Hi flowers this is a collab with the awesome Hunii-!
This was super fun to do I did the bg and she did the amazing text and doodles!!
Where is your dream vacation? Aotd:Hawaii


🏖Tap🏖 Hi flowers this is a collab with the awesome Hunii-! This was super fun to do I did the bg and she did the amazing text and doodles!! Where is your dream vacation? Aotd:Hawaii

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new post btwwww
how have you been?
wow this is so pretty!! 🤩🤩🤩
you both did an amazing work!!!
aotd: Florida
this is so pretty!
aotd: Hawaii or Florida☀️🍉⛱🌊🏝🏖
I’ll post it right now!<33
oooh this is stunning!! you guys did a great job🥰😍😍
and tysm btw💕💕💕
This is stunning ❤
np! and I’ve been good! in school rn
aotd: I have so many I can’t pick
So pretty <3
Aotd: Austria I've always wanted to go there
So prettyyy!!! 😯💛💛
awww tysm!!😍😭
ty that's so sweet 😊 i just enjoy talking pictures in my free time
oh that's rlly fun
sooo pretty i'm obsessed!
aww ofc i would!
i'm lily ☻
Amazing collage also on my third account forevermore_dreams13 I have posted a collage on any advice on collabs aotd is Italy or Canada
I’m ok, thanks. hbu?
I’m great just came home from school a few minutes ago
4:27 PM wbu?
Ah thank you <3
The other one wouldn't show up so I chose this one and I liked it a lot better than the other one
Ehhh idk...Im still on leave for making collages, and high school is not getting any less busy for me, especially with my advanced classes
I suppose it's not only that either, haha I I have extracurriculars that also take up my time lol
PM or AM??
so it’s like 3 hours apart
yes! I would love too ❤️
but if you don’t mind can we start our collab next week?
I don’t really care who’s gonna do the chat page it’s up to you:))
what challenge??
ok I can try:))
I think it’s gonna be to hard for me I love her style but it’s looks hard to make lol
I don’t even know how she makes those GORGEOUS collages
thx lol
but what if we try collage inspired by someone else?
should we do a challenge next week we will have more time because I have to leave pretty soon
yeah I was thinking sweet_lavender or ChasingBlue
it’s ok
bye gtg talk to you more tomorrow
it was nice to talk to you ❤️
I’m amazing hbu
so true. This is great❤️
frrrrrr I’m literally just bored in school 😭😭
omg lucy is such a pretty name too!!
so what's up?
wait don't mind me for snooping (😭) but i saw you had school off today! we have school off too!
what're you doing with your day off?
I’m good thx happy for March break wbu?😂😁
it’s ok:))
I didn’t expect you to answer so fast lol
for me it’s 10:18 AM
yup are you in school rn?
I’m great 😊 hru??
btw thx for asking ❤️
np 💕
do you guys have to wear your masks in school?
well this is the last day and starting Monday it’s optional so exited lol
yeah I’m in my second class rn
I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with your icon profile lol
thx 💕
what is I made it myself!
did you realized that we came here at the same time lol
me too
I have an idea should we start working on our collab and finish it next week?
ofc!! and i can't wait to see it🥰😍
ok who’s gonna make the chat page?
ok thx 😊
yes ofc!
what theme?
or like what type do u want.
actually no need I’ll. just make it:)
I am riking my life making this icon in school😭😰
aaah i'm glad u liked it🥰
okay tusk I’m gladd you like it!:)
I’ve been great thank you so much! Track keeps getting canceled because of the bad weather which is a bummer but other than that I’ve been great!
thank you!❤️
I’m doing good, hbu Lucy?💕☺️
Thank you so much for the advice on collaborations it was very helpful on my third account forevermore_dreams13
what is your goal?
how have you been?
i’m good thank you!!
Eeeek...idk when I'll be posting again, it all depends
thank you :) well you’re pretty lucky, nearly close to 1.2k but I get it, I don’t rlly follow many ppl like you do. the ppl that I following is not even half of the number of followers that I have so I understand that if ppl unfollow me it’s either because my work is trash or because of my inactivity or because I just don’t follow them back, especially if that’s what they want. and thanks :)
I’m ok! I just have a lot of hw
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I’m good how about you?
haha same!
aw haha I’m a big procrastinator too
yep I hope I’m a judge!
what omg the names got mixed up in my head lol
I mean Lucy!
sorry I’m so scatterbrained these days
hey I’m amazing!
I’m actlly a little sick but I’m getting ready for a vacation during the March break
I’m going to the US to see my grandma
aww tysmmm!!
this is so pretty
ig lol
this is literally stunning!
yeah I’d love to be friends! I’m kat:)
thanks so much!!
sorry about all the stress! i’ve been decent thanks!!
^^ my main is @goofygenius so we are now friends <3
hey hru!!
hello semi finalist! this round (round 2) of my spring contest is a COLLAB with your other team member! good luck!
hey!!! we both are supposed to collab for round 2 for the contest!!! when do you want to start?
Heyy! So we are posting the collab to other collab tomorrow! Also are.u online? Just asking if you are still using the icon<33
thank you, and they’re all on pinterest! i usually look up “peachy aesthetic” or “beachy girl aesthetic” but if you want pics my pinterest is @t0adst00l :)
omgggg tyyyy! you are so kind! I luv this collage, ur so talented!🤩🤩🍄👍
new post
thanks so much Lucy!! pineapples are awesome!
yes it should I?
and do you wanna do the bg or text?
wanna have some fun? Join my Grand Contest!
Thank you! ❤️
that's ok!
okay great you can make it
hey lucy! it’s nice to meet you. <3
I guess I can tell you a bit about myself. :) aside from collaging I rlly like art and I’m kind of a big nerd 😅 I speak Chinese and just a liiiittttle bit of French :D
hi i’m good, thanks! hru? and this is amazing 🤩
hey! should I make the chat page! cuz I feel like you’re a bit busy!! I can make it if you want!
nooo it’s totally fineee!!! I don’t mind!!
sorry to bother.... 😐
of course!☺️💞
hey com and check on the answers to the Q and A 😉
thank you🥰but sadly the wait for in-cars and driving tests are extremely long so it'll be months😭