If you guys were more accepting to ppl who don't support LGBTQ i might've stayed. Goodbye forever. You'll never see me on here EVER AGAIN.


💙⚡️🧊🔥tap🔥🧊⚡️💙 If you guys were more accepting to ppl who don't support LGBTQ i might've stayed. Goodbye forever. You'll never see me on here EVER AGAIN.

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I’m gonna miss you so so much and your STUNNING collages ❤️❤️❤️
I had so much fun collaborating with you and I was hoping to do it again but oh well 😔😔
I’m glad u put ur voice out there! I’m sorry that ur leaving and we will truly miss u and all you’ve done! 💕
i respect your decision and will miss your collages.💛
well technically on ur last post u said u wouldn’t care if ppl hated on u.
but I will miss u! take care!
oh that’s true ^ @ChasingBlue
aww we’ll miss your epic presence~
^^ that is true 🤔 but nonetheless, you'll be greatly missed and PC will be SAS to not have your collages anymore <3
i respect what you said!! welll i Guess we’ll all miss you a LOT!!
I am sorry to hear that you are leaving. i just looked at the other post and that was something I was not aware of, and I don’t think they should make Spider-Man bisexual either. not just because I’m not in agreement with lgbtq, but because in the comics he was not! And I’m sick of everyone accommodating for lgbtq so their shows will have higher ratings.
hey i’m really sorry ur leaving :(
but the way u worded ur last post was hurtful, i’m sorry if i offended u but i’m sticking up for what i believe in! u will be missed :)
on another note, I will truly miss you. I applaud your boldness and pray you change your mind and continue to be set apart on here. Whatever chapter of your life is next, I pray it is wonderful ❤️
your back!
and.. I’ll miss you
nooooo I thought you were coming back
we will miss you so much and your beautiful collages!!! ❤️
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Can you pls pls stay I will miss you so so much 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hey..You don’t have to leave!Theres tons of people who also agree with you like me!Its just cause some people saw your post leave!Now now it’s a new year and tons of people left us.You don’t have to be one pro them!
yes please don’t leave we will miss you all and know that we love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I'm so sad you are leaving Pic you will be deeply missed on here I will certainly miss all your sweet and thoughtful comments on my posts you are a awesome friend stay safe your awesome!❤️
you’re amazing! please don’t leave!!!!!! we’ll miss you so much
so sorry about what is happening. We just have to stop the bullying and hatred . you will be missed very much. ❤️❤️
I will miss you😰 you are my first follower
Hey I wish all this had never ever happened!! You were my first follower apart from my sister ^ and have always supported me!! It's really sad to see you go but I think you know what's best for you. You'll always have my love and support and I wish you the very best wishes for the future! You're a amazing person and I am eternally grateful I met you here on PC!! You are such a talented, amazing, incredibly gorgeous collager and person!! I hope we can keep in touch in the future!! Ilysm H 💕
some of the people on this app is beyond disappointing I can’t believe that they would do this to you just remember there are a lot of people who your collages brightens up their day if you leave just know that you will be missed