The original collage I made with this kept pending, so I had to remake the entire collage. I might put it in the remixes if it isn’t pending again. This collage is inspired by -thebearwiththepetals- and nightprowress, go follow them! I am super e


🌼1/4/22🌼 The original collage I made with this kept pending, so I had to remake the entire collage. I might put it in the remixes if it isn’t pending again. This collage is inspired by -thebearwiththepetals- and nightprowress, go follow them! I am super e

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@caption continued: I am super excited to announce that I was chosen to be one of the judges in the current season of COLLAGE_SHOWDOWN’s contest! I can’t wait to see all of your collages! Tell me about your life in the comments ⬇️
Hey!! This is magnificent!
I've been good lately. How've you been? The basketball season just ended
Would you be interested in collabing soon? idk its a small possibility, our themes are so different
I love this collage caite! so creative!
This is outstanding Caite I really like this collage!!❤️
yasss super excited for collage showdown contest! and congrats on being the judge! I think you’re a perfect match to be one!
thank you!!
and this is is good!! <33
tysm!! Love ur acc ur collages are beautiful♥️
HAHA but either wa ty!
this is so cool!!! I literally love everything about it haha
thank you!!! this is also stunning :) currently, I am not the best but thank you!!🥰
Omg this is stunning!! Like I literally love everything about it ❤
Awwwwwww your welcome!😊
i’ve been good thanks! how is school?
also, this is absolutely AMAZING
honestly i am now obsessed with this collage
it needs to go into an art gallery or something it is way too beautiful
frrrr haha!! it just is how it is
I will be active this weekend.
I think lets try to do it today maybe?
No I'm not playing any spring sports at the moment
if you want I can make the chat page
waa so pretty
I-👰can I marry this colloge with your permission!❤️
Oh wow! this is incredible!!
literally the perfect blend of their styles!
This is amazing as always! I’ve missed your collages ❤️❤️
hey how have you been!!
heyyy hru
okay that would be great!!!
Thankyou so much💀 Would you like to attend and be my bridesmaid?👰
woahh this is amazing <3 @ caption: you know how pc is >:( super annoying at times lol. and congrats on getting chosen as a judge :)
thank you <33
totally did not burst out laughing at the HEHE hoo
oml- my caps just disappeared at the end-
it happened 4 months ago actually lol but I don’t blame you, thank you anyways :)
new post!!!
ohh :”)
heyyy hru
Stunning and amazing
new post🧡🌸🧡
yeah I tried to get them to delete it, but they just deleted my comment..
ofc!! yeah I can’t imagine what you had to go through..
that’s crazy
especially the featured ones??
I’d try to block immediately
or like start blasting insults too..
I just wouldn’t be able to get a grip on my sheet anger 😅
oh that’s great!!
yeah that’s smart
ur so wise caite!!
actually wait..
caite.. i think you really should see this..
yeah ok!! I wasn’t sure if you’d like me getting involved again sorry
haha I’m glad someone appreciates the little anime reference
ooh caite I saw the post again- HOW??! I would’ve just comment-screamed in blind rage, will you teach me your ways?
sure ok lol!!
huh yeah that makes sense!
thank you. it’s actually mikasa lol but they do look very similar
hey how have you been?
hey Caite! how are you?
pretty good too!👍 and I’m excited bc I only had 3 days of school this week lol
Judging for round one has been posted! You can find it in the remixes of the round one post.
thank you!!
wow! omg that’s crazy!! -20 Fahrenheit???
how do you survive lol??!
aw well then summer must be the jewel of the yr, huh?
heyyy hru
ooh I haven’t! I’ll give it a listen 😄
first rounds up!
thank you!! :)
Caite hru? We have not talked in a while.😊
Your fine I’ve been a bit busy as well!
I'm great thank you!
Awwwwww thank you!😊🌱
Yess, it is inspired by you
I have literally always looked up to you when it came to collages
And that sxcks abt the weather!!
But can you also maybe teach me more abt making collages like that?? Ty:)
haha lol I would tots do that too! 😂
hey caite I’m back! 💕
Thank you!! ❤️
🙌NEW CONTEST! join now:))
📺 NEW CONTEST! please join 📺
tysm!! also whoaa i really love this!
beautiful! would you like to be friends? im Katie! ❤️
thank you <33
whoa!! that’s so cool 😂 ive never met anyone with even the same pronounciation as mine
Round 2 judging has just opened! You can find the judging post in the remixes of round two.
Round 1 has been posted!
hey how are you!!
but thank you :)
I don't know how I had never seen your account before
No dude I actually can't stop looking at it
hey final round is out! good job on making it this far!!!
no :( you can’t do this to me
no u can’t >:(
Judging for round 3 has opened! Please share your opinions asap!
hey how are you?
hey caite!! hru? 💕
Ok sounds good, take your time on posting you probably are busy!!😊
thank you tho <3!!
Judging for round 4 has been posted!
hi caite, how have u been?? 😀
i’m online rn, i might be vv inactive tho bc it’s summer yk? 😅
i’m super good tho! yk u could just text me lol
tired of men telling women what they can do with their bodies
so many lost their rights yesterday, and many more will in the coming weeks
stay safe ❤️
100% agree not to mention the open carry laws for nyc that were also overturned on Friday
The final judging has been posted! Make sure to read the remix for special judging instructions!
Don't forget to share your opinions in judging for round 5! You can find the judging post in the remixes of the round 5 post on my account.
omg thankss i luv ur account!! are u back? or just commenting
caiteee how have you been
i’ve been good thanks! are you on summer break yet?
OOOO sounds cute!! ALSO STUNNING
re: aotd: ooh that’s a good one
tysm btw!
thank you 😊
follow me please I love your collages
tysm! 💕 oooh lavender has such a nice scent!
thank you so much! ooh ! always fun to see improvement in driving :) I used to practice a lot haha
Ah yes, catie
thank you so much, how have you been?
🫧new post🫧
oh my gosh i love this so so much !!!
i love your collages so much! 💕✨
new post☺️
ty caite💗💗
what’s that show abt??
tyy and that sounds so fun!
thank you so much!! and yeah i totally relate to that because our schedule is all messed up- i’m not happy with them for changing it😭😭
did I ever say this was STUNNINGGG 💛
ty! ooh what’s it’s name?
hey how have you been??
this is absolutely stunning 😍
Omg sleeping on the highway sounds hella fun!! And thank you Catie!! I also hope things workout, that'd be awesome lol
very late but tysm <3
posted first boy drama on my extras!😂🫣
this is amazingg🙏
hey hru??
hru caite??
thank you!!💕
and yeahhh so was mine ahaha!! and this one seems like it’s going to be too. my friend who goes to another school said she was going to come to my homecoming and fill out the guest form to attend our school’s dance, however i need the form to buy the tickets and she has yet to fill it out w/ her dean ://
i feel reaaalllyyy stupid lolll😭
ah thx
ooh that sounds really pretty!!
thank you so so much!!
and i remember that theme of yours, it was so pretty <3
Hey! I am Dora and I love ur collages x
thank you so so much!! <3 & omggg how did that go that sounds so cool!!!!!
hey how are you??
aw haha
hru caite?
hey!! hru??
ty!! and wow! that sounds like fun!
thank you!! & that sounds soo funn 🥲🥲
I hope the year stays easy for you caite! im ok, Ty 💕
stunning! hru? 💕💕
ah ty!!
yeah I don’t like missing school because you miss out so much!
and haha yeah I pretended that I was nauseous (when really it was just butterflies). the next day I went back and pretended everything was normal. my friend told me that my crush wanted to text me to say sorry, but she told him not to. he thought he really hurt my feelings, so he and his friends were really quiet the next day…I gathered my courage and decided to talk to him and resolve things, and we agreed on being friends. so we texted over the holidays and then the next year we both had a crush on each other then this year i ghosted him because he was making no effort and now he has a gf and I have a new crush :))
take a nap, you need it <3
thank you!!!
and that sounds soo cool :)
hey howrya caite?
hey how are you caite? I miss you!
thank uu!! and i totally agree w u, it doesn’t feel like christmas at all😭
thank you!!
me too, hot drinks just don’t do it for me, they just leave me more thirsty lol
wowwww this is so beautiful
thank you!!
this is amazing