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cont: yes, i never really used this app for its purpose after about eighth grade. i made my own persona. a positive one at that. but i'm more so pointing this at those who come on here just to act inappropriately, those who come on here to bully and log off. isn't that sickening, the thought that people dedicate theirselves to doing that? piccollage, a fun app to edit and share your creations. never knew your creations could be so upsetting.
I totally agree. it's just sad.
I see what you're saying and agree but I use pc to see memes and talk to people about things that I like not really to make edits and i just don't follow any of those "drama accounts"
yes meme accounts are my comfort tbh. the 4% of people that still actually edit and meme accounts are like... if they didn't exist i would've deleted forever ago
Pc Bustamante dead since the update
Which just made pc worse
I'll be completely honest, I haven't seen much of this happening lately, but it sucks that it is. There's no excuse for cyberbullying. But what I've been seeing lately is mostly nothing. Nobody posts anymore, which is a shame.
Like, there used to be a ton of interesting content on here but now it's mostly gone.
it's a problem and i do agree that lots of people left when the most recent update took place. i was already drifting because of all the bullying in primarily october-december. content is so rare and i feel like the community & pc themselves both have driven people away
btw sorry i replied so late pc hasn't notified me of comments until much later aha speaking of being broken
I agree that the bullying has to be stopped, but PC has been dead for a long time. May I remind you that PC is not Social Media, and that no one really cares about this app. This is not intended to have drama and to have collages like this. This app is just meant for fun, not to be taken seriously
I feel the same way! it seems like nobody cares about this app anymore and it's just going down in flames