Collab with....

The wonderful Rosie aka @Milky_bear! This is also a enter to the spring contest :)


Collab with.... The wonderful Rosie aka @Milky_bear! This is also a enter to the spring contest :)

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Pretty!!! ❤️🌸
oh my gosh, ur so talented😍
This is so pretty!
I hope that the work from your mom gets betterrrr
Aww lol I wanna get off school 😂😂
Also this is beautiful 💕
i like the orange tint theme its so cute
this is beautiful 🤩💛
here’s our collab! I hope you like it! you can add some finishing touches and then Lethe know when to post!
let me*
sure! no problem
I hope that helps...
thank you!!🥰🥰🥰
ok take your time!
love this!!!!
We might shut down soon for a few weeks 😑😆
I'm a bit happy and kinda sad cuz I won't see my frens😂😔
And also thanks jo☺️❤️❤️
I'm pretty good how are you?
i’m pretty good! how about you?
Im just listening to music and looking through pc😂
awesome!! haha thank you!💕
thank youuu!🧡🧡🧡
yay! omg wow tour account is gorgeous btw!
cleaning and tidying up, basically just organising my life! oh and I’m also interested to see who’ll win the spring contest, I’m honestly not expecting mine to win, but I get really happy seeing others up there!! how about you!?😊😊
Heyyy Joanna missed you girl. I'm doing alright how are you?
haha that's alright text me in the morning!!
hey it’s Celina
hey could you follow me? I am shiningstars_ etraxs acc
you are just sooo AMAZING -sparklydiamonds-
you deserve soooo many features, way more followers, and fan pages!!!
haha 😂 thanks for the answer and I think they don’t too btw love seeing u like my extras
this got featured.. but the remix tho
thank you! congrats to u too!
YAYY it’s nice it got featured just not on my account hopefully mine will get featured later and did we win the spring of contest
omg this is stunning!
this is gorgeous!!
an amazing collab❤️