🖤22nd Jan 2020🖤
My fave part so far! Lmk what u think xx
Stg if this doesn’t post this time 😡😡 (I’ve posted it it three times but it hasn’t worked!!)


🖤22nd Jan 2020🖤 My fave part so far! Lmk what u think xx Stg if this doesn’t post this time 😡😡 (I’ve posted it it three times but it hasn’t worked!!)

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Don't worry this posted! And idk how you make such AMAZING STORIES!!!!! THIS is SO realistic!!!
nooooo! i can’t wait for the next part! This is such a good story and you are an amazing writer!
omg I hope Jackson is okay, can’t wait for the next part
*Jas drops* What?!!! Oh no Jackson!!! 😭😭😱 I hope he’s okay!! This story is literally the best!!! ☺️🤍🤍 I feel like this is the situation rn tho!! 😂🥺
omg!!! I am speechless! you do such a good job at writing these things and I can’t believe that you have this much talent!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩
LOVE IT😭🤩👏🏻💔
i love reading these 🤩
also me and ocean totally knew it
I actually knew for sure before I did the hunt bc u said taht heheh
we know u too well u cannot hide
^^yep that (or should I say taht😂) sealed the deal for me😂😂😂
and oh my gosh Jackson!!!!😱😰I hope he’s ok🥺ugh I won’t find out until NEXT FRIDAY!!!!😫your story telling though I can’t even-😱🤯it’s soooo good!!!!
This is so good!!
yeah I know😂😂
you got me hoookeeeedddddd I can’t stop reading dese
I remixed it to lylys post
haha thx it took forever to do😂but it was worth it I guess bc I probably won’t change it for a while
like my friend changes hers up like almost every month and I’m like how do you have the patience?!!😂
I love yours too the colours are🤩🤩🤩
oh haha not bothered😂I had another widget app for a while but it wasn’t very good and the colours were a bit meh. but I actually found this thru pc bc it’s made by the same company
yeah me neither😂
I had been playing around with it for ages before I settled on that one tho
yeah Widgetsmith was the one I had first and it’s ok but the colours of this one match my theme more
and yeah my last screen is just a load of folders with all my extra apps bc I didn’t have enough covers for them😂and then there’s another folder with all the apps that do have an icon
the one thing I find really annoying about the app covers is that it doesn’t show if you have a notification or not you have to go to the actual app which is kinda annoying
and before I got iOS14.3 I think it was when you pressed on an app it would bring you to the shortcut app and then to the actual app which was so frustrating!! but now they’ve changed it to just a thing with a tick coming down which is much better
lol that’s so funny we’ve got some telepathy going on here😂😂😂
oh yeah like a few times I go into WhatsApp thru the shortcut and it will be in for a sec and then it will come back out which is annoying. and sometimes that happens with the camera too
oh ok hahaha😂😂
oh good I thought I was the only one and it was just my phone😂
ok bye! I’ve got to do history homework anyway😂😂
aww ik loads of ppl are going on breaks😔I actually felt like going on one myself bc I was so busy but I don’t think I will
bc I’ve got everything under control now with school I think it was just cause last week was my first week back since Christmas so I was just a bit stressed😂and especially cause it was online
yeah I’m a bit more organised bc I’m used to it now. and yeah we do learn about the 1916 rising and the famine and Bloody Sunday and the troubles by we also learn about other things from the rest of the world like the wars. I’m doing the Renaissance atm. but ik you do things like the kings of England but we don’t learn them. all I know about them is that there’s a rhyme to remember the wives of one of the kings😂
haha *so modern*
and yeah Irish history is pretty interesting I love learning about the 1916 rising (even tho you know it was like a rly mini war it’s rly interesting)
it lasted like a few days😂
but I love learning about World War II but when I say that to ppl they’re like umm👀😳. I don’t like all the death and all the stuff that happened to the Jews but I just find it really interesting and good to learn about. and I love novels that are set in that time period
omg yes!! we just become more and more like twins every second😂😂😂
like I h@te saying that I like it tho bc the looks I get are well😂😂
I’m reading Anne frank atm
^^just for me tho not for school
but yeah Irish history is really interesting. the 1916 rising is my fav along with WWII. it was when the Irish rebelled against the British. it started on Easter Monday but only lasted a few days. they didn’t win though. but most of the Irish were really mad at the ppl who started it until the British executed all the leaders apart from one (countess markievicz) because she was a woman
but they were rly mad at the British when they did that bc they didn’t think execution was needed like a few years in prison would have been fine.
but basically it started off all of the rebelling that Ireland did to become a free country
ok so I’ve just educated you about the rising and you didn’t even need it😂sorry😂😂😂
haha yeah
and I think I’ll get it done by then I just have text to do. it’s handy being in the same time zone😂
mine is up
Eastern Standard Time Friday, January 22, 2021, 12:00 pm is when its due
or 5:00 pm in England
i can extend it till Monday bc i won’t be on this weekend
ok this is actually getting scary😂you’re the British version of me😂except older
yeah I’ve heard pride and prejudice is a bit boring though one of my friends read it and she liked it
are you reading it in school or yourself?
I love reading these🥺❤️
this one is by far my favorite🥺❤️❤️❤️
omg! Your soo smart! How did you come up with this and OOOooooooo it getting scary! It just really annoy’s me when people say stuff like that and punch people. Well it is pretty obvious and probably I am not the only one
like literally
you should publish this you might be the next jk Rowling
i might do something like this?(and give you credit ofc💖)
ofc u can 😁💞 I’d be honoured to have inspired u!
and tysm ur so sweet x
thank you x
aww girly it’s the least I could do 😘
awwww tyyyy
oh my absolute goodness girlie your message was so sweet and I love u all so so so much I can’t even say it in all the words of all the languages but I will miss u every day of my life and ur the best friend ever I don’t deserve you but here you are and u will go to do great things ilysm girl
🖤😽 goodbye girl I’ll miss u 😽🖤
what is wrong and who is Brody?
aighagh I don’t think I can do the contest girl 😖😖
sorry 😣 u can just eliminate me ig
🖤 - hello - would you like to come check out my account? - feel free to delete - sorry for the copy and paste- 🖤
are you gonna post collab
new post 😶
Aweee thanks!!! Lyyyyyy
hey do you know what’s up with livvy?
oh that makes sense thanks for the info I was just worried and I still am
Hey angel its madi. So your prob asleep but just wanted you to know that I miss you terribly. Lifes not the same without you. Anyways, my tablet completely ran out of storage so I no longer use it. I got my mom's old phone and I'm online on here so yea.. I have a pinterest if you want to chat with me but other than that I'm so so so sorry to keep you worrying. I love you so so so much and I hope I'll hear from you soon x if you want to respond to this go on my old acct and comment on the recent post. My pinterest user is jatpxmadi tehe. Ily girl
hey! the results of our games are out! thank you for joining!💞
ahhh thanks so much that means a lot , text is slightly hard to read,wanted to.try something different 💓✨
🖤 new post 🖤
hello are u online
Thank you ❤
sorry if my comment from the last part of this is a bit long xx
Hey angel its madi idk if your online but if you want to chat with me go on my other acct madi_xxx and I'll respond:)
ahhh thanks so much u just made my dayyyy ilysm u never fail to impress either ur a literal queen I love all ur collages 😭💖
yw my bestie 💓💓
okay hehe
sorry I was giving u some tumblr girls
I legit did not know that u get them if u say vibes 😳🤯
yh I can chat!!!
awwww tyyyy
wow saw this story and it’s great
hey...round 3 is out! due date is 31 jan there’s a little twist for the theme in this round! ~lyly
amzing story
wooooo u talented 😱😱