05.05.19 「t a p」
I’m keen to make friends on PC so hmu in the comments! 🥰
QOTD: do you have a phobia?
AOTD: I have a phobia of vomit and choking


05.05.19 「t a p」 I’m keen to make friends on PC so hmu in the comments! 🥰 QOTD: do you have a phobia? AOTD: I have a phobia of vomit and choking

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🍓:: tap the caption for the qotd. feel free to start a convo I’m keen to know you guys! ❤️
this is so cute thoooo WTHHH😭
ur posts r sososo cute
dang my school is lame compared to your’s 😂
yas do you want to be friends?
tysm! 💓
aotd: arachnophobia 🕷🕸
I’m a pisces too and I am SOO scared of spiders because one time I was taking my dog outside and I looked down and there was a spider on my foot and another time I was making my bed and I picked up a pillow and there was a spider underneath it😫😖
that’s some good tea☕️
ur welcome !! 🥺 and AHH clearly 😂
💘💕💓💖💞💗ur so sweet x
the tea is hot👀👀
aotd: I have a phobia of things that move really fast?? very weird I know
thank you sis ❤️
and O mannn I didn’t think abt that side of it. yea maybe I’m good with having lame school😂😂
aw thank youu and yay my name is enya, what’s yours?
omg yas ofc 💗😌
wyd ?🙃
re/if that happened to me I would probably move
tysm 💕
you seem like a really cool person and I’ve stuck with the same friends on PC for a while, I’d love to be friends💜☺️
aotd: where do I begin😅 ok I have a phobia of the ocean, a phobia of small spaces, a phobia of small holes next to each other, a phobia of losing BTS is probably my biggest phobia😂
aw I love the name lia💓 my name is pretty rare too
aotd: papyraphobia i just HATE HATE HATE wet paper and wet plastic... like thinking about wet ziploc bags is making me nauseous....
^isnt that sad?😂😂😂
I used to wake up with panic attacks and things would move really fast, so I guess it just makes me anxious? maybe not a phobia
ya of course!! and aw thank youu, can you tell me abit about yourself?
TYSM!!! 💖
AOTD:// spiderphobia🤣🤣🤣
thank you so much!
this tea is hot!
AOTD: Clibanisophobia (fear of ovens)
idk tbh it’s been that way my whole life, i never it was a real thing till recently and it was just me being weird
as a child i wouldn’t fruit out of ziplock bags bc it grossed me out so badly (btw it’s not a fear i have it’s just a phobia)
*wouldn’t eat fruit
thank you 💖
haha ooo my birthday is also in October!! and love bts and pretty much too!! do you like their new song phases?
ya same!! it’s super cool, hmm what I like well I guess I like a lot of things haha well I lovee music and I like to dance hmm do you play an instrument?
awh, Tysm!
yes holes
I can’t even say HoLeS without cringing 🤢
AOTD: choking
dAnG what’s goes on in your school?! 😂 the most we get to is a fight between two girls but that’s it 😂😂
probably chewing/scratching on metal
oooomggg your aotd😱 are you me? lol
AOTD: diving and falling
aotd// I have anxiety so I have ALOT chocking, sweaty feet, spiders, snakes, CLOWNS,heights, falling, being chased, and that’s about 😂👌🏻
your school sounds hype 😂 my school’s kind of tea is our entire class skiving a lesson (it wasn’t EXACTLY skiving bc the teacher wasn’t there but we decided not to inform student office bc the most likely sub teacher hates us) and t-posing around the school playing knock down ginger on classrooms. My school’s tea contains crack and a little bit of lsd 😂
now that i think of it it’s not even tea it’s just my class being crackheads on a daily basis (btw i’m darker_oceans/SugarcoatedRain but I’ve restarted and this is my collab acc)