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no they’re not sorry
hi anyone, i’m sofia :)
hi is any 1 of our posts pending ? - olive
cool thanks !
if emma’s the recent then no
miss you more x
where’d your bio gooo 😤
okayyy haha
now come here i want a hug :(
heyyy :) your name is really pretty btw
hi any sub boys ? i’m Trixie
well hello there waylon . lovely name
i’m doing wonderful dear, how bout you ?
awe you did? let me see bub
laughs gently and follows you , watching your excitement -
looks at him- oh he’s incredibly cute 🥰 how sweet . whatta cute name may i see him?
holds it in my lap and smiles down at it - so cute bubs
you’re so cute hun -smiles and gets up-
taking chocolate to my bed so you and i can cuddle with him
smiles and sets him on the bed upright -
thank you :)
hello again.
momma huh? -smiles and tucks your hair behind your ear-
are you ever going to make a bio bubba?
okay bubs xoxo
comere bubba -picks you up and smiles at you
miss you x
stop deleting your bio mister 😤
good morning..
i missed you
what would you like to do bubs?
of course you can
hi hi anyone I’m ash 💗
bio ?
miss you too bubba
where’s your bio ?
nothing much. where’s your bio though ?
bubba ?
i’m not too bad, thanks for asking! - i tried commenting on here a few days ago but it had trouble sending.
doesn’t look like yuh posted anything 😂
love? -trixie
hey anyone?
brantleyyyy :(
hiii , i missed youuu
i don’t think that’s possible
hi anybody m’ paisley
Hii anyone I’m dev ❤️
hi anyone im Emily
hi anyone I’m Laura x
nice to meet you too, how’re you doing today?
hi, i’m octavia x
good! how are you sir?
yes it does ring a bell, hi again
hi anyone i’m ashley
yes noah?
lmaooo noah i understand what u meant 😂
i’m alright, and you ?
well that’s good
did u have a good thanksgiving ?
i actually had a pretty swell holiday 🙂for my car up and running again and took er’ out for a spin , wrote new poetry. had a dinner with my new puppy Patches , and that was it
yep i do
poems aren’t meant for certain ears to hear , and puppy u can see
yes why wound i not be? 😂
would *
okay haha thx for asking ig
gn noah
brantley i miss you :(
hello anyone! my name is alexa but i prefer alex, i’ve just come back on here and would love to meet new people!
hello anyone im emily
hello emersyn, it’s lovely to meet you
is caleb still on this acc?
hi anyone i’m vaeh
hi anyone I’m Ana :)
hey anyone im annalia
nice to meet you emma, howre you?
hey anyone :)
hi anyone, i’m Zara :)
hi , anyone i’m brooklyn x
hi anyone i’m kaylee
hii anyone I’m Skylar
I’m good you?
Hey anyone, I’m Ben
hi anyone, im delilah :)
hi anyone i’m aniiyah (:
hi nice to meet you, and thank you sir :)
i’m doing okay, yourself?
hi hi anyone i’m diana 🤍
hi I’m Kacy
hi anyone :)
hi anyone im delilah :)
hey i’m william
hey lily i’m easton, how are ya?
hey i’m Maddie
hello lily:) im jackson
i’m doing pretty good. it’s nice meeting you :)
very nice to meet you too :) how are you today miss?
hi anyone, im genesis
hi anyone, I’m myah, just looking for some friends:)
hey anyone, i’m nadia
hi nice to meet you caleb!
i’m doing okay, just got home not too long ago.. yourself?
that’s good, no problem <3
nothing too interesting , i just got home from the gym.. and ate a bit yourself ?
hi anyone i’m erykah x
hey luv - max
hey any boys I’m jackson
hey it’s nice to meet you
im good, tired. just left the gym
i’m down, i have nothing better to do. whose place? i don’t mind driving
yeah of course. i’ll send you my address
hi anyone i’m aisha xx
hi darling i know we haven’t spoken in however long but i hope you’re doing great and i think about you all the time fishy girl x -clayton
oh my, my fishy girls all grown up and graduated
you’re not my little high school baby anymore
you’re asking me to deal with you as not only a fishy girl, but wrinkly and old? Absolutely
that means i can make out with you and not feel like i’m being judged for a youngin’ gf
okay that came out wrong and i hope that doesn’t offend you
i’ll kiss u
and good
hhhhmmmmmm a bit of building here and then, gym, family, the usual
that makes me sound old
go baby how old am i
you think i’m 24
i’m 23
nah that’s so old oh my god
well i’m almost 24😤
no way you’re 22 :( you’re so old
my gosh i was so much older than you when you were in hs
older guy kink
nah it just a fish kink
get it cuz you the fish
and i like u
shut it fishy before i kiss you
why don’t you kiss me baby
don’t kiss me then :,(
i’ll pick it 😍
fishy darlin
where’s ur pretty bio
hello, I’m heather :)
hey hey i’m valentino :)
sorry for the late response, i thought i had answered long ago
hello :) i’m reagan
doing well, how are you?
hi anyone i’m coraline
hi hi, ‘m corryna !
pleasure meeting you elliot, how are you? 🩷
celine still here?-sadie
oh okay, thank you anyways x.
hii :) i’m lilah <3
hey any boys im andrew
hey anyone, i’m gracie ! 🩷
hi lover
i miss you so does your mini me
post something please x -m
so we can catch up plus h & i can smother you with love :)
is my pretty fish anywhere to be seen? /c
yessss please 🤍
post for me mi amor 😍😍😍😍 lov clay
good girl 😋
hey anyone 👋
hello anyone
hi anyone x
hi anyone I’m paisley
boy please
if that’s fine
hello anyone :) I’m chistan
hey anyone I’m alexa
hello anyone, i’m ronan x
any since guys im emily x
hi anyone i’m Brooklyn
hey i'm amelia
it’s fine :) hi brantley :) nice to meet you