haha you tapped!


•tap• haha you tapped!

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@caption😂😂 and THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
ok thank you so much👍
Thank you so much!!! 💕💖
this is PERFECT💞
Well I only speak the truth*says in British accent*😂
😂😂😂 and TYSM!❤️
can we collab? I do pc only's
ok I can't wait and me too, I haven't done one too
You will one day!! 😀 😊💜💟 dont give up
It will happen when you don't expect it 100%
what's that?
I just realized that😅 and of course!!
haha I doubt it😂👌 but maybe we should ask these people?...Arteest, -Brooklyn, Triplet-klf, castlescience, BeingScarlet and/or Lattebunny....sorry so many, choose your best 3 I guess
maybe we have to start by asking first😂 I always get ahead of myself
but the people we ask, are not all gonna say yes, so maybe lets ask all of them....but what happens if more than 3 say yes😁😓
ok so I guess we split the part in half, so the first half I ask and the second half you ask
then we report back😂😂
oh ya good idea!!
tropical I would love to do a collab with YIU! please get back to me if you can!
So is this your first account?
okay sounds good!
Let me tell you this; I am jealous of your talent. 💕 You have three beautiful edits here that are fit for a museum. You are going to go unbelievably far with this account. When I came you your account my jaw literally dropped. Mind = blown. 💥
for the PicCollage games... would you like to be on a team with me?? I'm sorry if I'm bothering you😭
ok! -Brooklyn said yes!!
ipseity wants to join, I don't mind but we have a lot of people and we have to chose three😁...Tripket-klf said yes but she isn't promising she will be active
ok so there are, -Brooklyn, BeingScarlet, Triplet-klf, ipseity and crystal_skies😅
what do we do
I mean we could choose the people will the styles closest to ours? or people who don't to add variety
ok! and ipseity said its ok we don't have to add her/him
I want -Brooklyn what about u?
I was wondering if I could join the team its ok if not😌
she said she won't promise that she will be active tho...I want her too
Its alright if anything happens to anyone else you can call me😘💫
ok so spwho should we pick now
can we do our collab now?
let's delete the comments on the other people we've ask that didn't comment because we've got enough people already we just need one more
what about BeingScarlet?
I guess if everything is good, TROPICAL, iluvsushi, -Brooklyn, Triplet-klf and BeingScarlet
yay ok! I'll tell -Brooklyn and BeingScarlet and you can tell Triplet-klf?
what is our team name?
ya that's way easier!
THANKS SO MUCH! and I'd love to 😘
can I please make the collage with our team name and everything? also, what's our name
aww too bad cpastel couldn't be on it^^
gtg for now, be back later🖐
YAY TYSM!! am I on it??
I'm sorry but try to tell me ASAP cause someone also invited me to another team so if I'm not on this one, I'll go to another one❤️
the other one*
rip lol
Alright, I'm honored that I was chosen! I should be able to do everything needed. I don't think I'll be too busy as to where I can't be active. ✨💕
it's fine❤️❤️❤️ I wish good luck for your team😘
OMG WAY TO GOOD! I cant believe Pic Collage did not feature All of Your collages!
that's fine :)
can u make me a tutorial? I'm so lost in this PC only thing😂
when are you planning to do it?😊
ok no problem hf!
like how u make things like this
haha sorry😂
glad i can at least talk to you🙂
your collages are amazing!!!😍😱😍😱😍😱
i have a quick question. how many pokeballs does mystic have cause i counted 6
ya. bye💕🙂
OMG YOUR ACCOUNT😱😱😍 how have I not stumbled across you yet??? your collages are INCREDIBLE👑💖 seriously, never stop✨
oh, I'm dissecting a pig's heart and an eye. it wasn't so bad. but the smell was just so terrible
ok take your choice😌
true 😂
i will stop i promise
quick question: whats the potion for?
the potion is for replenishing a pokemon after battle but...
sorry😅 I'll do another one soon
im gonna start doing great balls and razz berries. is that ok?
hmmm the razzberries. maybe if its really rare like i dunno a clefairy or a tauros maybe you have to use a razzberry and a pokeball to catch it
and maybe a great ball could be equivalent to a razzberry and a pokeball.
i wont cheat
I'll wait
let's just go with tropical...whatever it was
I think it was BeingScarlet
How are you not featured? This is incredible!
we're do you get the quotes from
what do you look up
ok ty
do you search your backrounds?
thank you for the likes
sorry I'm asking all these questions but what are they called
Hmm.. it's ok... I'm just not crazy about, it doesn't capture the essence of the whole group...
This is FREAKIN amazing btw 😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕
Like, this is feature worthy. I absolutely love it.
I hope we decide on a name soon
would you like to collab with me?
yay! would u like to do it tmrw? or maybe this afternoon?
Thank you😊💐
lmk when u want to start the collab✨I'll be on for this whole afternoon
TYSM! and cool!❤️
np! just lmk💕
WOAH!!!! This is absolutely amazing!!! This is incredible!! I just love your style so much! :)
oml you're so talented! you deserve a follow!
so are you💜
Would you like to enter my contest on my update 8 part 2?❤️
you make absolutely AMAZING collages!!!!