Mia mega collab with Jordyn, Rachel, Julie, Sammy and Heather☺️🌷 Why is pc so glitchy?!😩❤️


🌟TAP🌟 Mia mega collab with Jordyn, Rachel, Julie, Sammy and Heather☺️🌷 Why is pc so glitchy?!😩❤️

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amazing ♥️♥️
so amazing 😍😍
this is amaaaazing 💗
u r amazing at this!!😍😍
no sorry :(
okay awesome & this stays sm
whoa omg i wish i could collage like you guys ahhhh 😍😍😍
for the mega collab i was wondering if i could do the text and unblur it
here you go!
ok :))
yeah sorry :)
love this collage!! please go enter my contest due august 22nd!
hello love 👋🏼 sorry for the self promo (i hate it too 😂) but i'm having a back to school giveaway/contest 😊 i would love if you'd join! there is tons of awesome prizes 💗 thanks for reading xx 😘-Helen aka stardustlida 💎
for u really large mega collab, can i make it more clear and do the text at the end?
yep i'm gonna start on it today💕
ahah your welcome!
hey!! for the idols mega collab i just sent, you have 48 hours / 2 days to complete💕if not complete within that time you will be replaced, also you are doing gigi and purple🛁 please remix it bamc to me when done
here u go!
I'll get it done so sorry
here it is with the border ❤️
hey i just wanted to tell you that i think its a little rude to ask me to do text, then steal my quote i made, and then remix everyone else the copy u made and then ur ignoring me? im sorry but i feel thats a little rude
and you could have litterly just asked me to redo it if u didnt like it...
i have sent to the mega collab to stardustlida already but so you can have a look i'll remix it to you too :)💕
omg yes! we did so good
oh okay sorry! i'm working on it now 💓
hi it's @honeybutera changed my user xxx
in your recent mega Collab, someone re did my part and that honestly made me a little hurt. just wanted to let you know and I know it was a little blurry but my iPad is weird so yeah. just wanted to let you know
I promise to get it done after school tm
oh ok
omg so sorry forgot
missed u sooo muchhh❤️💞
you'll have to replace me, my apps aren't working 😭
can you enter my mega collab 💕
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