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hi I’m emma
ntmy, nice name:) what’s up?
happy New Years //aliciana
yeah this is a funny joke . have fun with all these girls. I think we’re done *starts packing my clothes*
*glances down at our hands* Cods i don’t like it
there gonna be hxes and take my fiancé
the same, I didn’t get enough sleep 🥱
how do you know
*nods leaning in and kissing you* i love you
*smiles softly* you better
mm yep .
but i’m gonna go
your busy, so i’m going to get stuff done
of course i want to be with you , i love you
idk scared i guess
losing you
bc evrryone has told me you’ll cheat on me so im scared Cody! i love you so much; i’m sorry i’ll shut up
*sighs and goes upstairs*
i love you
so you’re brakIng up with me
i do, i swear
your welcome
I was up all night watching Netflix haha , but that’s my fault so it’s alright
i’m sorry baby, i’m just insecure and i know you have history with her. I’ll get over myself, cody i love you baby
thanks for breaking me. *packa my stud taking the diamond off my finger* here .
don’t frown at me Cods.. i trust you sorry i’m insecure when your talking to multiple girls. if i had that many guys talking to me you would be the same way *grabs my back* and you won’t even tell me you love me. that’s sus
i’ve said it multiple times today and you haven’t said it back. that’s why i’m second guessing this right now
ur a flirty friend. sorry i’m worried about my relationship and losing my fiancé. *sighs* i’m overreacting i get that. but i’ve been hurt before and i don’t do relationships and i’ve majorly committed to you and i don’t wanna be hurt (not saying you would)
baby i miss you
babe :((
k . so you don’t love me
hewwo Cody it tyler
miss u -Tyler
i miss you cods
hey doll face I’m Angelina
hi cutie I’m Bailey
bored , hxrny , hurt etc 😂
just this guy bun
sits by you eyeing over your features-