this will be the year i truly find myself.

well i really hope so anyway


this will be the year i truly find myself. well i really hope so anyway

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@caption I hope it will be like that for the both of us! This collage beautifully represents your chosen quote. I love the nature elements you included like the sunflower and yellow plant png. I’m not quite sure if the green leafy png in the back is a lettuce leaf or not but whatever it is, it’s a great nature-themed addition that contrasts nicely to the predominantly yellow-toned images/background. Nature pngs are always one of my favourite elements in collages, I think they help give that surrealism vibe and they’re just stunning images that have an ethereal beauty to them. This collage doesn’t have many design aspects but you’ve utilised the space and sized each detail accordingly to make sure the final collage doesn’t look empty. Because of the yellow tones, the white in details like the centre girl image stand out which is why including a white background for the text was a great design choice. I love the vintage looking grain filter you put over the collage! I think it actually accentuates the beauty of each individual design aspect, especially the pictures of the sunset and the blue-eyed girl. I adore your accs aesthetic and I look forward to seeing more 💗
how did i know this was yours before i saw your username 😂
your style just differs from everyone else's, and its so pretty and aesthetic 🤗
this will be your year 😉
Love this😍
aw thanks
happy new yearrr
thank you!❤️
awh no problem! I think you’re a very talented creator :)
this is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever laid my eyes on
wowww beautiful