can probably do ours soon I'll let you know. Can't wait! 😊
Haha thanks, ever since I learned to read I absolutely love it. That's so cool, I write my own books also and just generally enjoy that kind of stuff. Yes if you want you can post the chat page, but please forgive me if I don't reply quickly 😩I think you would be a great writer, you're very creative and and kind and if you like to read and have a active imagination then that's basically all you need. 💕
Yes probably, what time is it there?
do you think we could be friends?
aww thank you hon💖 and yeaaaah i love Matilda too, it reminds me of my childhood so much! and tim burton's movies are awesome, i love them (especially the corpse bride) 😍
awe tyyy
The goblet of fire is one of my favorite hp books, it was a long time ago since I read it but I remember loving it lol
I’m doing good hru?!
It was really nice following with you hope we can do it again soon and yes we can post it today!!😊
That’s ok with me will post it right now
yes Friday’s are the best!😎😂
thank uuu!! ur soo sweet :))
i don't remember if i have already said it, but thank you so much for the nice comment in my olivia collage💖💖 the issue is that, having an android, i never receive comment notifications, so i just go on pc online and i scroll through the comment section, but i have no idea when they were posted lol! it's kind of chaotic but i'm making it work anyways😂❤️❤️
sure :)