Hello flowers this is a Greece wanderlust theme collage also in my other newest post I forgot to say thank you to Chasing Blue, Laura for the beautiful background. Bye for now flowers!


💦Tap💦 3/31/22 Hello flowers this is a Greece wanderlust theme collage also in my other newest post I forgot to say thank you to Chasing Blue, Laura for the beautiful background. Bye for now flowers!

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also thanks!!
btw u can call me Laia as i did a name reveal in my bio 😂
it’s pronounced like princess leia from Star Wars… but the way its spelled for me is Spanish even tho im not Spanish 😂
and no not really wbu? anything fun?
Good 👍🏻 job
ahhh lucky 🍀
ofc as always!
2 weeks ago
in art class rn learning how to shade with proper tools
yes that’s fine and this is amazing 😻
ofc:) hru? ❤️
so cute lucyy😍
tysm! 💗💗
So pretty!!
I’m great thx:))
thanks for all the love on my last post!🌸🐰
I don’t think so wbu?
aw thanks!! this is beautiful!
hmm idk maybe after a few collage posts.. you’ll be the first to know tho! hehe
lucky my spring break starts in 3 days
not really ahaha
oh I realized I wasn’t following u for some reason… 😢 sorry!!
sure :)
ok great thanks so much!! and so is this!!!
So pretty, love the colours!!
hahaha!! Lucy I’d let u know in advance before I leave lol
oh yeah lol ofc!
lol I love pranks heh
wowowowowow love the new pfp
aweee ty how have you been
can we post it in 2 weeks time, because I just posted today, and then I have another collab to post this week and then I have one more
I’m sorry 😐
and I’m good, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!!
oh I love the icon!!
oh that sucks
This is stunning🤩 Also Thankyou!
i love this bg photo!! it’s so aesthetic!! and thank you! 😚
ofc not
something is wrong with my acc i can only see some ppls comments
and remixes
but i fixed it today
so i can finally see
So sorry
I’m going to try and post soon! I’m kinda running out of inspo so if you have any ideas or themes let me know!!
amazing wby?
Oh that’s okay we could always do it next time!
Happy April Fools to you too!
Thank you so much for that! I’ll definitely start on one of those soon!
wowow this is stunning🤩🤩
heyyy hru
thank you!! i’m doing okay, just really tired lol. hbu?
I love the new icon!!
this is so PRETTY!
ofc i’m good thanks
thank you!
wow thank you so much!!
awww thank u Lucy! and ofc you're welcome😘😊❤️
the colours used are just so satisfying- this style is so pretty!! i love it!! 💎💎 also cool new pfp!
Tysm ❤
thank you gorgeous🥺🤧💗
🎀 new post 🎀
aw tysm for shoutout!!!!! ur the best! 💕
yay shoutout exchange lol!
I would love that!❤️❤️
Ok! When ever you get a chance!
thank youu🥺💗
omg no I didn’t! I’m going to wish her a hi 👋
hi Lucy! what do you think of my username??
hey lucy, how have you been?
awww tysm 💕
tyyy♥️ omg your name Is Lucy!! I never knew that’s such a pretty name!
how have you been doing
ahh yes I love 💗 watermelon 🍉
tysmmm! it was made by @milkyicons! so tell her that 😂
thanks Lucy!
I’m doing good thxxx!!! and yes I didn’t but now that ik i can call you by your name!
thank youuu💗🥰
yay great!! would you like to do bg or text?
okay great that works! you can start whenever ur ready and then remix my collage :)
Okay! Thanks!
hi Lucy no I didn’t but thx for letting me know:)
thank you!!
this is so pretty btw!
Way to go on this. Its just beautiful ❤️
waittt, my newest post is pending? wat does that mean....?
this is soooo pretty 🤩 i've always wanted to go to greece 😍😍
and no i didn't 😊
hiiiiiii 💛💛
I’ve been good!!
how are you? 💞
okay that’s fine and don’t feel bad at all!
no what collage did you remix it on?
huh i still don’t see them. I’m going to check I’m your remixes on your account and see if they might be therw
Hi girly!!!! Omgosh!!! i am so sorry if i made you feel like that!! I have been really busy and I've had a lot going on... I do read everyones comments but then i dont respond right away im kind of bad about that lol and then i forget to respond at all 😂 ..... but no you did not do ANYTHING at all... I hope you are doing well!! 🤍✨
thank you🙏🏻💗
omg tysm!!
thanks ❤️
aww tysm, youre too kind :)) id love to be friends! my names jackie <33
Aww thank you so much Lucy!! 💕
tysm ❤️! i was thinking about makinga tutorial on how u do my kinda style! idk if people would be interested in them tho 😂
im good you?! also i do remember posting our collab because i redid the bg to the original
new post !
sorry for such a late response but i'm doing great! how are you?❤️
also this collage makes me want to travel😭😭greece seems so pretty from all the pictures i've seen! have you ever been?