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what’s your aesthetic??? so I can get an idea for your icon!! 💜💜
is it more indie, or soft girl, or dark or cottage core, orrrr goblin core, lol orrrr just like aEstHetIc
ah okie!
ty lol
auto correct added the ‘ to your name 🥲
If you don't have a main account I already know of, Welcome to PicCollage!
I’m bored
Emily do you want to post the collab we were working on yesterday?
Hi everyone, I’m having this icon contest and I would really appreciate if you could join. The rules are easy: no copying, my have an aesthetic girl and my username. It is due to March 3rd. I will change the date if needed. Please join. @cdcg-h_09 (Car)
cause the classrooms dark cause we watching something
new post
ok gosh😑😒
old collage
I responded
idk what were you thinking for it
sky has a boyfriend
cloud_tones sounds nice
hiiii I’m aiming to get 1k in 2 months or less and I would rlly rlly rlly appreciate if you can help me to get to 700 first(in a day or two) and 800 before 18 march. go follow my girlfriend too @rawruwu she’s rlly sweet thank you <3! ~lyly(eth3real-)