Goodbye y'all!
Special shoutout to ChasingBlue my bestie, tysm for always being there for me! Ilysm!! 
I love you all and hope y'all continue to learn and grow! Thank you for all the good times and thank you for being there in the bad!
Love H xx


Goodbye y'all! Special shoutout to ChasingBlue my bestie, tysm for always being there for me! Ilysm!! I love you all and hope y'all continue to learn and grow! Thank you for all the good times and thank you for being there in the bad! Love H xx

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EVERYONE PLEASE READ okay I have some news as well I am leaving pic collage as well please spread the news as well thankyou all for supporting me on this journey love you all forever
I’m going to miss you so much!!
hope you have a great life
i'm gonna miss you a lot! you were so kind to me although we talked just a couple of times😭💓 but i really understand you and i think you should do what is best for you!
thanks for the shout out but i’m gonna miss uuu 😭
noo H!! I’m already missing you!! im so so so so sorry I couldn’t get our collab done!!! pls pls pls come back when you can and I hope that you’d still remember me!!
thank you sm for the shoutout and remember that ilysm!! thank you sm for being kind to everyone and i’ll try my best to be active on PC until you come back!, i’ll even wait forever for that to happen
i totally understand your situation rn and i hope you’ll make it up with your mom one day real soon!!
thank you thank you thank you for being such an amazing friend!! sending you lots of love rn!!💞💞💞💖💖💖💗💗💗💕💕💕💓💓💓
goodbye H!! you’ll forever be missed by us! <333
H, I’m going to miss u so much!!! you’ve been a great friend and the first I’ve had on pc and a huge inspiration. I hope you have a good life and good luck on your school year, I know you’re going to do wonderfully. I’m going to miss you so much!!!!
I’m crying 😿
Ahhhhhhh no I'm so sad even though we did not know each other very are always so kind to everyone you meet I'm going to miss you so much and your wonderful collages but I totally understand 100% I'll wait a year or more to talk to you and see your beautiful collages again!💖😊
Goodbye we all will miss you a lot hope to talk to you soon and hope you feel better!💞
I also just want to say thank you for the shoutout you DERVSE a lot of followers too and lots of features thanks for always being able to talk when I needed it your a good friend. I will miss you lots but I understand hope you do come back soon we all love you bye bye!!Lucy💖
ilysm, take care!💞💞
and thank you for the shoutout too!! <3<3<3
we’ll miss you!!!
im so sorry your leaving. i will definitely miss your amazing collages and talking to you!! but i understand why your leaving and definitely respect that. i’ll miss you!!❤️
awee so sad! I’ll miss you so much!🥺I understand why u r leaving so take care! well miss you a lot!
Thank you all for your sweet comments. I am deleting the app now so any comments after this I won't get back to. I am sorry! Ty all for everything! I am crying right now because you're all so kind! H 💞
Awwwwwwww I'm about to cry I'm a inspiration to you your too sweet and I promise I will try and stay on until you come back we all LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!😢❤️
awwww that’s so sad 🥺🥺🥺 I’m gonna miss you so much ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you come back one day and say hi (if you want to) bye 💕💕💕
awee I’ll jmiss you too a LOT!❤️
nooooooo!!!! your prob not seeing this right now bec I came to late 😢 your so amazing I 1 million percent understand you and your doing the right thing ❤️ we will all miss you so much and I’ll be praying for you and your family 😭 ❤️
awwwww i completely understand we will miss you so so so much 💞
aww I’m going to miss you so much. I’m so sad you’re leaving. I completely understand your reasoning. good luck with your school. your collages have always been stunning. good luck with everything. looking forward to your return in the future ❤️
aww no! i am going to miss you so much. you were so supportive and a really enthusiastic collager. by the way, I don’t think you can read this, but I have finished our collab and I will post it on my acc. it came out really pretty and I am so thankful for your advice. lysm and will miss you!! 🥺💕💝💖💚
awwww I completely understand! I will miss you soooooo much! please take care! you are super supportive and beautiful and so much more (but as you understand I can’t say everything you are cause I’ll stay here for a hundred years writing all you qualities) ilysm 💕 you are one of my greatest friends on PC! we will ALL miss you so much! I hope you come back one day and say hi. (if you want to. ilysm ❤️ and TYSM FOR EVERYTHING 😢
I wish you didn’t have to leave, but I understand that you made the best possible choice for yourself 💕 thank you for everything x
we shall miss your talents. I will miss you 🥲
hey!! missing u 🥰
me too
hey H!! I hope ur doing well!
nooo i’m gonna miss u so much!! ty for the shoutout, but honestly it feels so empty without you! you will be missed ❤️
bruh i miss u already! i hope ur doing good xx
Your amazing and inspiring account who will be incredibly missed
Hi! I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ if you like Harry Potter, but if you do, sign up for my Harry Potter CONTEST
hey I heard ur going I had some personal stuff honing on but yeah life’s good I started high school a few weeks ago how’s life for u if ur still around
hey H!! hru?
H, we’re you the one that made my fanpage?
omigosh ilysm thank you!! 💕
Hope your doing well!
hey h, I’m missing you a lot.. pc feels so empty without my bestie to come and chat.. 💕-Laura
also, I changed my name from ChasingBlue to simple-bliss!
Hey there! I missed you so much! but when I saw your comment on Laura’s post I was like wow she’s back yayyyy! so how’ve you been?❤️❤️
H, I’m actually tearing up as I read your comment over and over again! don’t worry about pc, take care of yourself and come back (if you will) when you’re ready. thanks for the fanpage, h, ilysm!! 💕 you are truly one of my best friends on any online platform and I’m glad I got to know you, even if it was for a short while. love, Laura. 💗
I’ll miss you so much I really do hope you come back but take care of yourself, pc will always be here for you! 💕
and for your stress: setting aside some time to do what you love, reassuring yourself that everything’s ok, and even just taking a few grounding breaths really help me. I hope these work for you too! ❤️
ofc, I will always always always be here if you wanna talk h!! and if you do, maybe we can keep in touch on Pinterest??
I’ve never connected so much with an online friend.. my hope is that someday we might meet irl, even if it’s 10 years from now!! ilysm h, take care! 🤗 💕
I’m glad you’re doing okay but hope you feel better! I’m always here if you need a talk!❤️
yeah the break was nice!!:)
I agree with Laura^ abt stress!
how’s your sister?
H!!! ofc! it would be so fun to be friends irl hehe!!
hihiii how are you?? i hope you’ve been alright and had a wonderful Easter. i posted our collab after u left btw, and everyone’s loving it. u are so talented still ily and we all miss you 🌸💗
and ye same as sweet_lavender- I thought you left but I saw ur comments and I felt like I should leave some of my wishes ☺️
you’re welcome!! and tysm you’re so sweet 🥺☺️🤗💜
I’m more than happy to call u my good friend too~~ 🌷💝💕
omg hi!! idk if you remember me, it's lily (used to be moonlightcocoa, i just changed my user yesterday lol)... i saw some of your comments on laura's new post and i just wanted to come and say hi! i know we weren't really that close, bc i had just joined pc when you sadly left, but you were immediately soooo kind and sweet to me, i will never forget that💘 i hope you and your sis are doing great!! <3
ok!! I’ll miss you H! ❤️
I’m glad she’s doing good! and of course!❤️❤️
how ur doing ok! we miss u 💕
waittt no
we are going to miss you
omg my user is there♥️
tysm for the little shoutout you’re super sweet! I hope your doing fine! and I hope you come back soon! and really this means a lot♥️💕💕 thank you so much!!
I might cry, your talent AND EVERYTHING IS GONE. 😭
✨-New Post-✨
hey h!! hru? did school end for u yet? 💕
hey h!! I miss u sm, pls come and visit 💕 ilysm!!
how have you been?? I hope you’re doing amazing!! ❤️ ❤️
wait did I just see the caption shoutout?? H, you’re so amazing!!!
tysm tysm tysm 💗 💕 💗
h I miss u!
I hope ur ok, I hope you come and visit soon! lysm 💗
congrats on 400! 💕
I hope you’re doing well!
hi h, hru? 💕
please come on just to say hi? please?
I miss you sooooo much h, you have no idea! you’re my bestie on pc!! ❤️
when do you start school? is it spring over there? 💐
hruuuuu h? I miss u 💕
H!! OMG HIIIII (sorry this is my extras)
it’s been a while!! I hope you’re doing wonderful and life is going great for you! ❤️
how have you been?? happy spring 🌹
you will always be my pc bestie, even if ur inactive. I swear I’ll never forget you ❤️
and CONGRATS ON 400!! ❤️ 💕 ❤️
hellooooooo how have u been????
that’s good. i’m a little sick but feeling alright
aww tysm, h! ur so sweet and always will be. and congrats on 400 to you! even while you were away you got followers ♥️♥️♥️
anything exciting planned?
ofc! no you totally deserve all the followers. thanks, i’m still going to school tomorrow so phew 😅
oh happy belated birthday! sounds fun having a party. me, nothing special. i have a doctor’s appointment to check to see if i have asthma tomorrow…
interesting, and yw :)) 🤗
Hi! I am Dora! I just found your account and wanted to say that your collages are amazing! wow! um I know maybe you are inactive,but I just wanted to say hi. hope we could be friends! 💜
basically so many ppl are leaving and I’m s worried about pc dying.. btw do u have any other socials? I’d love to chat more ❤️
Hey! oh tysm H! you seem so nice and I would be so happy to chat with u just once or twice! thank u so much! ahhhh! oh and,sorry to respond so late! see u H!
awwwww tysm! u r amazing too!
and um like I saw ur comment before. like ikr! but I son’s mind. you could always like talk to me. and even if ur inactive, I’d still love to be friends H! o and u make a big difference! I’m sure all people would love u to be back! did u talk to ur mom by any chances? not to be rude! reply soon H! -Dora🌼☀️✨
aww thank you
hii <33 im not the best rn loll! hbu :)
H! do u have Pinterest? happy holidays!💕
congrats on reaching 400 followers!💕
ty, that’s very kind of you!
hey! I just seen you sent a message on a pic… I didn’t realize you were still on here!! I used to be cellolife!!! when I came back I had to get a new account! how are you!?!?
H! it’s so good to hear from you! I missed you sm! aw thanks! merry Christmas and happy new year to you too🎊
aww ofc! don’t worry about it! but I miss you tho, I wish when you are active we were friends!😭 I am doing pretty good! hbu?
aww that’s sad 😔 but I do! mine is @always_dreaming_ if any chance you do have it🦋
there are many people here that are new collagers or returning ones and they do really good collages —like I am amazed you know!! but unfortunately many people have left (and never returned) and that includes Laura 😭
hey h! merry xmas and happy new year 🥳 i’m ok, tho i have a headache…hru?
nothing too new…a few arrivals and many departures (like laura, which was devastating)
and ty! what have u been up to, anything exciting?
omg you’re back?? I MISSED YOU SO MUCH HOW ARE YOU???
when ur back we definitely need to collab btw, your collages are STUNNING💕🥹😭
heyyy! ya ofc h! just tell me whenever you have it!🥹 and yep,, just happy that we’re friends now! :)😌💕☀️🌷🦋
yw h! hru doing? and yea, h, if you ever return…😣😖😟😩
but ig it’s nice to just chat uk
idk, so many people left, so I have less friends :(
yea me too 😭😭😭😭😭😭 what will happen if it real dies!! lol just unbelievable….all my good friends left and it’s just heartbreaking 💔
and like-it literally seems like their the biggest part of pc! for example like lauraaaa!
and btw, youuuuu!😟💔
😩 oooh that’s amazing to hear! glad ur doing great! me? I am okay?.?? just a little miserable on life but I’ll work it thru🫠🫠🫠
omg that’s awesome news! i’m so happy you have made progress!
im finding myself to be quite motivated lately so i hope that keeps up…and ikr it’s so sad we’re gonna miss her so muchhhh
yes there absolutely is that air of just go 👏 go 👏 go! 👏
hopefulyyyyy i can’t wait for what the year brings but i’m also extreemeeelyyy nervous 🫣😱
i can’t really say what year i’m going into,but it’s kinda next level and going to be harder. hopefully it isn’t how it appears 🤞
btw do you have pinterest?
awww tysm h! your so nice! well I mean…ya I will😭
tysm btw this means so much for me!!,
Aw ok! well it was good to hear from you again!😊 I’m doing good!
tysm!! 💕
aw thank you! you keep it up too <3 yes i have pinterest, and in case u get it my user’s name is @leidasnicket
yes i’m tom_holland_is_mine!! ❤️❤️
thanks for the likes xx
heyyy h! I just wanted to ask, what do you think will let you want to come back?🤔
I really want to have you back and you are so talented!!!💕🥲🥹
H!! omg how did I not see your comment? I am so so sorry. I’d love to talk! how have you been??
also do you have Pinterest?
I’ve missed you so much bestie! I honestly don’t think I’ll ever have another on pc, I am so grateful for the short time we had on here together 💗
and thank you so much for that comment, you’re just as amazing and beautiful and talented. when/if you’re ready, I’d love to see your collages once again!
tysm!! 💗
h…! you never need to be sorry for this! you are the sweetest and talented person ever and amazing! yea I seriously understand what you mean cuz I had that period too, and it’s frustrating…😭hope you do get better and if you never come back, I always understand why and yea…some times good things need to come to a end😭😭😭😭😭😭anyway ok if you ever have it tell me I would love to chat h! 💕
ahh….take care..h! I will miss you sm and I just….ig I miss every one of my friends, it’s just so sad that everyone is leaving. always know that you are the most talented and amazing person. and I am so happy that we got to know each other. plz check pc again h! I would love to hear from you, and know what is going on for you🥰and yes, I believe in you and you should believe in yourself 😊 until next time h….-Dora💕😭😭
tysm H! x
oh tysm h!! i will miss u sm. im so surprised you even rememer me. until next time, relax and have fun!! -mini aka michelle
Heyyyy H!! Ahhh ive missed u sm! So glad u still remember haha🥹btw im doing great btw hbu?🫶💞
aww thanks H! x
i am pretty good! just some friendship drama lol, but that happens ig😭
anyways hru? what’s been going on?
tysmmmm 💗
aw thanks H
and ahh I am so glad! I feel like pc/pc friends are becoming a big part of my life now…I wonder if this is a bad thing tho :/
hey h!! ofc I’m always here to talk!! how’s everything? 💕
its great to know ur doing good!! i havent been active here at all like i said so i might not post anymore but i try to. just to let yk my insta is @lilcamstar111 and my tiktok is @velvsturn i am mostly active on both that app😁💓💓
hi I’m new come check out my account
hey h! what’s up!! 🫶🩷
how are you H? I miss you ❤️ I hope you’re having a great winter :)
hi H, how have you been? 💕
hey h hru?? 💗
Heyyy H! I know we haven't talked in a while and I've been offline a while too! I hope you’re doing good in school and I miss your lovely colleges!
hope everything’s ok I miss u 💕💖
hey h I miss u! happy new year <3