Purple Collage💜
Qotd:  Meaning of your name? Aotd: Mora means star of the sea


💜6/9/21💜 Purple Collage💜 Qotd: Meaning of your name? Aotd: Mora means star of the sea

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hiii!☺️ looks amazing!
aotd: shiyah means with wisdom
ahh this is adorable <33
aotd: goddess or god!!
This is so pretty!
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aotd: manifestation of God or appearance of God btw my name if Tifany!
Oh hey Mora! I have a question, was this inspired by one of my collages because it looks very similar. Also, Ik you’re on break, so the person running your account maybe didn’t know, so I totally get it! Also, if it wasn’t inspired by my collage, I’m so sorry 😣!! Also, I’m not mad or anything, just wondering! 💕
pretty! & my name is emma & it means whole" or "universal
Oh no it’s totally fine! You can keep it up, I don’t want you to lose the likes or comments! Tysm 💕
I love this!
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hey beautiful!! 🧡i just posted details about my name changing contest!!🧡(((i forgot to mention that whoever gives me the best idea wins a shout-out!)))✨ i’d love your opinions and suggestions on my new name!!✨love-bryson_lee_(((sry 4 copy n paste, feel free to delete)))
hello! so beautiful!🥰 but I have a question do u love anime! welp bc if u do then I have a new post! check it out!🙃
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love this!
also can we please collab?
ofc! I totally understand 💕
im so glad you’re back!
anyone wanna role play then tap on my account
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☹︎ sad post please read
important post on my page ❕
Love this so much!
I don't know when you'll see this but I would like to thank you for your comment on the person who stole my post (the way I put that sounded weird lol but I was trying to respect there privacy and you know what I mean 😂) even though they originally posted it almost a month ago I'm just now seeing this and I would like to thank you for your comment! - Living_Hope 💖💞✨
hey! i am new here and was wondering if u wanted to see my page or be mutuals! ily <3
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