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Hi guys.... i first off want to apologize to everyone for my sudden absence, i haven’t been on my phone for the last few days due to some issues...? i want to apologize secondly to anyone who feels like they have been ignored, i just got back online and haven’t checked any of my notifications so idk if anyone’s noticed?!?! but if they have im really sorry i care about you all way to much to purposely leave u hanging💞💓💕 i just needed (not a mental health “break” per say) but a mental health collection...? i just needed some time to sort things out and i feel somewhat better~~ i just want to use my words to tell you all that you are beautiful and all so talented... and i hope i tell you that all enough because you better believe it😤👊❤️
it’s fine!! your mental health is really important to us. we love u and stay safe!
So those of you still confused, _Love_Official is an account that’s been spreading rumors about me and serval other people. She called us... haters. And she fought very hard to make herself look perfect and amazing and yada yada. So overall anyway, she is actually rude. And she made a WHOL NEW ACCOUNT so she could expose me who she thought was moon_Latte. And on one of my collages she comment immature so I was just relating that to this. Overall, she ain’t perfect and don’t trust everyone you meet and everything they say. I trusted that account she made and I ended up crying after Nawal (WHO IS A SWEET HEART) told me. You wouldn’t really know about this, it would seem random (this collage) if you didn’t know her very well.
ty btw
y r u soo good at pc
idk bcuz I’m not good anyways how many kpop groups do u Stan
omg sisss. that's okay, just take care of yourself first, i hope everything's going well and you're okay. we love you too
aww ty ty. i've missed yOU
I noticed you were back and I’m so happy 💕💕 you deserve to take off as much time as you need — and thank you so much! I pretty much made my whole week that you took the time to write all that ❤️ you are so talented and one of my favorite creators on pc
**I meant to say ‘you’, not ‘I’ 😁
i noticed u were a lil inactive lately.. its okay tho 💕im glad ur back and i hope u feel much better 💞💓💗💖tysm btw 😘
fight me 😤😂💕
awe, don’t feel sorry for taking a break. It’s ok, we all need a break every now and then! I hope you feel better soon 💕
It’s ok to take a break 💞 we all need one sometimes and it’s also ok if you need more time💜I hope you feel better soon💞 I’m always here if you ever need to talk about anything 💘
aww it’s okay to take a break 💕 take your time, we all love you and we’ll be always there for you 💞💞
thank you! 💕 take as much time as you need 💞💞💞
you don’t have to apologize. you should take care of yourself and then us. I hope everything gets better. I’m always here if you wanna talk and remember. you’re beautiful, you’re so talented and I can’t speak for everyone when I say this but I truly love you like so much. I hope you know that friend. love you 😍
plus your mental health is more important than us
aww don’t be sorry~~~ it’s better that you take care of yourself~! you are more important than keeping up with your notifications ❤️