QOTD: favourite science? (chemistry, biology, physics)
AOTD: I’m a physics girl 💫


QOTD: favourite science? (chemistry, biology, physics) AOTD: I’m a physics girl 💫

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yea ikr
wow this is sooooo p r e t t y💫💓
AOTD: I only do biology
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a// I despise science sorry 😂
AOTD : I liked my Earth Science (idk what it’s called in different schools) class because I got a 96% on the final
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those aesthetic vibes tho💛
did you have another accountname? sorry, i don’t remember it’s 1 year ago that i was on piccollage...
ooooooooo snappopp
no it’s not biology
I’ll google what it’s called
theatre 😂
No, I d
No I don't have evernote
Ohh i know who you areeeee
Whats your name again? so long no See
ahhhh I love this smmm!! i don’t like any sciences... hru?💞
so i remembered that?!! wowza i‘m amazed. i wasn‘t sure but i thought that was your name!
i‘m sorry i don’t remember anything about anybody... dāmnn it‘s been a long time
No, sorry
good good glad to hear
so what’s up on your life dudeee?
you know what?? same. i‘ve been so embarrassing and I tried so hard to be funny, ughh.
I don't really mind, so if you have an idea already, you can explain and I'll just go with it
Hi guys! Round Four Update: So now hat you all have a partner (@NightProwess with @ImperfectAuthor , @SavedByLove with @EpicFish and @celestially with @CreatingPoetry ) you will need to decide what story you’re writing and which part you are doing. Please chat on the chat pages in the remixes of the Round Four collage. If you’re on schedule than you’ll talk about to today and tomorrow (11th-12th) and start writing and than the next day be finished (13th-14th) and then be done on the 16th. Remember to make your cover, when you make your cover, have one of you make the background and one of you do the text. Thanks for reading! Good luck and have fun, Daisy.
im ok thanks, still getting used to back to school. i like English and history. wbu?🎒
Hi, this is @RoaringWriters (@puppyish-). I accidentally got logged out so I am switching to this acc. I would love to talk to you about that! I’ll ask you a series of questions if you still want to do it. Is that ok?
AOTD- Either English or History especially American History though
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