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contest on my page!!
Plz follow me!
can you tell people to follow me? I am so not popular
can you follow me I am not popular
New to PC plz follow!!!
follow me!!! you said you follow everyone, live up to your word!!!!!! 😁😁
yeah I'm new to pc too and no ones following me😞😞😞😞,hey I'm just saying I'm following you.
I'm sorry I seemed a bit rudeπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”I'm just a bit upset no ones following me
no one follows me...
your not fallowing me
I have 0 followers and 0 likes 😭😭😭
wow that's sad like really
I have 0 following 😒
do u REALLY follow everyone?! if so..... wow! ur kind! but i don’t think ur following me....
follow me
follow me too! I could use itπŸ˜‚