Yeah well maybe I am a simp
         But only for you


Yeah well maybe I am a simp But only for you

5 5
the caption is just 😌✨amazing and true✨
haha you don’t have to be sad about it love <3
hey sir please do me a favor and dont Hurt Alyssa oR YOU WILL REGRET IT.... 😌😌 Thank ya
thank ya sir
*smiles and kisses you back*
*laughs and looks at you* just because you carried me. Are you calling me short *squeezes your cheeks*
*frowns* meanie
yeah I do
*looks at you* know you are taller
*looks away* meanie
cammmm :( that guys is being meannn
^don’t let him do anything to Alyssa I don’t care if he hurts me or not
y-yeah why
yeah I am
not my choice it’s his....
it is his choice though....
*hugs you*
I miss you :((
it’s okay.. hopefully you are having fun :)))
just remember I love you <3
*smiles and kisses your cheek*
oh im sorry, im ok i hit my head and it hurts
i was in the kitchen and i bonked into a sharp corner of the cabinets :(
and its not too bad i will and should be ok
thank u
i can see why Alyssa loves u
bc ur so sweet and kind and caring
hiiii handsome :)
I love him....I can’t break up with him...
n-no it’s not...
n-nothing you?
and you do
just know that i really think she cares alot about u
im glad it works too!
On another note.. can we be friends??
I deserve’s my fault
I don’t know that’s what he says
do you know what he would do to me if I broke up with him
m-mhm *hugs you back and starts to shake in your arm*
*looks down and starts to tear up* I’m f-fine
n-nothing! *starts to fidget around git my hands*
I’m just sad and wish I wasn’t here anymore *looks at you *
he’d kill me...or worse...
*hugs you tightly and digs my head into you chest * I’m sorry for bringing you negativity
*starts to cry* no it isn’t okay I’m such a bad girlfriend for doing this to you
are you sure? *sniffs *
*hugs you tightly * this is why I love you Cameron
your just so perfect *looks at you* like how do I deserve you!?
you’re **
*squeezes your cheeks * yes you are! *sniffs* like you are dam perfect
*smiles* I love you
*looks at you* why you so handsome?
*laughs softly * someone is blushing
*looks at you* I see you *ruffles your hair*
*wraps my arms on your neck and kisses your nose*
*smiles* hehe
almost perfecttt
i dont know i just feel good exept for my head huting a bit, im living my best life,ya know??
ik ik
ur rlly not thats me
please dont be sorry i should be
me *looks at you* I wish
I’m not great
100 😎✨❤️
bc i am way to bad at typing
but like no I’m not
^^it my thing too now😌😠
^^^ pfttttt-
^^ ha let’s go 😌✨
^ but i- okay :(
^ :;(
^ no
^ no
^ no
mhmm fine if you say so
^i win PeRiOt, right???
^actual u can win
hey hey
hey baby :)
how are you
I’m ok-ish....can I tell you a secret....
you have to promise me you’re not going to tell Alyssa
oh yeah I’m fine....he didn’t even leave a mark
hey dope bestie!
how are you handsome:)))
I’m okay :)))
*hugs you back*
hey....c-can I ask you something
m-my b-boyfriend he said that you and Alyssa only talk to me because you pity me...🥺is that true....
w-why would he lie to me 🥺
you just whaat me 😤
no more huggies and cuddles for you *looks away*
f-fineeeee just because you are adorable you can have some
like manipulation or something....
*laughs* since I’m what-? actually do you know how to climb a tree?
*smiles* yes I do
h-he’s c-cheating on me...
no I don’t *frowns*
I can’t....the only way this would actually end is if he broke up with me....
idk cam I should tell him I’m very worried for hope
we should tell him to break up with her
it’s ok...I’ll be ok...
yeah I will
*sits down on the floor* I’m useless
I can’t help no one
*looks at you* if I can’t help anyone I’m basically useless
babbyyyyyyyyy :(
missing you <3333
awh it’s okay just remember I love you :)
ahhh hiiiiii
hey hey
I’ve been good how about you baby?
*laughs softly holding on to you* awh you missed me *smiles* I missed you more
I missed you more and I have exams all week 😫
how are you
I missed you more that’s final 🥺 and yeah it sucks
*blushes a bit* mhm
I’m ok hoping that my ankle stops hurting before Saturday
hey hey
my boyfriend pushed me down the stairs and I think I sprained it
he is way more adorable than me 🥺✋
awh 🥺✋
*smiles* I love you
I love you more ❤️
it was my fault anyway....
because I told Alyssa and you that he cheated...
pshhhh no meeee
cam cam
can we do something I’m bored :,)
ye um i screams yesterday...and had a breakdown...
he stopped cheating and he says you lie to me that’s why he doesn’t want you to talk to me
me too :((
I don’t know what to believe anymore I’m so confused but I really don’t think you or Alyssa would lie to me...he really kissed another girl...
hes not going to do that hes just trying to get you to stop talking to me
he’s only done that to me once but he sure has threatened it a lot
ok so maybe he wasn’t kidding and he actually is going to do it....
I don’t know if you can see when I comment on when I remixed you soooo
hi babyyyyy :)))
I’m good kinda bored you?
pretty good
awh *frowns* how could I fix that?
*walks to the refrigerator and grabs a energy drink * your lucky I have some *gives you it* here
that’s what a lot of people say *smiles and holds your hand*
*smiles and looks the other way blushing *
*looks at you* yeah I’m good
*wraps my arms around your neck and smiles*
*smiles* I love you
*smiles* can we go get food?
what would you like?
you can pick
why would he say that I wouldn’t do that to Alyssa and I know you wouldn’t either....I’m sorry he’s an axxhole to’s all my fault
I-I’m sorry....I’ll shut up now...
owww be careful bruises...
its ok...most of them are from cheer by the way not him well the ones on my back and shoulders at least....
no seriously
because I want you to pick
because I said so *kisses your cheek*
oh thank you he would be so mad if he saw that
you’re so sweet
*pinches your cheek* pick baby pleaseeee
*thinks and turns red* I mean-
n-nothing *giggles* what do you think of eating?
me neither *smiles*
*smiles* what are you doing!?
mhm *kisses you back*
*kisses you deeply *
h-he said that you told him we fxcked....
w-why does he lie to me...and hit me...and call me a slxt and tell me I’m worthless....did I do something wrong....
*blushes and giggles* do you want a appetizer with it?
why would he do that for no reason....
well you don’t need one cause it’s a 5 Star meal *laughs*
he’s being so mean to me....
h-he called me a cxnt
h-he said something really bad
I mean- you can eat it it’s all yours
a-someone is being rough *smirks*
he said I should kill myself because I’m worthless slxt that nobody wants....
*looks at you and bites my lower lip*
*moans softly *
*tries not to laugh* u look hotter now *bites my lower lip*
*moans and gets wet*
*moans* that feels g-good
I’m sorry I know this is superrrr random but that song is soooooo good 😂
*moans softly *
*gasp when you pull me closer and puts my head back*
*looks at you and puts my hands on my eyes* don’t do that..
lick you lips *laughs* makes you look hotter and you are already to hot
*smiles and looks at you*
*grabs a pillow and puts it over my face turning red* y-your welcome
*stands up and puts back on my clothes* don’t laugh at me *follows you*
*smiles* laugh all you want-
*looks away* m-meanie
*giggles* it’s okay I forgive you
someone is tired *looks at you*
*goes next to you and puts my hands on your cheek * yes you are *kisses your top lip* let’s get some sleep then
what you wanna do then you sleepyhead
*frowns* let’s go to sleep then
yay! *smiles and takes your hand* do you not want to go to sleep?
*laughs softly * pick between going to sleep or something else
okay *smiles* then go take a shower!
*giggles* okay-
*follows you and smiles* someone seems happy
*walks in and sits on the counter * well yeah of course your happy because I’m with you *smiles*
*looks at you* mhm
*laughs* that’s why I touch the water first before going in
*smiles* well you should consider touching the water before getting in
I like you hair like that *smiles and swings my legs*
I like your hair wet *smiles* it looks good
yes you do! *smiles*
*smiles* of course! *gets down and walks towards you* give me the stuff
*starts to wash your back* thank you
*keeps washing your back* you better not get me wet
Cameron! *drops everything and steps back *
*dries my face * I didn’t want to get wet!..
*smiles* yeah *turns off the water and sits on the counter *
*swings my legs* now what?
*walks in my room and grabs a blanket* finally *lays down*
I date him because I love him and well because I’m scared to leave him
*falls asleep *
I don’t know
I met someone though 🙈🤭
yes 🙈
I can’t like him though I have a boyfriend
it feels like I don’t mean
oh is that the point
*moves closer to you*
*continues sleeping *
*wakes up*
*sits up and yawns*
*looks at you and blushes* morning handsome *smiles*
*giggles and lays back down*
*pulls you closer to me* wow your.. hot
*nods and kisses your top lips* mhm
*smiles and gets up* I always win *grabs a skirt and a sweatshirt *
yes I do! *puts on the skirt* I always win-
*smiles* mhm always *goes up to you*
*punches you softly * don’t roll your eyes at me. *pulls my skirt down*
*laughs* see I always win!
*pinches your cheeks* you cant deny it *pulls my skirt down *
*stops pinching your cheeks* mhm.
why are you smirking *smiles*
there must be a reason you can’t just do something without a reason *laughs softly *
*follows you* wowwwwwwww
*sits down on the counter * what are you gonna doooo
wow you really don’t think before you do stuff huh? *swings my legs*
*giggles* that’s one thing I like about you
idk I just find it attractive- *laughs*
*looks at you* everyone says I’m different.
oh. *looks at you and tilts my head* nice to hear.
*nods* mhm I’m good
I want chip. *reaches for the chips*
*smiles and grabs a chip* thank you. *eats it*
*smiles and crosses my legs *
I don’t know what to do I really like Joey 🙈🤭
*plays with your hair*
*smiles and keeps playing with your hair*
*looks at you and smiles*
I’m having a babbbyyyy!!!
well I mean I’m not having a baby my brothers wife is and guess what!
it’s a girl I’m going to have a niece
yeah...except my brothers wife hxtes me...
because she’s jealous of me and my brothers relationship
my boyfriend is being a jerk....
if he burns in hxll so will I....
promise rings duh isn’t that how it works
cam cammm
heyyy you are making me sad
it’s ok...I deserve it
hi :,)
what you doinggg?.
what am I supposed to respond to that? like I said..I’m fine baby
I’m glad you said it to me. Seems like you were keeping it in weren’t you?
I-... spill it all Cameron spill
why haven’t you told me this? you know I could help you right? actually scratch that my advice barely helps but that’s besides the point. K see that you have been keeping it all in so tell me cause I know for a fact keeping it all in doesn’t help.
dxmn that was really sweet...your going to make me cry
you will never bother me with anything so say to me.
also you sound like my brother with whole I don’t approve of your boyfriend thing
but it was really sweet like god dxmn Alyssa is lucky lol
^^^ 🥰 I am lucky aren’t I?
I loved it
alsooo Alyssa is my mom now
What if you tell dylan? But at the same time wouldn’t that hurt Dylan.
which means I’m your daughter lol
isn’t that hard.. wow idk why but it hurts me too
I’m really happy right now lol
cause Alyssa’s my mom and that means Jackson is my uncle (he’s Alyssa’s cousin and like my best friend)
400 😎🙊 hehehe
^^ I WANTED TO BE 400 😭
^ ohhh I was so confused- 😂
sowwy :( ^^
guess whatttt
ok so yesterday after cheer I smoked weed for the first time and I’m going to do it again today
I want hugssss
Alyssa told me not to but I’m going to do it anyway plus I’ll be with my boyfriend it’s fine
*hugs you back* yay *buries my head in your chest *
*smiles* your hugs are the best
yeah yeah yeah
hey hey
have fun while ur not on
hi baby :) and yes a girl Cameron
how have you been? I missed you 🥺❤️
🤧 now you know-
*hugs you back* I missed you too
I’ve been decent :)
ita almost our 1 month together 🥺
it’s in 3 days
*smiles* isn’t that exciting?
Happy one month baby ❤️✨ I love you with all my heart and thank you for being there for me. I will try to be a better gf to you and not bring as much negativity. I love you Cameron ❤️ I love you very much❤️ more than you know❤️
hey hey
I love youuu🥺❤️ I’m gonna wait for your
I miss you so much 🥺❤️ I love you very much baby
I hope you are doing good
hope you doing okay <33
❤️ I miss you
yeah haha, how are you?
eh I’m okay
heyyy baby I missed you so much
it’s okay :,) I missed you a lot
grandma died
just a little sad we could spend our 1 month together
hello camidy cam :)
missing you :,)
hey hey