Not a huge fan of this one what do you think?


🍋Tap🍋 Not a huge fan of this one what do you think?

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Ella, this.is.stunning!
aww, Ella! thanks how are you doing?
yes, I have a cat and a dog, thanks for telling me!
Whalen is your birthday?
mine is August 6th
yeah, what have you been doing to keep you busy?
thanks, this is incredible!!😍
this is rly cool
hi, how are your dogs?
yes i’d love to be friends! i’m kaia!
and tysm!
i’m good! how are you?
i love your name btw!
thanks! how has your summer been so far?
it’s been fun, not the same because of covid though :(
I love it!
Also I’m good! We went over to my cousins hous
sure! and this looks so pretty!
I’m brianne :) I’m good. hbu?
this is so beautiful
wow ur collages are amazing
ur so talented 🤩🌸
yw bestie 😍💓
I’d love to be friends ❤️
aww tysmm!!
yess I’d love to be friends💞
what is your name?
yes great, do u. wanna do the background or quote
aww Ella is a beautiful name. my name is Alana, it’s nice to meet you!
I’m doing pretty good, hbu?
aw thank you🥰
I do! I have a cat named snickers and I have three dogs!
aww, Ella! thank you☺️
good you?
I’ve had a lot of maths homework. what about you?