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*copy and paste* Hello 👋 amazing collager!! Hope you’re having a wonderful 💕 day/night! I am current hosting a celebrity contest to celebrate 500 and would love for you to join! The teams are team Shawn, Ariana, Taylor, Billie, Justin, and Camila! Hope you can join! I’m sorry 😐 about this very long message, please spread the news! ♥️kanani_girl33
enter my random collab the pair that win will get a luxury prize
Hello there!! Iys virago_life, lettjng you know about a contest I’m having RIGHT now🤗Due August 25th, but why wait!! 1st place winner gets a shout out, png pack, background pack themed to their choice, and a shout out!!! So please, enter and spread the word! It would mean a million🥰Have a blessed day!
ahhhh this is so true🥺💕
can you follow me