Hey how are y’all doing?! I am so sry for being SO inactive for the past two weeks. As you guys might know I went to China for two weeks and I didn’t have any internet, so now I guess we can say I’m back! Also still working on collabs and I will f

640x640 shootingstars-

✈️Tap✈️ Hey how are y’all doing?! I am so sry for being SO inactive for the past two weeks. As you guys might know I went to China for two weeks and I didn’t have any internet, so now I guess we can say I’m back! Also still working on collabs and I will f

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Amazing! I am in awe 🥰
whoa this is beautiful!! How was china:)
As always 😏
You're soooooo close to 2k btw!
gorgeous 🤩
@caption how was china?
this is so gorgeous
this is STUNNING
oooh really? where did you go? (in China I mean)
G O R G E O U S 😍😍
Did you have a good trip? What did you do in China? So exciting!!
And this is awesome! 👍😍
can i do the text pls?
This is sooooo beautiful! congrats on the feature
wow! this is super gorgeous Mayra + welcome back from China 🎇 hope you had a great time
Congrats on the feature!
congrats on the feature
This is stunning, congrats on the feature! 🥳
ilysm too mayra
thank you ♥️
i’m glad you had a good time ♥️
Aw I’m sorry, tysm. 💙
Would you like to collab?
This is amazing!
woahhhhh haha Beijing is so nice and crowded, did you climb the Great Wall of China?
Hey Mayra 💕 I was wondering if you could tell me what you type in on to web search to get the wavy lines on your icon, thanks -Alisa ❤️
np! Thank you!
Congrats on the feature!
really?! ok! cool! I was thinking to go with my Ari theme if that’s ok💞
and you can definitely do the bg/layout for the collab🍁🌲
wow! you went to China? Where did you go? and how was it?🤣
np + ilysmt
woah this is so beautiful
Sounds great!!
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How was you're trip!
Awesome! Do you want to find a quote or should I?
oki!! I’ll get the collab to you super soon
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ooooohhh this is gorgeous! congrats on the feature ❤️
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Btw I love ur collage it is amazing! I wish I was as good as u
I love this! Everything you mak is gorgeous! ✨
congrats on the feature!
thank you! 💕
You are so talented
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congrats on the feature!!
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This is amazing content! Better than Tik Tok!
No offense
all the flowers look pretty
so prettyyyyy
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