'petrificus totalus'
❤️qotp- which maraunder?❤️


❤️tap❤️ 'petrificus totalus' ✨harryfloopingpotterhead✨ ❤️qotp- which maraunder?❤️

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aotp- sirius
bc tbh i am team snape all the way so I don't like james, and I don't like peter at all, and lupin is just eh
SIRIUS❤️❤️ He was my first fictional crush 😂😂 That's kind of weird actually because he's in his 30s and I was in 2nd grade when I read Harry Potter ❤️❤️
I was 9 years old
Oh that's cool! Yeah America's kind of weird like that I guess. Your way makes much more sense