💛☀️~Tappy~☀️💛 **CAPTION IN COMMENTS!**

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**CAPTION** Hey everyone! Thank you so so much for 200 followers, I seriously can’t believe it!!!! 😱😭😢👍 Also sorry for being so inactive I just have had a lot going on at school…. And stuff so yeah! Anyway how have you all been! What’s been happening!! I’ve missed you all so much! I’m looking forward to the spring break!! This collage was inspired by crashing-waters! 💦🌊☀️✨Love ya! 🫶💛✨💐🌻🤩🤗
omigosh how are you Ivy? I’ve missed you! haha we always seem to be inactive around the same time lol 😂 congratulations on 200 by the way! I hit that milestone too and honestly can’t believe it 💗
sooo stunning
thanks! hru?
aww thank you sm! so is this ivy💓
so gorgeous
awwww thanks ivy, you do too! 💗
how are you doing right now btw? <3
absolutely love this!!! 🫶💛✨🤩
would you like to collab soon!
thank you so much!!
ok just tell me when you’re free 🫶☀️😘🤗
ohhhh I’m here for you if you ever need to talk ivy! I’m pretty good, thanks for asking 🩷
same! and omigosh yasssss! I’d love to! would you mind making the chat page?
thank you lovely
your account is so gorgeous, i’d appreciate it if you checked out mine
tyy 🩷
wow, I really appreciate that
so pretty:)
i’m alright, thank you for asking 🩷hbu?🫶
wow!! this is great!!
aww yayy that’s wonderful!! any plans for break?🩷
hey Ivy, how are you doing?? x
I’m pretty good, thanks. what have you been up to?
Awww tysm!!! I love this collage btw 💕
ooohh that sounds so nice!!
hey ivy!! hru??
ivy hruuuuu🩷
so pretty!
hey, i’ve been doing okay! hru?
tysm ❤️
I love yours too
im good, thanks for asking. wbu? and yes id luv to
would u like to make the cp or me?
thank you so much!
okay i’ll do it now
it’s up! really looking forward to this
aww that’s awesome!! any plans for the rest of the week??
how are you doing ?🫶🫶
that sounds so fun!! no i’m not on vacation, but I will be around thanksgiving to january 2nd!
i’m homeschooled so I have a very unique schedule lol
hey ivy
how was ur day?
hey ivy! how are you? I'll make a new background for our collab bc then it would match the theme on my main again🩷 (it's Chloé btw, I just changed username)
Love this! 🩷