✨SHOUTOUT TO @Confuzled    and    FandomsOfAutumn✨


✨SHOUTOUT TO @Confuzled and FandomsOfAutumn✨

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it still looks good though 😂👍🏼
not bad 😂😂😂
the giraffes are my fav 🦒 😂💕
I’ll admit it doesn’t look a ton like the original, but it’s still a really good collage! Also I think she drew the girafes (ID even know how someone could do that 😂)
Ps: 🐯
doesn’t look that bad I’ll give it a 8.5/10
love the giraffes😂❤️
Re//: Np 😂
also when are the results coming out for the contest?
looks amazing!
Np.It looks stunning btw 😁.srry I was at school the second you remixed me that.
lol ty💛🌟idk u can pick the background
lol! do you want to know how I did the border, and the font? both fonts are from an app called phonto and the border is in effects
sorry I should’ve told you! but this looks GREAT 💓
gurl this really good 💖💎