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I remixed our collab. I did the text and pngs and she gave me the backgrounds and quote. Tysm 💕
I’m sorry but can you take me out of the games, I took part in too many games and it’s hard for me to catch up...sorry and thanks💖💖
Tysm and sorry for the inconvenience caused 🌿🌿
you are following a hate page!
your following a hate page!
your following a hate page!
Also, my person won’t respond to my messages.
hey do I have to be with a person who is in my group bc they already did it!
YAAAAAY both our teams entered for bike!💕
oh, and btw for mine and clear blue waters collab, I gave her the quote, and the 12 backgrounds (yikers) and she put it all together into a beautiful masterpiece!