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Collab with @-Hunii-! She did the beautiful flowery text and I made the bg !! <3 This was such a fun project, and it really brought me out of my slump 💛 Please rate 1-10.
QOTD: do you like driving? 
AOTD: not particularly, but I do it since i


🌸 Tap Here 🌸 Collab with @-Hunii-! She did the beautiful flowery text and I made the bg !! <3 This was such a fun project, and it really brought me out of my slump 💛 Please rate 1-10. QOTD: do you like driving? AOTD: not particularly, but I do it since i

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this is so adorable and so beautiful! you both did such an excellent job!
10/10 & aotd: omg no i haven’t drove yet but im so nervous to learn how to drive 💔
love it!!
aotd: i think it would be a really fun experience. i’m practising for my theory test innn i think it’s june, july or august? so yeah!
oh my gosh this is FREAKING GORGEOUS
This looks so cute!! Love the spring vibes 💕
Aotd: It kinda scares me so I haven't started driving lessons 😬
I was not ready for people to have such a strong reaction to jellyfish tho 😂
gorgeous <33
aotd: yepp!!
aw thanks Kat🫶🫶
aw glad to hear💕 I am well too, everything is really fine right now. I think my crush likes me tho :)
aotd: it’s fine😵‍💫 like it’s just smth i have to do bc i’m so busy all the time. i like driving when it’s night tho bc i feel like it’s relaxing, but given the opportunity, i’ll be the passenger princess LMAOO
that’s okay! i often reply late too, so no problem❤️
would you like to create the chatpage??
pretty 🤍
that’s good to hear! you had fun regardless! I get that. thinking about how things will be in long run is the way to go honestly.
this is beautiful!! the colors are chefs kiss !
aotd: It’s still scary but I just have to live with it at this point. It’s a driving city. I’d rather drive myself tho. I fear for others lol.
sounds awesome Kat🩷
how are you doing now?
thank u so so much!! 🩷🩷
haha, pretty much the same here though kat!🩷 stick through, you will make it. is it your senior year? It’s mine! I am so excited for new changes but also the summer haha, plans?🩷
Thank you ❤❤
No but for real?? Reading that anger is a secondary emotion, just did something to me. Like it all makes sense now. But really who needs this weird mix of anger and hurt??
omg thank you 😭🫶 you’re literally the sweetest aggghh!!
andd i finished all of my tests thankfully!!!
Glad you love them!! I actually made them first and then had to figure out a way to make a collage with them 😂
thank you!
this is gorgeous
I've missed you too ❤ I'm good!! Time is just flying by, summer is so fast approaching. Very glad the weather is finally getting good over here :) How have you been?
hi kat, what have you been up to??
haha I would love to hear about it!!
I’m ok, doing a lot better since I took my last finals last week lol
Oh yes the last bit before graduating is such a weird time. Like I remember the last day of high school and during lunch we were all like this is our last lunch together like this. It's so weird to realise people you've spend every day with are not gonna be in your life that much anymore.
Ooff the situationship, definitely seems like there was some complicated stuff there
I get you!! Too hot is never really nice. Over here it's finally starting to get over 20°C tho, so that's great :)
Thank you 🥰
cute collage <3 hey how is it going over there? honestly I think I have some memories of you but forgot😭💗
Sending you love, endings are sich difficult things sometimes ❤
Yes, do sent me the remix full of rambling!! I'm super interested
ahh kat it’s been so long how have you been?
oh I see- well regardless, I agree, you guys have a great bond :D haha no I loved hearing about your love life, mine is questionable right now lol
thank you sooo much!!!🤍
aww i’m so glad!! i’ve been pretty good, trying to figure out how my summer is going to work with sports and stuff
i’m also starting at a new school next year so i’m trying to figure out everything before then
Thank you, Kat!🩷 this means so much to me, and what you said I really agree. All this time, I have been using PC as a social app (to make friends) and an creativity app (to make collages and show them) but things about my journey here have been really rough these past months. I first can’t find inspiration, nevertheless thinking about finding inspirational quotes or making collages. I have been on-and-off for the past month and I still can’t say things are the same.🩷 I appreciate you so much as a close friend but also a inspiration, I will miss you if I leave and hope things go better for you tho!❤️❤️
and yes I agree, PC seems really disconnected now, from people to just a matter of h@te, i feel it’s not like the same.😭 I hope everything gets well for you and I really will try to pop on if I do leave. hope you have a great summer!🎊
hey hru Kat? 🫶🫶🫶
Ahh yes that's so understandable. Sometimes things have to just happen and then sit for a while before you can really process it. I too have things I still can't write about or write about months/years later
No for real?? Like just bc you don't have the guts to ask yourself doesn't mean you can just make it someone elses problem
The almost had a relationship is such a weird bond to have tho, hope all goes well for you in the future <3
Also remember when I said it was nice weather over here, well that lasted for a bit and now it's super hot here too 💀
oh yeah ofc! sry to worry you, it’s just that I finished school last week and I’m pretty much used to saying that to everyone lol 😅
anyways do you have any plans for the summer?
also sry to keep asking you for advice but any tips to stay productive for the summer?
hey 👋 what’s been going on? 🐝
i knowww i feel like I have said/done all of those things with someone but NOBODY HAS DONE/SAID ANY OF THOSE THINGS FOR ME!!
Ahh is that a letter you wrote when you were younger or how does this work?
how’s it going?
hey! please leave a little note for Alyssa on our recent post!🫶🏻
That's such a cool idea!! Wish I did that for myself when I was younger
Omg 💀 I mean hey, at least you did?? Younger you would be proud
thank you!!!
same here
hey!! how are you doing??
i’ve been alright. i’m so glad you’re enjoying the summer!! what have you been up to lately?
i have an insta if u are comfortable talking on there too
WAIT AHH i fell in the trap of thinking your last post was a goodbye post fjdnvjnej
ooh are you on break? i’m good btw! been working a bunch and am going on a holiday away for the next 3 days :>>
hey cat hyd?
Thank you!!
hey!! hru??
GORGEOUS COLLAB!! this spring collage SERVED. you truly rock ALL collage styles kat! 💗