10 days until my birthday & school :)
i really don’t like this, but i’ve been mia and literally haven’t talked to anyone on pc for over a week—
also currently going through a taylor obsession... cld you tell? 🥰


tap💗 10 days until my birthday & school :) i really don’t like this, but i’ve been mia and literally haven’t talked to anyone on pc for over a week— also currently going through a taylor obsession... cld you tell? 🥰

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aLso taylor’s like the most aesthetic person ever— i said what i said.
@caption- omg ur bd is coming up :0000
omg prettyyy
TIRED🥱 just woke up haha
omg fun😳 my school is full online oOf
good luck skxbxbsnsk that’s gonna be quite the experience :0
good hbu
tank q👉🏽👈🏽
thank you! i'm glad your interested!
also how have you been? i feel like we haven't spoken in forever.
i’m alright, just in the middle of procrastinating🤡
i totally don’t have homework i should be doing rn
i'm actually doing great for once. i'm a little stressed cause of all the stuff i have to do (i'm like, two weeks behind on all my art which then screws up everything else) but i'm actually not too worried about that for some reason.
ah thank you! i basically had teach myself how to draw all over again last week so i'm glad it payed off :)
in all honesty i have no fxcking clue how to draw a stick figure
i can draw all these amazing art pieces but stick figures? that's just not a thing i can do
that's honestly really not fair. grades should be based on effort and improvement not skill, especially in classes like that.
FIVE summer reading books?!!
my god
have fun😂
yeah i was definitely craving school as much as i h@te to admit it😳
yeah, the school system is really fxcked up. don't worry about your grades too much in classes that will have no impact on your future. most of them are literally pointless.
definitely still try to do well but just don't worry about it so much
that's pretty much the reason why i'm still homsechooled. i hâte it but public school is literally just a waste of time. they focus too much on things that don't matter and not enough on actual life skills that you need
i’m in honors english and we only had to read one book lmaø
yeah i totally get that, is ur school gonna be in person this year?
luckyyyy my school is full online :(
yeah our og plan was to do half days but then they changed their mind
yeah ig it went well😣😅
omg omg i knew it
i literally kept saying that when school starts and we can all procrastinate again things will come back
love taylor 🤩🤩
ikr I can’t 🤣🤣
ohhhh i see! i from illinois🤡
in the other towns by us so many are going back at least half days but my school changed their minds and it’ll be that way until october (but let’s be real they’ll prolly extend it again after that cuz they already did that for september🥴)
oh pffffft😳🤡
wait, really?😂
i used to live in a big city here in IL but i moved four years ago and now i’m in this small town surrounded by cornfields and other even smaller towns💀
wait same here i’m like almost an hour away from cHiCAgOoOoO
yep ✨always✨
i miss going to chicago :( haven’t been there in forever cuz yk 🙌🏽✨pandemic tings🌈🙌🏽
yeah but i love new york😁 i went years ago and it was the BEST like i’d love to live in nyc
i got a tour of yankee stadium back then and it’s been my favorite baseball team since
i was derek jerker for halloween in third grade😂
I’m so excited
my school starts in 6 days tooooo
lol I would plan but idk if it’s a continuation or not lol
but that’s so cooool
lol I just babysat for 5 hours and the people payed me $90 👀
yeah it’s so fun and chaotic i love it haha
i just love being in a city in general
ooh the mets i see i see👀
69th comment(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞
pffffft😂 lmaø when’s the wedding? also bruhhh that sucks
$90 is the most I've ever been payed for babysitting 0.0 and it's also really good because the kids were complete brats so it basically made up for it. but if they're gonna keep paying me that much, I'd totally go back. I just can't tell my friends about the money because I don't want them to steal my job lol.
but anyway what kind of stuff are you planning? let me innnn.
lol i'm excited :D now i need some new oc's
thank u :)❤️❤️
hahaaaa😂 that’s fun tho
gah kevin and hannah- that's depressing on the low
yeah ur so lucky🥵 id love to live by nyc
five 👀
I only signed up with 4 tho
I was unsure about one of them and I didn’t want to overload myself with oc’s
yea I’m getting serious phs vibez
I miss phs on the high
I’m prob gonna have someone flirt with one of yours
you and I make a great team
I know right 😭
I just have to be careful with my time management because I’m a freshman and so school is very important
I’ll probably try to get on after schoolwork and at night until maybe 10
yeah 🥺 this is the first time in a while I’ve had hope in a rp, probably because Brooke is leading it and everything she does turns out good lol.
so many memories are flooding back
I’m on the way to a doctors appointment and it just occurred to me that our group is so interesting and that there are people all over America (us) that are looking forward to this and idk missing people that they’ve never met irl
idk if i explained that ok but that was just a weird thought
ok I gotta go get checked up
bye ily
I am loving this!