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oooh daddy😍😍😍😍 you’re soooo sexyyy😩😩💕💕
no sir😌that’s all yours😘😘😘
😭😭I guess you win, for now 😋
very relaxing, yours?
🥺🥺awww daddy
ughhh I love you *smiles and hugs you tightly*
*looks up at you* nooo I do
fineeee *giggles* but can I ride Ryder today
yayyy *lets go of you and runs downstairs*
*goes outside and runs over to him* hiii babyyy
*giggles and opens the fence and walks in* daddy do you wanna ride too
*tries to jump up on him and slides off* he’s too tall *pouts*
thank you daddy *smiles and hugs him* ahhh my big baby
*nods* yesss and he’s beautiful *plays with his hair* he looks better than me for sure
*blushes* you’re so sweet
( goodnight daddy❤️I’ll talk to you laterrrr, love you 😘😘 )
hi hiii
thank you ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you do too
I’m here💕
daddy I’m sad
because I just don’t feel like I’m worth it anymore
my family is so mean to me 😢 like they don’t even care about how I feel
*shrugs and looks down* I don’t know
love you too *rests my head on your chest* like a lot
*nods small* I tried but I just can’t really let it all out sometimes...but you can try 🥺
*nods* yes please
*slowly walks to the bed and lays beside you*
*turns around to face you and looks at you* really...? I do?
*smiles a little while kissing you back*
daddy :(
I just haven’t been a happy girl lately daddy 🥺
I-Idk *tears up*
*holds onto you and cries*
*buries my face in your chest and sniffles*
you promise..?
*nods and takes a deep breath*
daddy, I got good news
I feel wayyy better
*giggles and hugs you tightly*
I know gray was worried about his mommy 🥺
I’m so so sorry
*smiles* I’m so so lucky to have a man like you
nooooo I’m lucky
nooooo I am 😡😡
that was a LONG time ago when.I didn’t know what to expect😂😂😂
maybe 2 more babies
are you scared😂
mmm really *smirks*
so you would fxck me again
why don’t we do that now *giggles*
really!?!? *dances around*
daddy doesn’t love me
I miss you..
I know...I’m sorry, you’re not a bad’s me😔
you promise🥺
*nods with a soft smile*
I love you
*nods and takes your hand, walking upstairs*
*lays on the bed and pulls you on top of me* you’re my big baby
*giggles and kisses your forehead*
you’re my daddy *hugs you tight*
*blushes and closes my eyes* love you