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aw okay :( i definitely understand! i think lots of us need inspiration lately, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to post all the time or even be on the app
and same im always tired honestly
I miss you tooooo
yea I am 😅
and also are you okay? I mean you are def not okay but like what happened? do u wanna talk abt it?
and ofc if u need more time for whatever it is be it making a new collage or like even being on this app
sometimes I just eve wanna leave pc when I feel like this so dw
so take a break bestie!
YEAH ITS so good
yeahh this collage block kills me
aw I’ll be here too 💗
:((( take as much time as you need to handle this problem, whatever it is!!
take a good break and focus on ur mental health my dude! :))
and TYSM
I will miss you a lot, but please take all the time you need, I will support you no matter what
take the time you need so you can focus on other things and find your inspiration! <— that sounded kinda cheesy HAH anyways, i am going to miss you so much! better say hi when you get back
re main: TYYY
TYY and im good! how are you?!
awww thank youuu 😩
nO how do you enjoy horror movies 😭
and im sorry you aren’t feeling the best :((
bro whyd it do that
it like split my frowny face up
what’s your robloxxxx
emma,, u are insane
mines wildfleurs lol
i think it’s a word-
thank you 💜
Thank you ❤
ahah jUst kiDDing
awwww thank youuuuu
hey! we haven’t talked in a while, how are you doing?