Sorry guys

I havnt been able to come on and I’ve just been feeling down

I’ll try to rp as much as possible


Sorry guys I havnt been able to come on and I’ve just been feeling down I’ll try to rp as much as possible

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sorry I just disappeared I was stressed cos I had my interview for head girl but guess what guys... IM HEAD GIRL AT MY SCHOOL NEXT YEAR!!!!😂❤️
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eyyyy caeli- we are all here if u ever need to talk. itsg u guys are like my family. Ilyasm. and congrats beth?
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yep Caeli we are always here ❤️
it's ok Caeli. like Beth said, we a are here for you whenever you need us. recently, I've been going through some stress, and I put it on your last collage, knowing someone would give me amazing advice and help me be happier. 😍
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hey guys. not in the mood to type my normal greeting.
my last day of sixth grade was three days ago. never got the courage to tell Ramón myself. one of my friends was gonna do it for me, but when she told him that she knew a person that likes him, he said that he didn't want to know. idk what to think rn.
Me: *sigh* is it bad that i come up with stories about what would happen if he knew and it just makes me like him more?
i need a pixel friend to talk to.
i'm writing something and i wanna know what y'all think...
I hear their whispers. I hear them yell. They try to make it seem fine, but I know the Truth. I cry in bed. I hide my fears. Few know what I know. I trust hardly any. Not even my own family. I feel shut out. Left alone, knowing nothing but the Truth.
"Truth" by: Sara *********
please tell me what you think...
hey lizzie. will you read my poem.
hola pixel friends
is anyone on? i'm feeling lonely and angry. so many reasons.
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anyone on?
Alex sighs and stares at the empty hallway as she sits down scribbling a letter trying to explain she was dying of a tumor to her sister.
celesta found hannahs letter to her, tucked under her pillow. she read and and she was crying again. tears rolled off her face, spilling onto the inked paper. she took a shaky breath and went over to hannahs room. she needed Hannah. and that was the first place she thought of.
um um hi.. it’s bella..
Jessica sits in her room listening to music.
idk she commented on my Collage an hour ago
Oh fun.
I’m sure you did fine
That’s still good
Jack looked up at Ghost Hannah and sighs. “I love.. I love you too. and I’ll never stop. but you,
Hannah Greene, broke me. forever broke me.
Alex walks down the hallway at a brisk pace.
“does it matter anymore..” he muttered.
jack looked down, “you’re crying..” he felt.. enraged, “you-“ he choked back a sob, “you kiłled yourself. you took yourself from me when you didn’t have to. when i told you i loved you everyday. when i love you. and i still do. and i know you’re never going to let me get over you. you’re crying?!” he finished, practically yelling.
Hi Kat is a free scholar.
Jack sighed, not sure if he was bitter or sympathetic. SHE killed herself. SHE did this. he sighed as a single
tear traces his cheek.
Alex walks down the hallway and sees Hannah. “You Okay?” she stoped walking.
“Oh....What happened?” Alex asks.
ooh kayla. sounds cool.
celesta was in the combat room. all six of her knives pinned to the bullseye of the targets around the room. she was much better than when when she started. she went over to retrieve them
“Oh okay.” Alex says as she walks to jack’s dorm and knocks. “Hello?” She says softly.
Jack sighed. “what... what the heck you want.. Alex..” he was unusually mòody, for good reason.
I wouldn’t let me say the bad word, of course.
“Well...Hannah wanted me to..Talk to you.” Alex says softly looking at her feet. “I-I-I know what she did wasn’t the right thing but....She was broken.” Alex says as a tear runs down her face she clearly wasn’t speaking truthfully.
“you REALLY think i didn’t know that?!” he yelled, slapping the side of his leg, “we talked.. every night. until dawn. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. about living. about dying. about our insecurities. YOU DONT THINK I KNOW THAT?” he finished, picking up scissors.
“Sorry. I should’ve bothered you.” Alex says softly as she turns around slowly and closed the door.
ok plz tell me what has happened I’m lost 😬
not much has happened
Mkay rp?
Hi guys
How's it going?
pretty good just got done swimming u?
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Not much. I had some previous drama, but I've gotten over that. Did you have a swim practice or meet?
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I used to be on a swim team but now I play tennis
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wait does anyone know if Brooke still role plays?
Nova- *randomly walks around*
Rose: *walks out of her room with journal in hand. she’s been on an art block recently and needed some inspiration*
I haven't role played in a while, so Idk.
Nova- *sees Rose* Have I met you before?
rose: oh no I don’t believe so! *sticks out hand and curtesys*
(broooo nova could be roses bad influence and rose could be novas good influence*
Nova- *shakes hand* Nice to meet you! So, when did you get here?
rose: a while back actually. I’m Azules twin sister! and you?
(Jewess! Nova will play all nice and stuff at first, but then things will go down hill)
(Not Jewess! I meant Yessss!)
(omg yassssss) 😂👌
(ok I was like what is jewess 😂)
Nova- I'm Nova, and I've been here for a while too. I've heard of your sister before.
Nova- What are your powers?
rose: eh they aren’t that cool *squats down and touches the ground growing a flower*
Nova- Well, you never know, growing plants can be useful. Can you grow poisonous plants?
rose: I’ve never tried.
Nova- Well, you could try right now.
rose: ok *shrugs and reaches down and touches the ground creating poison ivy* welp I guess I can
rose: what are your parents?
*powers (lolllll 😂)
Nova- *stares in wonder at the poison ivy* Well, I actually don't know them. My memory was wiped of them.
(Oh! 😂)
(😂 autocorrecttttttt)
Nova- I have animal powers *morphs into cougar* And I can communicate with them *morphs back*
(I hate autocorrect, I thought it was supposed to be useful😂😁)
(omg same here lol 😂)
AOTD: wow!!!!!! that’s so cool! *gasps* omg you just have me a great idea for a sketch! hey can you turn into a hawk and sits on top of that tree that’s changing colors. it will only take a second.
(I’m so used to commenting AOTD 😂😂😂😂)
Nova- Um, sure. *changes into a red-tailed hawk and goes to tree*
rose: *pulls out her phone and takes a picture* thanks!
(what does a AOTD stand for?)
Nova- *flys down and morphs back* No problem. May I ask you one more question?
(answer of the day. it’s when people put questions in their captions of posts)
rose: sure!
(Oh! That makes sense!)
Nova- Are you good or evil?
rose: Good!!!!! you!?
Nova- Evil, and I'd recommend trying evil things sometime soon. It's really fun.
rose: well even if I wanted to, which I don’t, I don’t know how to.
Nova- Well, just find somebody you have problems with. Somebody you really despise.
Nova- For example, I have problems with Cara and Celesta.
(Brb, I'm going to a store)
rose: Cara and celesta!!!!!! what they are so sweet. I don’t think I could ever hate someone......
(Mkay byeeeee)
Malory wanders around the woods with Sam.
Alex walks alone down the hallway with a knife.
Ava: paces up and down in her dorm Hannah’s trial was coming up and she was nervous about the outcome, what if they don’t believe me? what if they say bad things about Hannah? I’ll get angry and I, I I.....
Should we go to the trials? Yeah why not lol!
Vanessa and Olivia Greene walk into the Trial Room, tear stained. They sat down. "We are here in memory of Hannah Greene. First, we will ask Ava Daverly to come up to the stand," the announcer said plainly. "Ava, did Hannah ever mention Max Campbell, a student here, and a ràpe incident? Or a photograph incident?"
Max Campbell stared at A a, squirming in his seat. || "Max..." his twin sister, Meghan, whispered, shaking her head. "I'm ashamed. And disappointed."
Jessica sits quietly.
Ava: No, wait did that happen to her?!!! *glares at max* poor Hannah she murmured stopping the tears from filling her eyes *not yet* she says
Alex looks at Max and back at Ava.
(unmmmmmm what happened?)
(It was back when Hannah and Max- who I legit just made up- were dating in ninth grade, before they came here)
The lady frowned. "Did Hannah have problems with boys here? Was she dating anyone? If so, how was their relationship?
Ava: she dated jack Will and they were extremely happy together and she had no other boy problems that I was aware of *she smiled thinking of the times when Hannah and jack were so happy together*
"What about, um, bullying?" Via, Hannah's little sister, piped. "She... wrote to me a lot. The people here sounds awful."
celesta who had been on her phone in the stands, forcing herself to ignore he conersations about Hannah to prevent herself from crying all over again suddenly looked up at the bullying. she heard via talk and she tended. 'awful?' she supported Hannah but the people here were her family. all of them.
jack sat in the stands, close to the Greene family. tears stained his cheeks, red lines lined his arms, and a recent scar formed a crescent just over her right eye.
Ghost Hannah walked along the edge of the dim room, smiling at Jack and Celesta. She slid next to Jack, and looked at him. "I've figured out a little bit about being a ghost," she whispered. "Only students can see and hear me, but only if I want them to. And if they want to see me." She paused, looking around the room. "I'm sorry. About... how I've been acting. It's just... hard."
PLEASE ❤️❤️❤️
jack sighed and shook his head. he looks down at his wrists, and was able to see Hannah's, too.
Hannah watched Jack's eyes. She pulled her sleeves down, past her wrists. "Jack... please."
Alex looks around.
"you could make this a lot easier if you were alive," he said, looking away, tears forming in his eyes.
"why?" Hannah asked. "It didn't make a difference when I was. People only cared when it was too late. I- Nobody ever really cared about me." She looked at Jack, and for a moment, she felt truly dead.
hi guys sorry I havnt been on I kinda forgot my password....😂😂
Ava: there was bullying from Erm... some people but it stopped I made sure anything I knew baker stopped but there were things going on that nobody knew about people doing stuff, saying stuff....
wow Caeli.
“you think i didn’t CARE ABOUT YOU?” jack said, yelling. he looked around at the scene he was making, then sighed and burst out the door into the hallway.
Hannah watched him go. Tears spilled from her eyes, and she chased after him, Instinctively. "Jack!" She called. "Jack, I didn't mean that! Please come back!"
The lady nodded. "What kind of bullying, Ava? Was it physical, verbal? Cyberbullying? A combination?"
Malory grabs her phone and texts a group of people that had escaped from the evil orphanage. 'Hey guys. how's it going? need some company. plz met me @ 8pm inside the waterfall.' almost immediately, everyone replies and they show up inside the hideout.
Malory first sees Sam and Cooper sitting at the entrance. Then she notices Will, Carmina, Jake, Alexis, and a few others. Mal sits in between Cooper and Sam. Cooper hugs her, but she pushes him away saying, "We've been over this a million times Coop. I have a boyfriend and it's not you," And for the millionth time, he pouts, and says, "I can change that," Mal begs Sam to swap seats and does. Malory stands up, and yells so that everyone will hear her, "Recently, many people that hadn't escaped, d..di..died. We need to save the few remaining. Who's going with us?" Only two raise their hands, Sam and Cooper.
Alex looks at her phone.
Malory sighs and says, "Do you all really want our friends to die like Emily and everyone else?" Mal makes a point to look and Jake when she says Emily's name because everyone knew that Emily and Jake liked each other. More people raise their hands to help, but as the numbers grow, Mal feels a chill run down her spine. A chill that she hadn't felt since their escape.
Jessica pulls her hair up into a messy bun.
Hannah slipped, her heels falling from under her. She stood back up shaking, and continued searching for Jack in the empty hallways. "Oh, what have I done?" she cried.
jack stops in the hallway and turns toward her.
Hannah frowned, holding her shoes. What can I do to make this better? I'll do anything."
“be alive,” he mumbled.
Malory looks at each person, until everyone has volunteered. Everyone but one person. She can't see the person's face, but can tell it's a man. He's older than everyone in the cave. He's also familiar. Suddenly, Malory unleashes a blood curling scream. It's Mr. Morkle. The man that would take the dead bodies from the orphanage.
Hannah scoffed. "If I could do that, I would- for you. But I can't. I do t know why I'm a ghost, so I certainly can't just poof myself alive!"
Sam walks towards Mal and the man and screams, too. Then the boys come because Sam doesn't get scared easily. Cooper and Will grab all the girls and pull them into the water.
Jake stays behind and punches Mr. Morkle in the gut, but the old man doesn't budge. He kicks Jake so hard, Jake starts screaming and falls backwards
Mr. Morkle's presence caused everyone's powers to pretty much turn off.
(What if this supposed Mr. Morkle knows that Hannah is dead, but came back as a ghost? Idk. There hasn't been much drama with mal and Hannah)
I like that
“very funny, isn’t it?” he said, sarcastically.
Hannah shook her head gently. "I don't know why I came back, but I did. And, obviously you want to see me, and you want to hear me, or you couldn't..."
Jessica plays with her locket she wasn’t sorry what she had said to Hannah sometimes people can’t face the truth which was exactly why Hannah was dead. “It was no ones fault Hannah is dead she just can’t face the facts.” She whispers to Alex.
“of course i want to see you. i’d kiss you if you weren’t a freakin’ ghost.”
“It’s not true.” Alex whispers back to Jessica.
"I'm sorry," she whispered. She flicked back to a human, a light sparkle around her. "It doesn't last. Not more than five minutes," she said, looking down. "I'm hopeless."
Mr. Morkle walks outside and onto the water. He goes past the orphanage kids and towards the school. Malory tries to yell, but no sound comes out. Mr. Morkle had taken their powers, voice, and movement. He continues through the halls, disguised as Malory. He/she walks right to Hannah Greene.
Mr. Morkle/Mal: Hi Hannah!
Hannah faded back to a ghost, and gasped when she saw Malory. "Go, away, Malory," she snapped. "You've done brought damage."
jack ran over to her and grabbed her, kissing her softly on the lips. “lets make the five minutes count,” he said, kissing her.
“It’s very true, Most deaths are because of the truth people’s reaction to soft to handle it because their caught up in this fantasy world...” Jessica says. “I’m not sorry Hannah should be it was no ones fault but Hannah’s.”
(oops. lol sorry bella. hannah got distracted, i guess?)
Mr. Morkle: Oh. I'm not Malory. *he fades back into himself* I'm Mr. Morkle. Pleasure to meet a... ghost.
(oops lol. btw i just answered you on the selection.)
(and i gtg soon. i’m at my dance recital waiting for my number.)
My dance recital was yesterday. good luck Bella!
Hannah gasped, backing up. "What? I'm not... a ghost. What gave you that idea? I'm Martha Stewart...?"
Malory's eyes fill with fear
Mr. Morkle: *cackles* I work in an orphanage's grave yard. I know a ghost when I see one Hannah Greene
“I-I never thought about it that way.” Alex says.
Mr. Morkle: *a Cheshire Cat smile appears on his face as he swipes his hand through her body*
“Hannah is just selfish and no one should feel sorry for her I mean she couldn’t handle the truth and that’s no ones fault.”
Hannah frowned. "I'm not a ghost-ghost. I'm more of a human-ghost. So, I'm not a ghost, really. I'm human, too. But also a ghost. But not really a ghost. So, if your looking for a ghost-ghost, I don't know where to send you. I don't know what I'm talking about, but okay. Again, I'm not Hannah Greene. I'm, uh, Martha Stewart. Yeah, the, uh, cooking person",
Malory concentrates and brings the water to them. It splashes everyone, giving them their powers, voice, and movement
“Stop Jess.” Alex says as she walks off.
Mr. Morkle: Still, you're part ghost. And we both know that you are not "Martha Stewart", Hannah
Malory runs in the direction of Mr. Morkle and sees him talking to Hannah. She tries to get Hannah's attention without Mr. Morkle knowing
"Clearly, I am Martha Stewart," Hannah laughed nervously. "I... cook food? On Food Network, maybe?"
Hannah noticed Malory, and rolled her eyes.
Morkle: Okay, "Martha" Cook me something. Now.
Malory sees Hannah roll her eyes and smiles. Quickly, she mouthes 'Get away from him!'
Martha Stewart on Food Network😂
Morkle: *senses someone near*
Hannah paused. "Uh, do we have any, um, Lucky Charms or Cheerios? And milk? I can make cereal?"
"You know, I should go get my... portable microwave. I'll be right back-" she said, and darted for the other direction, barefoot.
Ava: just verbal and maybe some cyber bullying but no physical that I know of
The lady who ran the thing sighed. "That you knew of?" She asked. "Did Hannah ever... confide in people? Or was she isolated?"
Ava: she told me I tried to help her, I thought I had stopped it but I carried on so we told the school, but they just told the people to stop that’s it, way more could’ve been done if they had helped she may still be here with us today! *she says angrily*
"So, the school did not do enough to protect the students? Are you saying that they allowed Hannah to be bullied?"
Ava: not exactly allowed her to be bullied but yes didn’t protect her enough I think *she says lowering her head*
"And how, exactly, did yours and Hannah's friendship end, Ava?" The lady, Jennie Keing, asked.