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hullo, can we do like the style of my collage I just did, like my Tom Holland one, because I’m trying to stick to a theme, and can I do bg, and if I will, what celeb do you want because I feel like you should get to choose, but like I tried animal crossing characters and it looked so bad because I couldn’t get the colours right, anyway if you want a celeb then tell me, or if you want to do something totally different
but yeah I’m trying to stick to a theme
BTS and Halsey
I want to do BTS and Halsey
CHARLI or Halsey?
actually charli
I said BTS and Halsey cuz they made a song together and we could use their lyrics
ok, I’ll do charli then because if you do one person it’s easier
I have made it!!!! tell me if you don’t like it!! ik it doesn’t look amazing rn but after you add text and filters they look better, ok if you don’t like it that’s fine!!
here is the bg I made! I’ll show you where I think the text should go
obviously that’s just what I think, so do what you want, but make sure it looks beautiful!! do you still have Phonto because those fonts look the best but if you don’t pic collage fonts are less good but will be ok
I still have phonto
what lyrics or quote should we use
and whispch spot looks best for the text
we could do like ‘whenever you tell me I’m pretty’ from the song cannibal you know,
great question
what songs do you like
oh yeah
I have tiktok
do u have it?
and I think the text would look better on.... the left I think, and I tried like a greenish theme so yeah
I used to have tiktok I deleted it tho and I broke my phone at the beggining of lockdown and now I can re download it
do you want to do the text now, or if your busy do it later
my tiktok is bubbly.boba_
ok back to the collab
so what is the colour scheme?
greenish I think like because of the bg
of the photo of CHARLI
lots of ombré fonts if u want
remix it to my collage so I get a notification when ur done
how’s it going!!
love it!!!!!!
sorry, do you think you could make it a little bit bigger
like, a small bit, because otherwise you won’t be able to see the text from when ur scrolling
ok! sorry this is probs super annoying
you got it!!
have you done it yet?
I let my brother use my phone
oh ok, 😂 it’s fine,
well are you gonna make the text bigger
I can’t edit tomorrow
but I’m online