this was literally the best night of my life. 
sorry for the terrible layout
i waited til tour was over so it wouldn’t give away my location :)
i probably won’t post again before christmas so merry christmas!!♥️
her live a


HER LIVE ALBUM IS OUT NOW (tap) this was literally the best night of my life. sorry for the terrible layout i waited til tour was over so it wouldn’t give away my location :) i probably won’t post again before christmas so merry christmas!!♥️ her live a

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caption continued: her live album is called “k bye for now (swt live)”
thank you!!
yeah i heard her tour was over. i was watching colleen ballingers story and she was there at there last showww
thank you!
ikr colleen was pregnant in her music video it was so cute and funny 😊😂
merry Christmas! thank you so much for being one of my biggest supporters. you have no idea how much your constant support makes me feel so happy. I appreciate you so much, thank you for being there for me. I truly hope you enjoy your Christmas Day and it’s filled with heaps of happiness and all around good vibes. ilysm and I’m sending you the best wishes for your life. so much love for you 💗💗💗
re/ I hate wearing my school dress. it’s our summer uniform but it’s black so during summer it heats up so bad 💀 it feels like you’re in an oven sometimes. it’s not exactly lightweight either but it’s tolerable. I’m glad it’s up to my knees now cause when you first start at my school the uniform shop ladies give you a dress that’s up to your mid calf and for some people, their ankles 💀. they always say “you’ll grow into it” and I’m glad I did. our school has volleyball, basketball, athletics, netball (it’s our strongest sport I’d say), cycling, rowing (cycling and rowing we’re also pretty good at), swimming, hockey, soccer and touch rugby. idk if those are all the sports but they’re the ones I can remember off the top of my head.
awh ilysm 🥺💓 yup, you only know how horrible the dresses are when you have to wear it in 25C heat. that seems like it’s not even hot but that’s high-ish where I live. at your school, do you guys have athletics day or like a sports day?
that’s sooo cool u got to go!
I bet it was great😁
re/ athletics day as in a day where you participate in the different athletic events like sprints, long jump, shotput etc and you get placed. since you don’t know what it is I’m guessing you don’t have it? aha it’s okay tho, you’re not missing out on much lol. i hope that was an adequate explanation, you already know I struggle with explaining. so, are sports or pe optional at your school?
omg i love you so much thank you 🥺
❤️❤️ merry Christmas
aweee! so much love here ahhah
oh my god thank you <3
re:// i went to the tour,, LIZ GILES
anyway,, hi im ava <3
that’s okay,, im gonna call you light since of your username
re/ pe is compulsory for the intermediates up until year 10. I’m year 11 next year so it’s optional for me 🤩 I’m unfit asf lol so I dropped pe. if you drop pe tho in year 11 you have to chose an extra subject. since I’m not doing pe next year I’m doing 7 subjects instead of 6. it’s fine tho, I really don’t like pe. wbu? how do you find pe?
thank youuu
re/ bro that’s too much physical activity. I don’t mind the running tho, I like cross country. the 50 min workout tho, I would go into cardiac arrest doing that plus the run 💀. we play a lot of dodgeball for pe as well. we play a version of it called benchball dodgeball, it’s pretty fun and I actually look forward to it. just curious, have you been in the same school since kindergarten?
awww it sounds like you had the time of your life ☺️ i’m so glad you had fun!
re/ there’s only two schools in my city that are like yours. I don’t go to either of them cause they’re both private schools. i don’t remember preschool or kindergarten cause I was living in another country. I went to the same primary school for the full 8 years. I’m in hs now and I’m gonna be in it for another 3 years rip. what’s it like being with the same people in your classes? I’ve drifted from some of my primary school mates a bit when we moved on to hs
re/ I was like 3/4 when I moved to nz so I honestly can’t remember much of moving from Philippines. I learnt to do everything in nz which includes speaking so I can’t speak Filipino. I remember it did take me a while to get used to the weather since it’s complete opposite climates. I lived with my grandparents in the Philippines and I missed them so much when I moved. that definitely was the one thing that took me ages to adapt to. but yea I don’t remember much of the Philippines, only when I came back to visit when I was 10. were you born and raised in the same city?
re/ also dang it must be really nice being best mates with most of your class. that’s what I miss about being in primary. I came from a small primary school so everyone knew each other and my whole year group was pretty tight knit I think. it’s sad when we moved on to hs not a lot of us kept contact. I’m glad my main friend group tho all go to the same hs with me.
re/ that’s nice you’ve lived in the same city. after hs, would you consider leaving or staying?
re// yea it’s great to have my friends at the same school. they’ve been my friends for 5-8 years so I’m glad we can still be close :)
aaahhhh lucky
re/ it’s summer! it’s not scalding hot yet but it’s quite warm. where I live it’s not humid at all. the temp can be quite hot but the wind could be freezing. aha I love summer tho, it’s my favourite season. I would’ve cried too if I had to leave the city I grew up in. it would be sad leaving your long time friends. I’m glad you got to stay :) for me, I’m planning on staying in my city for university. but if I get a scholarship to a better uni then I think I would consider moving. the university in my city tho is one of the best in the world in the area that I want to study. I’m thinking of doing a double degree in law and business. what are you thinking of doing for college/university?
^by best in the world last time I checked on their website it said they were like 20th lol
re/ ooh psychology is a good thing to major in. it’s really popular where I live, a lot of my senior friends are doing psychology in uni. the reason you want to do it so sweet, I’m sure you’ll be able to help a lot of people in the future :)
re/ yea my friends tell me I’m good at giving advice so if my business career fails I’m heading straight for psychology to become a therapist lol
re/ no it’s okay, I don’t think I mentioned it. I actually don’t know exactly but one position that I really want is a finance manager. haha that sounds very lame compared to your dream job but I genuinely do want to work in the business field. I think I’m quite good at statistics so I’ve got that going for me lol. my godmother actually works for Chanel as an accountant and she’s my inspiration! she lived in New York first then moved to Paris and now she relocated to London where she’ll hopefully stay for the next few years. working for Chanel is a dream of mine so I’d love to have a similar job to my godmother
thank you so much🥺❣️
Her live album is so good 🥺🥰
ofc you can do that!! 🥰
yesss giaw live is heavenly 💗💗
tACK thank you Sm your comment LiTeraLLy made my day☺️☺️☺️
yes k bye for now !
hiiii omg I went 3x as vip she was amazing I miss the swt/tyn tour 🖤🥺✨