Collage by sn0wf1ake_6u661e


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k so I haven’t actually done a collab before so would u mind explaining 😂 thx
yeah ok
I don’t mind, maybe someone like Ariana Grande or Taylor swift or Camila Cabello?
yeah I like those
I’ll make the background then - I’ll remix some ideas
do u like any of these styles? (I can change the colours)
and then once we have chosen that I’ll make some ideas for pngs
or we could do the marble background u chose?
ok 👍
we could use pastel colours coz I think tht will go well with the marble?
ooh ye tht would be nice
do u want to add some pngs or quotes? (I can do something aswell :))
we could use some of these
if u add the quote to the background I can start adding the pngs (u can add some aswell if u have any)
just remix it to this
wow that’s so nice
if u have a quote do u want to add it or should I look for one?