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can I get 100 followers?!!??!
your welcome
congrats girl!! all your collages are amazing! <3 😘
tysm for following me!!
let me know when u wanna start our collab
hope you like it. give credit if used
yes of course
your welcome
Thx for the likes😊
hey thanks!
I feel like you should get more followers bc you are so much better than me at collages
*copy an paste* lights camera action come on down and join the movie games genres ranging from horror to comedy enter before it gets full!!!
still on for collab??
no problem
your welcome
Hey!!! 🌹I’m Apollo🌹✨first of all, you’re amazingly talented and I LOVE you’re collages💕 second of all, I’m sorry for the spam. I know it’s annoying and I’m sure you get it all the time💕 and lastly of all, thank you so very much for actually taking the time to read this because I know there are more important things you could be doing right now✨ so I’m new to piccollage and I haven’t quite figured it all out yet, but I’m pretty sure you have🤔 if there are ANY tips (like good people to make icons, pngs, good editing apps to use, etc.)you have, then I’d love to hear them (ANYTHING HELPS)🤗 Also if you don’t mind follows, likes, and comments, are MUCH appreciated🤗 Have a magical day💫💫 ❤️love Apollo❤️
I’ll make a chat page