🥝 August 10,2021 🥝
I love this one <3
qotd: What’s your favorite color?


🥝 August 10,2021 🥝 I love this one <3 qotd: What’s your favorite color?

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this is so good!!!!
LOVEEEE ITTT new postttt btw
I loooooooove the way this looks🤩
thank you!! 🥺💗
thanks, I think that the overlays I used were actually from duck tales
yayyy I’d love if you’d enter! I’ll def take a look at your contest!
That's so sweet, thank you ❤
tysm, i love this smmmm
love this collage
your layout and how it’s different each time is rlly cool
i really like Halley’s Comet and Male Fantasy, what about you????
the green vibes 💚💚💚
thanks so much!
aotd: purple/violet <3
what’s your name? idk if we’ve officially met before haha
i’m emma btw
yeah i totally feel that! her voice is incredible and i love how she uses her platform and everything
Thank you!!
Yess, six of crows is amazing!! I'm reading crooked kingdom now :)
I would love to🥰
aw thanks so much!!✨
aawwww thank you 😊
this is stunning gorlll
I might, but I think another part to king of scars is coming right? So I will probably wait until that's out.
you’re welcome🥰
ikr lol but like she deserves it she’s super talented 🤩
love this!
oh wow thank u!! also for music artists i love any band kathleen hanna is in, babes in toyland, beabadoobee, melanie martinez, jazmin bean, and ofc taylor swift! :))
ahhhh!!! I love this!!!!
Hi! i’m doing a collab contest and i would love for you to join you are so so talented omg
You know this is probably one of my favorites<3