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Hey! Thank you so much for entering! The games will take place on my games account @ybigames. All the contest notifications will be commented on here so you don’t have to worry about missing anything. However, please don’t reply on here as I won’t see it for a while. If you have any questions comment on one of my posts💕 The games will begin as soon as I have enough people signed up! Thanks again! You have a place on team yellow🌞
Round one is up! You have until Tuesday 21st August to enter. Good luck and enjoy the games!🎈
If anybody has any questions, ask on my main @youblitheringidiot as I’ll see it quicker :)
Round two and the round one results are out! You have until Thursday 22nd August to enter. We will be losing one contestant at the end of this round... so good luck! Any questions, please ask via @youblitheringidiot! Thank you ! 🍓
Hey! Just a reminder that you have around ten hours left to enter round two! I judge the entries anonymously so I don’t know who’s entered so far and who hasn’t. If you have already entered, just ignore this notice. Good luck!🌞
Good morning/evening! (Depending on where you are in the world and when you’re reading this!) Round three and the round two results are out! There will be another elimination at the end of this round, so good luck! 💓
Hello! Just a reminder that you have around nine hours left to enter round three if you haven’t already. As always, there’s absolutely no pressure to enter! Real life comes first, I know that. Good luck!🌻💫
The penultimate round, round four and the round three results have been posted! You have until Monday 27th August to enter. Two eliminations at the end of this round so good luck!💧🌱
Hello! Just a reminder to enter round four if you haven’t already. You have about nine hours until the results are out... good luck!🌞
And remember, this is the last round that YOU can make a difference to your score!
The round four results are out!🎈
The final round is a voting round. I like doing these because then it’s not just my opinion that influences the final result. You may vote for yourself once. Voting is taking place on @youblitheringidiot. The winners will be revealed in the next 24 hours! Good luck🌞🌿
Aaaand the final positions have been revealed! Thank you ever so much to all of you for creating incredible artwork in your own time. I hope you enjoyed yourself! 🌿💧