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round 4 is up!
I saw your comment on "how do i write in my bio" you just go to the website thing in steering and you have to add a couple of dots or slashes then put ".com" at the end. Pc doesn't have a spot for bios just websites so yeah... hope that helps! vibes on the tides
i have a quote, but i can’t find a background for it, if you want to find one that would be cool!
if you like the quote, that is
i actually have a few lol
so you can choose
“but what do you do when the same person who brightens your world, is the same one who wrecks it?”
that’s kinda sad tho lol
“the world is full of nice people, if you can’t find one, be one.”
add pngs/finishing touches i guess
would you mind remixing it bigger!
this is absolutely terrible oh i’m sooo sorry
but i only just now remembered about our collab, i haven’t really been on pc in like 2 days
so i’m sorryyy
whenever you’re ready!