oOops I haven’t posted in a while ~tap~
This theme of this collage was supposed to be adventure, but oh well. So, how’s quarantine everyone? Go check my extras for some daily updates on my life... how is everyone?


oOops I haven’t posted in a while ~tap~ This theme of this collage was supposed to be adventure, but oh well. So, how’s quarantine everyone? Go check my extras for some daily updates on my life... how is everyone?

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Heyy Joanna
Love This Joanna 😍😘✨🤩🥰💖☺️💗
also you never posted our first collab after it got deleted
wow!! this is absolutely gorgeous!! your so talented!! 😱😱✨🥰
awww that’s good! I’m well, thanks! 💖
hi jo! this is amazing! im good, hbu?
looks amazing!!
I’m good hru??
that’s fine :)
nothing much u
this is beautiful!🌿✨
i feel you tho. ive been FaceTiming my friends almost everyday but it’s not the same as being in person :((
tHIS IS STUNNINGGGGG DKKDJD gorgeous👏as👏always👏
imma try and make a microwave cake :) wbu?
your welcome🥰💙
of course! I’d love that🥰💙
what is your name?
aw Joanna is a beautiful name!🥰 my name is Alana
tysm for the follow btw!🥰
hahah I’m HORRIBLE at cooking
happy bday to your dad!!
omg ur so sweet 💫
this is beautiful!!! 🥰✨
awe bummer :(
did you just have lunch?? pffft it’s 4am here
also I realized ur turning into army... first ur researching about bangtan (BTS), then liking my extras account @army_, then ur in the BTS celeb group and creating fabulous BTS collages, then ur talking BTS with “luv”! please be army and join our group 💜💜💜💜💜💜 BTS words: “stob it= stop it” “infires= inspire” and of course “let’s get it” there are so many...
omg...... JOANNA I TOLD U TO STOP! ur always making me cry thank you so much! and yes I have to admit I might be a big sassy sometimes.... and yes I do listen to BTS for hours and my mom gets sick (she doesn’t really like Kpop) but then I showed her black swan and she said it ok... but she likes kill this love.... but she is a HUGE fan of Billie, Taylor, Sia, little mix, etc. anyways the group isn’t like that it’s just we just talk about them and what is coming up like when I told the other BTS was going to perform at Grammys (that was like a month ago), also like sally and I name each other like I would be Kookie (Jungkook) she would be tae (V) and you could be like Jimin (he’s the sassy charm in the group and is like the most loved and talented one).
gorgeous, as always!
Also I'm so bored too I've read all my books so many times 😔
Hopefully I'm gonna try bake chocolate fondants today 😛☺️
Good night ❤️❤️
Lol its 3:48 pm for me
hey Joanna!! of course we can chat rn :) what are you doing today??
//oh yeah I’m also so bored with quarantine 😤 but it’s ok im going to go see my cousins today even though tHats A liL riSky
sis i’m just being honest
hi!! this is beautiful btw
yeah i just saw them but i don’t think i got anything 🤷‍♀️ and i am TERRIBLE at writing essays i can’t do them they’re too hard
can you please join my contest?
Sorry for not responding, i haven’t really been on pc the last few days😅. Sorry, i would love to collab but i just don’t have any time for that rn. especially with going back to (online) school. sorry!
aha tyyy
hey jooooo
how are you?? how’s school and everything? 🥺😊
I’m doing good!!! hey Joanna ? 💗
well actually 🤡
my friend told me I can’t eat playdoh anymore
I’m good thank youuuuu wbu?
thank youuuu:)
I haven’t started online skl yet bcz it just happens to be a holiday for me rn😂😂
aww man that stinks:(
Heyyy Joanna how are you, awesome collage btw!!
Heyyy Joanna how are you, awesome collage btw!!
^^^That sent twice sorry about that!!
Your mom gave you homework that stinks, I'm doing alright i've just been doing homework and trying to make an edit that looks somewhat good, I've been here like two weeks and I'm already losing inspiration that's not good😂
It's the worst
no YOURE gorgeous
but me too mate so what’s up? hru?
ahaha yeah I’ll remix again
idk if I’ve ever actually eaten play doh?? I probably have bc I remember it tasted salty lol
awww, don’t stress 🥺 I know you’ll do great!! ❤️
yeah its good, I have to do school from home now so it’s a little different 😂🥺
thank youuuuu and im good! hru???
pretty good, just been doing homework how are you
I’ve been working on this t all day it’s been a pain
come join round one!
join any time!
soooo bored how are you?? what did you do today?
hmmm no it’s autumn break? idk I have different skl arrangements from u😂😂
ahh i love dat name!!
i’m pretty good a lil tired tho haha wbu?
aweee that sucks :( math is my least favorite
ohhhh I see :((
extra work is no fun
awwhhh nooo :( I’m sure it’ll all turn out ok ✨💖 what’s the project for?? x
tysmmm!!! and so are you 💖💖🥰
hi!! sorry i was asleep
man these time zones are trippy
how are you?🥰
what time is it for you right now??
bro this is art 🤩
seriously amazing 😊👍🏼🤧
ohhh ok, that’s no good :( don’t worry, I know you can do it 😊✨
4 weeks?! woahh that’s a long time 🥺🥺
how’s your day been? ✨🥰
doing good today! how are you & how was the maths haha
ACK oh no. I’m super behind on hw too
woohoo 🤠 how are you?? it’s only 8 pm over here
omg i would love more smoothie recipes!!
how was your day today?
ikr 😳😳😳👏
most definitely hahaha
brooo me too. anything interesting happen today?
just doin some hw before bed :) just as bored lol
love your art❤️