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ohhh okayyy
oh you do? thank you 🥰 actually the design is from someone else, I asked if I could copy them 😂
awh thank you 🥰 I really like the glasses you wear?
you’re welcome 🙃
I MISSED YOUU *smiles and hugs you*
I missed you too!
I missed you most 🥺
I did🥺
yeah? let’s go 😤😂
what was ittt
yeah? *laugjs and rolls up my sleeves*
I would have been scared for life 😂
*laugjs and smiles^ oh come on, I won’t go hard on you 😌
tell meee
fineee I won’t :)
a STROLLER? that’s it I’m done 😂
mannn poor stroller 😅
me too? poor thing
this world is full of weird people so I don’t get surprised 😂
so 😂😂
watching tiktoksss
lovin this -Jaxon
not very much. just leaving a photoshoot for new jeans
it went really well. all the models worked promisingly
yes ma’am i do
the way it’s described 😹🤣😂
yeah mere? I’m so so so sorry. one of my friends accidentally deleted the acc
mere I love you
haha thanks
ik! max is a cutie😌
I miss you too💕
That’s cause I deleted the app and I use the website haha
I don’t get remixes n shii
Tu es mi amigo favorito
Mi bonito bbg
i LoVe yOu sO vErY mUcH
on my food
hey uh.. Cadence is it?
hey uh.. I know this is none of my business :( and you don’t know me - but I wanna help you and Aron somehow?
hm.. Alright
oh your Mariah’s friend?
she sure is ❤️
what what what what 😂
shut up you’re the piece of shii 😂😂 I don’t LISTEN TO NOBOD- COMING KACY - *runs up the stairs*
aw man.. really? :( *pouts and sits down* okay I’ll talk to Alex about this -what did she say exactly?
*turns around and laughs* this means NOTHING😂 she’s my fiancé, I MUST give her leg rubs and banana yogurt boats .. well finish this later .. *squints my eyes and laughs as I run up*
wait which Alex? I know two 🤔
*pouts and looks at you* aw man..
NOOO SHES MY BROWNIE *slides down the stairs* we’ll share 😡
ohhhh.. aw man :( I was only joking, I would never spank him
*pouts and sits down, rubbing my hands together* aw man.. I feel so bad now - that’s why she told me to leave her alone. but I swear I wouldn’t try anything with any guys or girls, you know how much I love her, I wish she knew too though. what else did she say? was she crying? - *stands up quickly*
*brownie looks at both of us confused, wagging her tail* I see I see .. 😞 - well neither do I 🤣 - *grabs brownie and runs into the field*
I feel bad now :(
*brownie wags her tail now that she’s outside, not realizing what is happening* *laughs and runs* YOULL NEVER FOOL MEEE😂
that’s why she was mad at me.. but she could have talked to me :( we could have worked something out
YOU DONT KNOW MY WEAKNESSES AND YOULL NEVER FIND THEM OU- oo the ice cream shop - *laughs and walks up to the doors*
we still didn’t even go on our anniversary date 😞
*smiles and holds brownie, her looking around at the shop* wanna get a puppachino?🥺
okay anywayss what’s the shiii about you and Alex :)
*smiles and walks up to the cashier, brownie tapping the glass at the ice cream*
haha oh man
mhmmm ;)
so that means the ship is being built 😂
*smiles and pays as brownie flops her ears aganist your arm, Smellimh your hand*
hey anyone I Taylor..
hi hi sir, how are you?
same.. but what’s wrong with u?
oh wow, I’m so sorry... did she say why?
*frowns* I doubt that sir, u seem like a great guy and an amazing boyfriend
*shrugs* maybe, but would u like to do something to get it off ur mind?
uh it’s up to you?
*smiles and sits down*
how are you?
I’m sorry:(
Austin, are you mad at me?
it’s ok if you don’t want to talk to me right now, id be mad at myself
ok:( I just wanted to make sure to check up on you but that’s ok, I’ll let you be
heyyy :)