Hello guys!✨🌿Happy Wednesday!🤍here is another text edit which is inspired by @CrashingWaters and @GatheringBlue!!!I love them sm!
Also do my buddy meter quiz in my bio bc Im taking it down PRETYY soon! 
Anyone else ready for spring??😃😃🌿💗🌸🌺🌷🌱💧☀️


Hello guys!✨🌿Happy Wednesday!🤍here is another text edit which is inspired by @CrashingWaters and @GatheringBlue!!!I love them sm! Also do my buddy meter quiz in my bio bc Im taking it down PRETYY soon! Anyone else ready for spring??😃😃🌿💗🌸🌺🌷🌱💧☀️ -2.23.22-

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this is the definition of-gorgeous,pretty,stunning,and beautiful
I love thissssssssss
I did your quiz and did bad 😭
and yessss I’m so excited for spring!!!!!!
omg this is stunning !!
I’ll go do the buddy quiz but I’m sure it’s gonna be bad haha, I have a poor memory 😖😮‍💨
ooh I learned some swaggy things from the quiz, and I scored just how I thought I would. pretty bad, but definitely could have been worse 😂😅
thank you :))
ooh this is so pretty!!!
The text looks so cute, I love it 😍
This is so pretty! I’ll definitely do that quiz right now!
Okay for the quiz I meant to click Apple but misclicked and pressed Android 😶 So technically I would’ve gotten a 6 instead of a 5 lol
every time I go back to the quiz it just shows my score so unless I do it in a diff phone it won’t work 😂it’s fine we’re still Besties right? 😁 rIgHt???🤨RIGHTTTT??😫
haha well… Ik same love sunny and beautiful weather!!!!
also same ^^^
by mistake did Android
and yes im SO ready for spring
how pretty! I love the little leaf details!
new post! btw this is gorgeous!
thank you!!
haha thank you thank you, I tried 🥴✌️
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Did you hear Sofia left I'm so sad!!😢😭🤧
omg the text
when are we posting the rest of the contest?
ofc 🤍
same so I guess in two weeks???
Hello!! tysm for all the comments you’re so sweet!! I love your account as well! 😄💛💛
and ofc! I’d love to be friends with you!
I miss Sofia so much!🤧
Amazing collage
you’re very welcome! <DD and my name is Birdie what’s yours?
thanks! my fam’s big on nature as you can see lol and cool! I like ur name too <D
so whatcha up to fren? :D
highlighted names are in
ofc liana!!💕💕
I’m good thx 🤗
new post
ur welcome!
yeah idk what to do about it, i tried reposting it several times but it won't let me! do u know what i can do?? 💖
yww! And same here in Spanish class rn.. so glad it’s the weekend XD
Tysm ❤
Okay thanks 😂 lol
Sorry about that though I get super competitive and am mad when I do the tiniest little thing wrong and that was really bothering me!
thank u liana!!💕🥰 have a great day😘
aww ofc! and thank u🥰🥰
aww tysmmm!!😊😊
haha yess they have so many archived fonts that no one talks about anymore 😫
and yes haha you found me I’m an extras acc 😅
thanks for supporting me for so long btw!
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tysm!! I’m ok, hbu??
yay I’m glad someone liked the caption hehe!
thxxxxxx ❤️❤️hru??
oh I just search up aesthetic wanderlust... but WHERE DO YOU FIND SUCH BG’S they are gorgeous
thank you! ❤️
ice cream 🍨 ice cream🤩
awww TYSM!
omigosh tysm!?
new post
haha I’m tired too! schools been very tiring... oh and thx
omg hiiii!
how are youuuu
you know i haven’t been the best but i’m ok
tyyyy! ❤️
summer is probably gonna be like the most common fav season lol
thank you so muchhhhh
hahaha ikkkkk it’s very confusing... I personally get 10 pages of homework from each course everyday... what grade r u in... I’m in grade 9 but I feel like you’re older
dwdw it’s okay... I know the feeling... I haven’t told anyone my name yet so... 10 pages of math.. yikes that’s a lot! my geo teacher gave us our final assessment right now... she said we are going to work on it through our semester
and plus art... I had 10 assignments due yesterday
and tysmm
Hi Liana, I'm good thanks for asking!! How are you? 💛
ty!!!🥰 you are so sweet!!!
I spent 6 hours yesterday trying to catch up
thx tho♥️♥️♥️
thank you so much for checking it out
hey my name is camila
hi, @sweet_lavender (Liana)! I’d love if you would come and sign up for my SPRING contest! - ChasingBlue (Laura) ^w^
ah tysm ❤️
I’ve been good! ty for asking ☺️ how about you?! what you been up to
good wby?
yup np!
yeah, school can be pretty boring sometimes lol but a field trip is funnnn!!! I always look forward to those
Thank you ❤❤
hi liana nice to meet you :)
liana you’re name is beautiful🥰
tysm your comments actually make my day💛 im excited for the weather spring but the no school in summer😂😂 once high school hits school gets just unbearable sometimes
I'm so glad to hear that!!☺️
hey! ♥️
check ur notifications
yup I’m posting it now!
Hey I just saw ur comment and Idk how you know!! Yeah its me Hannah who made this😂😂😂 omg srsly how did you know it was me😂 ig were collabing now!!
stunning, SO STUNNING