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owo magic
i feel like a witch could beat a wizard bc unlike wizards witches don’t have as rigid a structure as a wizard bc unlike wizards they don’t have a cerminonial view of magic
i’ve also never watched soul eater
also unlike wizards, witches don’t gotta study for their magic they like just call upon their deity so their deity is like “cool here’s some magic’s
i think wizards r losers also do they have covens? no because they’re nerds
maybe i’ll watch it but probably not
i don’t think i’ve ever finished an anime when i was into watching them?
re//: OwO
should we just start a new rp? :P
nO I jUsT wAnT tO dO a dIffErEnt rP. 😖
yEaH idk do you have any guys who like girls cause I wanna use Nebula. :3
okie. that works. :D
rEmix then plz
any more? :))))
okayyyy. dam you have so many tho this is gonna be hard qwq
Uhhhhh.... Okay. 1- King Neptune (idk why. 😂) 2- Toru Bean, 3- Xavier Foen :3
there. three. done. :D
oof. 😂
it’s ok 😂
and sorry I didn’t respond I was in the pool with my dog. :D
rUde. do you wanna make a rp page? and remixes or comments? (I’m fine with both, although I’m better with comment :D)