🍞 9/4/23 (tap) 🍷
happy easter everyone! i did a bible quote for today. it’s a little messy but i’m trying to do a bit of a complicated style, haha. qotd: what is everyone doing for easter?


🍞 9/4/23 (tap) 🍷 happy easter everyone! i did a bible quote for today. it’s a little messy but i’m trying to do a bit of a complicated style, haha. qotd: what is everyone doing for easter?

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🍞 9/4/23 (tap) 🍷 happy easter everyone! i did a bible quote for today. it’s a little messy but i’m trying to do a bit of a complicated style, haha. qotd: what is everyone doing for easter?
a little context: the people in the collage believe in the story of Jesus and are therefore happy. it’s a little bit odd, but i hope that reference kind of helped you understand what i was aiming for. 👋
I love this, I missed you leida! your collages are a 100% inspiration
lololol this collage is beautiful, you've improved on ur posts a lot. and how are you?! im doing good. and sum things about my new guy? uh well he was at our friends house and told everyone "yk we should get Hannah over here and "get down" in dallas's bedroom for a while 😏" 🤐🤐
aotd: i am going to church and having supper w family 😌😌😌
tysm for your support leida. you are a real true friend. life’s just really hard right now, mainly peer related stuff. but it’s nice to forget about everything over the break and just focus on Jesus. Sorry for unloading this all on you, I’m not great at expressing my emotions due to a challenging childhood so when I do I feel like a burden. so sorry leida!
This is beautiful!
thanks! and your welcome!
Also I don't celebrate Easter but there is lots of tasty chocolate!
and donuts 🍩
thank you leida it means a lot 🥹
very beautiful 😍 happy Easter ❤️
I was gonna get an Easter donut but apparently a mosquito alredy claimed it 🫠🦟
Also happy Easter!
thank you lol. I made the same post last year but I believe I deleted it lolololol. and yea..it made me really uncomfortable. I'm lowkey kinda disappointed with him but you gotta remember too he was with his friends and when boys are with their friends....oh lord when will they ever learn to shut up?
and it turns out our pastor has cancer, so today was an extremely emotional church service today
i’m doing alright haha
what have you been doing lately?
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we didn’t do much, our parents got my siblings and I some candy and we painted boiled eggs the night before lol we went to church and that’s abt it usually we eat with fam but we couldn’t this year lol
Omg Leida, this is stunning!! Love the more complicated style you went with, it looks so good 😍
thank you!! and oml I thought i’d told you my name i’m so sorry oml😭😭😂
such a great verse <3
new post!
aw leida!! it’s not you! and thank you so much, it means way more to me now😭🌷
ahh so gorgg
thank you leida!!
I’m doing good! very busy life wise, slightly behind academically, but meeting lots of new people which is fun! hbu? how was Easter vigil?
tyyy I love this❤️
Amazing and incredible collage
hey leida hru tiday??
of course !!!
thank you! happy (late) easter!
aw thank you!! are you happy you’re single? I’m decent hru??
hi would you like too collab?
yeah ofc!
check my page
them! this collage is amazing
thank you. and yea ofc lets finish that 😅
I have finished the bg
this is SOOOO stunning and beautiful !!!
aotd: I had dinner with my family and watched movies :) we also got baskets !!
oml yes, theres always music to look foward to. what have you been listening to lately?
and i’m doing okay! spent a LOT of time with my crush/bestie last night so that was super fun!
heyy leida!! what’s up!? hru doing?
aw glad to hear!! my trip was AMAZING, I went to so many places, I got a new plushie!! and I met some friends, family, it’s fantastic💕
tysm! keep up yours💎
tysm again❤️
thank you sm!! 🩵🩵
I like classical and instrumental a lot
but I also like pop lol
and country
I like a lot of music lolll
your welcome the background for the collab will look amazing
what have you done today??
that’s so true! I totally get wanting someone but at the same time you can’t really love someone till you love yourself!
not much lol. I get to see my crush on monday ALL DAY ANSBJAHSJBDGW
this is so gorgeous
hi !, I was wondering if you finished the text yet? (not trying to rush you ^^)
our families are going to a swimming pool I think but it’s a hour away for some reason so we get to ride toegther hehehehe
tysm leida! gimme some advice!!!!!!!!!🫠
Thank you!!
thank you that means a lot! ooo how exciting! are you a senior? happy belated bday! hope all tests and assignments will go smoothly for you!
Heyyyy hru?? it’s been a while since we talked 😊
my favorite films are midnight in Paris and la la land!!! 🤩🫶🏼
ok !!
tysm! it means a lot from u❤️
I’m doing pretty good, tomorrow is my last track meet!
awww tysm leida!!!
Hi could we post our thing now?
i’m doing so great!! i’ve got to spend lots of time with my crush/bestie!!!
what have you been doing?
aww Leida!! I am so sorry, I feel like my bestie is slipping away too for a period, but we both managed to find a way and go thru the hardest parts. love you and always here to talk!💕
that sounds great!!
I LOVE LA LA LAND!!! thanks for the Inspo 🤍🫶🏼🤠
TYSM! love the layering in this 🌟🤩
Hi, can you please follow me?
Amazing collage and the background for our collab will be amazing