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ima beheading to sleep soon
i went to a spooky thing today
there was this forest rise, and i fell and my friends kept walking and didn’t notice. and this guy scared me
so me being the baby i am curled up in a ball and started to cry and panic
then this zombie guy comes and as i am crying and yelling “please don’t” he has this whip stick thing that he is hitting on the ground still making it worse as the other guy is just standing there
then my friends noticed i was gone and came back to get me
that’s not good.
my friend just sold four plastic babies
for 5 dollars
I’m at my school’s Halloween dance and I’m Heather Chandler, my friend Maddie is Heather Duke and my friend Ali is Heather McNamara. My friend Jonah is JD and there is no Veronica. 😂
lol i'm going as gwen stacy ig because my dad chose my costume
so im excited for school on thursday
my friends and I are going as dead vsco girls 😎
HHH I thought it was a good idea to watch a scary movie when im by myself
I knoeoeoeoe
I want icecrem
my crush (one of them lol) just asked me out and like idk what to sayyy
like I wanna say yes but I’m pretty sure it might be a dare-
Everly’s hands shook as she held the new note. “I’d start hiding now, if I were you,” it read. She had found it in her closet. she paced the room, not sure what to do.
i am back
is anyone on?
Everly paced her dorm, scared to death. // Sandra was out getting coffee. // Owen hacked the vending machine again. // Natalie was walking through town.
i started watching the greenhouse academy season 3
it’s getting good
i hate the ravens
i hate becca
and i am team eagles
only episode 2 and multiple people already almost died
and i don’t like brooke
she’s annoying
but that might be because it’s a new actress playing her
episode 2 ended
this is crazy...
also wanna rp?
i want to start some fun
and some trouble
one sec
i need to remix something
but all my people were at the beach
Everly scrolled on her computer, looking for nearby hotels. maybe she could stay in one of those for the night. she glanced at the notes and shivered.
Owen cartwheeled to the park.
i am back
nicolás was walking around and saw everly. he then went to her and said “Hey...”
Everly glanced up. “hi.” she closed her laptop.
Maya read the missing poster for Dalton. she sighed. She was there when it had happened. she hadn’t been able to help him. And she had a few guesses of who had taken him.
Myra found a poster of Dalton and pulled out a bulletin board and pins and pinned Daltons Photo in the middle she loved mystery’s.
Owen looked at a poster of Dalton and thought, “what a shame.” but he knew he couldn’t do anything about it.
Maya went to find Mrs. Jett.
Myra started investigating at the hospital asking Nurses what they Knew.
anyone on?
Mrs Jett was at her house, she was going through papers.
I am
I just don’t know what to do
Everly scrolled through more hotel websites. nothing seemed good. she stared at the notes, which were right next to the laptop.
Sandra walked out of the coffee shop. a breeze blew past her and made her shiver. she loved it.
the home was a mess. boxes were everywhere and the place was unorganized. Hudson was helping clean up and found a box. the box had words on it but it seemed smudged away over time. in the box was a bunch of photos and other things. the things that stood out was a necklace that had two photos. two woman, and teenage daughter, and a two little kids, a boy and a girl. and a woman that looked like the teenager but older and a little girl with the teddy bear that had a crown on, there was a man in the photo too, but his head seemed to have been ripped out.
Nicolás and Carmina were talking at a cafe with their entire family. they were talking in spanish because i want to keep this conversation somewhat secret
my characters ran into a pole and fell into a drain and drifted into the neverland bc I rly don’t know what to do and kind of want to replace them
Everly buried her head in her hands, extremely stressed. who the heck would want her to die? could they be right there? she shivered and turned around, to see nothing. just the library. but she was still scared.
Hudson also found a little doll in there. it was an elephant with a bow on it. but it had a small stain of blood...hudson knew his mom wasn’t telling hi the full truth about everything that happened his whole life
find a random character creator generator thing, maybe you’ll find something you like?
idk if that exists but i think it does
it’s not like I don’t like them
it’s just I don’t know what to do w them
and like I have ideas for characters
i just don’t know what to do w them
in the rp
Sandra was walking through town when she passed the cafe. she saw Nicolás and his family. it looked like they were having a serious conversation, so she just walked away.
back again
Nicolás saw sandra and waved at her
Sandra waved back at Nicolás. she wasn’t sure if she should tell him about what was happening with Everly. she decided not to because he was in a conversation, and started to walk away.
***and SHE started to walk away***
nicolás said to his family “Dame un segundo por favor” he then got up and went to sandra
Sandra turned around to face Nicolás. “hey, everything good?”
nicolás says “yeah yeah...just some family things- is everly okay...i just feel like you would know because i haven’t seen her in awhile”
Sandra started to nod, then said, “she’s been getting these weird notes in our dorm. the first one said to kill herself, the second one said that whoever wrote the note was coming for her, and the most recent one said that she’d better start running.” she sighed. “she’s looking for a hotel to stay at tonight.”
hudson went to his mom and didn’t say anything but just showered her the box. mrs jett said “ found that...” and hudson says “i want answers mom...i’m not a little kid anymore”
nicolás says “what...why didn’t she tell me any of this?!”
“she just started getting them 3 days ago, and she hasn’t had a chance to talk to you. as you said, you haven’t seen her lately. I think she tried to send an email, but it didn’t work.” Sandra shrugged.
nicolás asked “do you know where she is now?”
Maya looked around. she had no idea where to find Mrs. Jett.
Sandra nodded. “she’s probably in the library. she kind of boycotted our dorm.”
hey jat
maya should ask hudson or tobin, or for fun ask zaylie...
Everly scrolled through the internet some more, then gave up. there weren’t any hotels close to the campus.
bahahaha i have an idea for everly
nicolás and carmina’s house, but that would awkward and chaotic
she’s open to anything at this point
nicolás says “thanks sandra-“ he then heads off in a bit of a rush to get to the library
Everly closed her laptop and studied the notes. maybe she could make out whose handwriting it was.
Sandra nodded. “any time, bud.”
Maya walked around. She was looking for Hudson, Tobin, or even Zaylie. she just needed to know where Mrs Jett was.
i am back
sorry mates
Hudson was at home talking to his mom about something important. Tobin was at his locker putting all his things in his backpack. And zaylie was at the beach tanning
nicolás ran to the library and was looking around each isle to find everly
Maya saw Tobin. “Tobin!” she called to him.
Everly glanced up from a table. she had seen Nicolás but he’d run right past her. “Nicolás?” she called.
Tobin turns around and finished putting everything away. He closes his locker and says “Oh hi maya...”
Nicolás turns around and runs up to everly and hugged her tight. he says “why didn’t you tell me what was going on?”
anyone on?
or is it just me?
that’s fun
Everly hugged him back. “wait, what? how did you know?”
nicolás said “sandra told me, but i want to know why you didn’t tell me”
Everly pulled away and furrowed her eyebrows. “we haven’t talked lately. that’s not just my fault. and I tried emailing you.”
nicolás says “i’m sorry but if your in situations like these being threatened for your life i should get to know this stuff! i don’t want to see you hurt”
y’all what should I build in Minecraft 😎
Everly crossed her arms. “I appreciate that, thanks.” she opened her laptop again and closed her tabs.
fred figglehorn
nicolás says “can i do anything to help at least?”
Everly shrugged. “I don’t know where I’m going to go tonight, but I might be able to figure that out.”
hi I’m back haha
Maya smiles. “Um so... where is Mrs Jett? I think I know who’s involved in Dalton’s disappearance..”
nicolás says “just stay at my house, we always find space for people”
it’s ok 👋
Tobin says “she’s at our house right now, i can take you there if you want?”
Everly scratched her head. “okay, thanks.” she pulled out the three notes and showed them to him. “if you want to see them..”
Maya nodded. “Yeah. that would be great”
After hours of interviews Myra gives up and drives back to school.
everyone asks who’s joe but no one asks how’s joe #joeawarnessmonth
since I was sick for like the last two weeks it threw me off my prep schedule for national writing month and like my piece is not anywhere close to being ready arghh
well ready to write
i am back
i lost me phone
ima rp
and i might keep this open monday because it wasn’t open friday
I’m going to Idk but I’ll be here
that’s fun
wanna rp?
or are your people dead?
ido death happens often here
tbh Idek what’s up w my ppl
they could be dead or they could be hangliding over Dubai I’m not quite sure
the mud
don’t know how that turned into mud
Or maybe their mud🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
weeeee dunno
whoop whoop
back again
oh hello there
how are you iris?
anyone on?
i feel weird just talking to myself
but oh well
hee hee
i’m good
wanna rp?
you here?
oh good
wanna rp?
i have tobin, nicolás, carmina, zaylie, and hudson
i also have the principal and mrs jett
what’s dove like?
well ima have my people talk to each other
ima give subtle hints about dalton
oh that’s ok
pichighschool is my first and only successful rp
all my other ones failed
i feel like tobin is most like her, but i think zaylie & carmina are somewhat different than her so it’s up to you
sorry I haven’t had signal for the last two hours.
ok i am back
sorry bout that mates
that’s okay
wifi is a mysterious thing
wanna have maya talk to ms. jett?
good luck in that
y a y
now i’m going to spam as i talk to myself
hee hee
so ima have zaylie and carmina go to dove
carmina and zaylie were at the beach having fun
I want to rp but like idk :/
yeah I’ll have Maya talk to Mrs Jett.
then let’s rp
Maya walks to Mrs. Jett. “Um, Mrs Jett? I need to talk to you..”
whoop whoop
my characters are pretty pointless and idk what I’m doing so like idk🤷🏻‍♀️
I feel like the majority of the things I say here is idk
But Idk
mrs jett says to hudson “i’ll talk to you later...” she then gets up and walks to maya and says “of course...whats it about?”
Maya looks at her. “I was there when Dalton was taken..”
mrs jett stays silent for a moment and then says “let’s talk outside...” she leads the way to a little porch with two chairs
zaylie sees dove and walks up to there with carmina following her. Zaylie smiles and says “Hey!”
I really don’t want to make new characters, but I feel like it would be better
Argehhshwjsbw is
I’ll just be here I guess Idk
Maya nods. “Yeah” She says, following Mrs Jett.
sorry i took awhile
i was watching youtube
mrs jett sat down and drank some of her tea and placed a cup for maya as well. she then says “what is it? is it about grades or projects or something?”
Maya shakes her head. “N-no... Dalton... I was there when he got kidnapped....” her voice shakes.
zaylie says “heyyyy, i am zaylie” and carmina says “and i’m carmina”
Mrs jett stay silent for a bit and says “i don’t want to talk about that...unless you have any proof on who it is and where he is...i can’t help you. i’m already getting interrogated by the police about that and now my own son is suspicious of me and if i did something to cause this. unless you have anything useful to help me solve this, i have to finish packing up our things”
zaylie says “it’s nice to meet you dove. you new around here?”
“Packing up.. what? I mean, well, okay. I went to visit him the day he was kidnapped. a doctor and a nurse came in and started to take him out of the room. I asked where they were taking him but didn’t get an answer. so i followed them and then the doctor pulled me aside while the nurse kept walking and the doctor put me in a closet and drugged me and that’s all I remember but I feel like you needed to know that information...” she says, the words just spilling out of her.
tbh Iris, I don’t really ship Adrienette anymore either. Adrien doesn’t notice her and it’s gotten annoying. Luka is sooooooo much better for Mari. :D
I saw like a few ep of miraculous and like I didn’t ship them tbh
Yes I’m still here :))
I am here merely to comment
eW nO lUkA and chlOE is cUrsEd wAIt Chloe is either meant to be with Sabrina or meant to be single.
and Lila can go commit heather Chandler.
mrs jett says “after all of this i was planning on moving again...they’re back and it’s not safe. once we find dalton we are leaving...the boys keep trying to stop me but i’m like my mom, once i make my mind i keep it” then stayed silent and looked down for a bit. she then asks “did you do any test or something to see what type of drug it was?"
Maya shakes her head. “It was probably the same thing doctors use to put someone under while doing a surgery. I was out for about half a day..”
“And if you do leave, I hope you can at least find somewhere you can stay...”
veronica open the door pls veronica open the door
veronica can we not fight anymore pls can we not fight anymore
dorothy says “you can never know for sure though. but that’s a lead we have. they got the medicine somewhere and somehow so someone must have seen them or gave it to them. we just have to find footage and evidence or testimonies about it”
ye ye
dorothy says “me too...but that’s how it’s always been...finding a place, they get attached, they find us, we leave...and i can’t even tell them the truth on why we keep leaving.”
I miss being involved w rps and I feel like I just kind of comment random stuff and I feel like I just need to stop commenting random cràp
Like that
you can rp with me
i have people
join the drama
join the search for dalton
forget if you saw that
“Yeah. I have a few guesses tho” maya said.
I just ate a pint of ice cream-
zaylie says “cool! me too!” carmina says “i’ve been here since the beginning of last year, so i can tell you who to avoid, like that the b**** julia...attacked me with her shoe even when i had a broken leg and crutches...”
I mean I just never know what to do with my characters even if their is social interaction and idk
dorothy says “me too...but what are you thinking?”
i’ll help you find a plot and a purpose
Myra made one of those detective bulletin boards with like the red yarn and pins. She liked a good mystery and was looking for her goldfish.
you can join the whole callery~akin/jett family problem
be another kidnapped person that escapes
be the kidnapper
be a long lost relative from the conlar family tree
I’m sorry... Nathaniel and Chloe?! it’s actually Nathaniel and Marc.
zaylie laughs “yeah, but she caused it. she was attacking her first.” and carmina says “and i got the last hit too.”
yes what is your question iris? :D
i wish myra luck on her goldfish mystery
. . .
“Either the man who shot Dalton, or Zaylie. or both. I just feel like.. Zaylie has something to do with this.” Maya says, rubbing her arm.
and I oop-
it’s okay if you do not like them, i respect you and your opinions. but this rp has many characters and people rping part of the lgbtq+ community. so we must respect everyone.
like how we keep politics out of this, but fun fact younger me wanted to be president. then i wanted to be a dictator. i don’t know where it all went dark and downhill
zaylie says to dove “so when and why did you come here?”
I don’t- I can’t- I- tehehehehehe *sits in gay silence* The... the Bible is kinda wrong... Leviticus literally means law. it was the law of the Samaritans. not of god. and also, the Bible has been translated so many times and there is proof that the Roman-Catholic Church changed it from saying pedophiles are bad to saying homosexuals are bad. and the Bible says straight men shouldn’t do the gay. but gay men can. cause they aren’t straight. :D
this became really awkward i feel like
idk maybe iris I have a lot of rps right now but sure if you want.
Brooke I love that.
I respect your opinion but like most of the people on the rp are like lgbtq+ and you should be respectful that people in this rp might want to have lgbtq+ characters
I mEan like you do you iris- I’ll just... tehehehehe
being lgbtq+ isn’t a decision it’s literally in your genes
tehehehehehehe my sisters are fighting and I want to throw my phone at them but it would break so... um yeah I have to deal with that now.
also guess whose great uncle is dying- mine! :D
zaylie says “ooo, your from paris! is it amazing as they say?”
i wish him luck, but i don’t know if luck means anything when it comes to life or death. but it’s luck and i wish it
sorry about that jamo, I wish the best for you and your family ❤️💞
thanks guys. tbh it’s effecting my mom more than me, but ya know... life.
i wouldn’t be able to do it because i don’t watch the show
sending love to your family jamo💕
life is rough, but when your like me yolo in social situations and then i over think and get embarrassed AFTER
but you know, Y O L O
dove is giving my people such dry responses, i feel like she is just not interested in them 😂
Brooke reply for Mrs. Jett.
I’m still deciding if I want to keep my current characters or make new characters
thanks guys.
they are like one or two word answers
oh sorryb
Bc I have a plot for my current characters but I mean
It kind of went flat
dorothy says “i think it’s the man too...there’s something you don’t know about him maya...”
Maya looks at her. “I feel like I should ask but I’m too scared to ask at the same time...”
just play as a conlar grandchild, long lost relative, oOoOOoOoOo spOooOoOky
I’ll consider it
Myra successful finds her goldfish and than finds a copy Daltons missing poster. She runs over to her detective bulletin bord thing and pins the poster at the center of the board.
dorothy looks down and says “that man who shot dalton and tobin wasn’t a stranger...he is...” she stays silent for a bit and g-g-guLpS
oh yes
we have myra now
she will solve this case
i believe in her
Maya looks at her. “ummmmm whoooo”
dorothy says “that man is dalton and hudson’s father...he is who we’ve been on the run from...”
I mean I do have a character idea sort of kind of but like I don’t know if it fits so like shrug yee
probably not lol
she’ll try though
tell me your idea, i’ll share me opinion that matters the most because i am legally the president of this world
oh sorry
zaylie says “oh really? i am sorry about that. but if you don’t mind me asking, why?”
“Oh. Dam. That’s... a lot.” Maya says.
Myra went to get coffee and started interviewing people around school about Dalton’s disappearance.
well I’ll say one thing: supernatural, but not like a demon or anything like that. smth a bit more different.
now am I going to do it *shrug*
dorothy says “and zaylie...she would be able to do this, she’s too stupid to pull of something as elaborate as the boys’ father wants me not them-“ she then shakes her and says “it’s a long story...and i don’t want to bother you about all of this, i might just be some time wasted on saving dalton before it’s too late.”
i really like it
i mean we already had them supernatural shadow things last year
Emmi is short of Emma :)
who wants to rp with me?
Okay so supernatural will fit?
just nothing crazy crazy
but crazy is fine
hhh i’ll be on soon
okay, when your back let have drama
d r a m a >:)
k my nails are almost done so maybe 15 min
got it
also who wants to rp with me?
well I got some crazy plans, but it can be a crazy and a half :))
I’ll rp
Once I actually make her
Pls let me have a character who actually has a life RP gods
i wish you luck
and i will give them purpose
now who do you wanna to with
Myra eats some goldfish and continues asking around about Dalton. 0 Leads or Suspects.
myra needs a lead
i can give her one...
also sure
s u r e
I am back with my new character
now how to introduce her
I don’t know
also kat did you follow me on pinterest
I think? If you are @aneurinbarnard than yes
idk I saw that acc on someone’s follow list and it looked that ur Wattpad set up and your aesthetic in general so I just followed😂
lol yeah that’s me
Maya shook her head. “I will do whatever it takes to get Dalton back. And if I get hurt, I’ll push through. If I die... I’ll just shake it off and get back up again. I think.” She said, putting her hands on her hips.
brb gotta take a shower.
Myra stares at the bulletin board. All she could think about was goldfish.
remy crept up behind myra and scared her
back again
sorry mates
Myra screeched. “Oh hi-“ She said almost knocking over the bulletin board. “By any chance do you know anything about Dalton disappearing?”
Ethan was playing sad ballads on the piano in the music room.
back again
sorry ma’am
i’m a very distracted person
glad it’s not just me
also who wants to rp
h i
Remy looked over at Myra and shook his head, his brows furrowing. “No, me and my sister were gone for a week.” ( screw it we’re making eliza and remy siblings ) // eliza was unloading stuff out of her car
I’m stressing over homework rn :(
i have a thesis essay that’s due on monday that i haven’t even started
“Oh, I see. Where’d you go?” Myra asked.
I keep forgetting to pay for my AP exams
I should probably do that
Ethan saw Eliza through the window and texted her, “Where have you been?”
cautiously closing the door behind her, Karma walked down to the beach and found a comforting sand dune to perch on.
I also need to introduce my new character
ok kat what if varian and ur oc has bad history
Ren walked out of a coffee shop a picked up a Missing sign that laid on the ground.
“Long story short we might have found our birth dad.” remy muttered before changing the topic. “so dalton’s missing?” // eliza looked down at her phone when she got a text from ethan. “vancouver, sorry i didn’t call you.”
My oc was kind of a rich mean girl, but she’s kind of sort of changed
Myra was distracted by the word Birthdad and was about to ask about it before he mentioned Dalton. "Yeah, Dalton was reported missing this morning."
maybe varian and her used to go to the same school and she was really against the fact that he was a dealer and wanted nothing to do with him and called him dirty or something but like this is just me ranting so
...somehow I forgot both my username and my password to the college board website
how that happened is beyond me
"Why did you go to Vancouver?" Ethan texted back.
this website is stupid
“this morning? like just out of no where or was something else going on?” // “do you want to go on a walk or something to talk about this?” eliza texted before closing her trunk to her car
"I'm not sure yet." Myra sighed.|| "Sure, I'll meet you outside?" Ethan starts walking to the staircase.
“it’s funny because so many new people are coming but so many are disappearing. have you seen the reviews on this school from last year?” remy asks // eliza sends back an ‘ok’ and puts her phone away
Hmm maybe they went to the same school when they were younger bc she moved to Japan from freshman to junior year and now she’s back for senior year. but she wouldn’t really care that he was a dealer.
I am registered
For my exams
that’s sounds ok
We’ll figure it out along the way
okie dokie
varian was leaning against his locker and smoking a cigarette.
"No...But last year was pretty chaotic.." Myra said. || Ethan meets Eliza, "Hey how was Canada?"
remy nodded and took a seat on a table. “where was dalton last scene?” // eliza looks over at ethan and smiles slightly but it doesn’t meet her eyes. “well let’s just say not everyone there is super nice.”
"The hospital, he was a patient after the shooting." Myra explained. || "How so?" He raised his eyebrow.
“have you tried searching the hospital and asking the nurses?” remy asked playing with his keys. // “i met my birth dad..” eliza whispered.
Reyna entered the high school- the high school she was supposed to go before she moved to Japan. She’d changed since the last time she’d been here. Sure, she still had killer clothes, but she was humbled some. Not only that, but— never mind. She went to the front office, wearing her natural resting bxtch face.
sorry mates
Myra nodded, "They said they did know anything."|| "Oh..How was it?" Ethan asked.
what did i miss
i read the chats
now shall i send a hint to where dalton’s current location is...
“why don’t we ask for surveillance footage?” remy suggested. // eliza looked down at her hands. “he um he told us what happened to our mom.. why he left.”
“Thank you,” Reyna responded with a smile, taking her schedule from the receptionist. She adjusted a curl before exiting the front office. She’d much rather be in Japan right now, and she would be. She could be. Her mom was staying for a few more months, but she had business to attend to in America and it wasn’t her father’s.
w h e r e i s h e
dalton was unconscious on a bed with some medical supplies attached to him and keeping him there. he was in a dark room. the walls were a dark glossy black color and the flooring was a dark grey metal flooring. there was one door with multiple locks on it and a one way window. in the room you could see yourself, outside the room you could see dalton. as he lied there unconscious a woman went into the room and pulled the plug on the medicine he had been on for the past week. she says to the man “he should be’s just a matter of time till he wakes up.” and the man nods and says “you can leave...” the woman then leaves and the man smiles creepily at dalton’s unconscious body laying there
"The hospital won't give me footage since I'm not an actual detective." Myra sighed. || "Was he nice? Did he hurt you?" Ethan asked, worried.
varian was smoking at his locker, unsure of where the familiar voice was coming from // “they don’t have to give it to us.” remy said dangling his keys. // “well remy thought he was nice... i just had a bad feeling about all of it.”
sMilEs CrEePilY
I finished my essayyyy
Reyna continued to walk throughout the halls, appearing as she was deep into thought. She rolled her eyes for some reason, unapparent to the general public.
i a m v e r y i n t i m i m i m i m i d a h t e i d
Karma gazed out onto the sea watching the waves roll onto each other, lapping at the cliffs side. gradually, a tear danced its way down her cheek imitating the water beyond.
varian raised a brow at the girl who was walking down the halls. she seemed familiar but a name wasn’t coming to him.
if you need me to pretend to be the footage to *show* what happened if you weren’t there, didn’t read it, or don’t know. just tell me. i’d love to. i have nothing to do
i’m bored too
but then again when your bored you know what to do....
the scene kept replaying in her mind like a broken record hope of ever stopping. There were loud noises then sirens and a lot of voices. but it only came back to her as a blur.
"Break into the hospital surveillance? That's against the law.." Myra shook her head. || "Why'd he leave your mom?" Ethan asked and leaned against the wall.
karma is a b l e e p
show to footageee
“it’s only illegal if you get caught” // “our mom was an addict. he got tired of paying the medical bills every time she wound up in the hospital..”
Karma shook her head and slowly stood. she promised everyone she would be brave and now she was only letting them down. She glanced once more at the broken water below before turning and walking back up the hill
are you asking me to replay the moment i caused damage not just to my oc, but also coincidentally dragging jamo’s maya down with me?
because if that’s what you want me to do
my answer is yes
i will have this ready
a copy and paste
A small smile smirk (?) appeared on her face, her boots making a light clicking noise. She remembered some of these hallways, though most were unfamiliar. She remembered exploring a hallway on the left with a little clique she had back in middle school. Not her finest moment, but she learned. Though she couldn’t help but wonder what happened to them. She then raised an eyebrow. Why, was still unapparent to the public
"Fine...Are you good at breaking into places?" Myra asked. || "Oh...Is he sorry for leaving you?" Ethan asked. "Does he regret it?"
my footage is ready
tell me when to paste
Shattered glass littered the lawn as Karma marched up to a dumpy whitewashed house. the front door on its last hinge much imitating the way she felt. then an object was smashed threw the side window causing more chaos.
i put effort and memory into this
i would like 1 m i l l i o n d o l l a r s
> ; )
I’m sorry I only have 1 billion 😓
you can paste it now cause we could fastforward to it lol
“well duh, i wouldn’t be offering it if i wasn’t.” // “i don’t know i-i left after that.”
oh noes
~ footage starts ~ maya walks into dalton’s hospital room. soon after a doctor and a nurse went into the hospital room with masks on. after a couple minutes the nurse leaves with dalton in a wheelchair unconscious and they leave the hospital through a side exit as seen on another camera. in a few minutes later you see the doctor leaving too and maya going after him. he then goes in a closet and after a few seconds he leaves the closet and locks the door. he then leaves through the same exit and they went into a black van. they drive off and never seen again in the footage. ~ footage ends ~
enjoy my somewhat messy summary of what happened
i think i did good
now i would like one of two things
or to be included in this mystery investigation with you guys
that’s beautiful I clap 👏
none of my characters actually knew him😂
Reyna looked throughout the school and texted her mom. She much rather be in Japan with her, but she couldn’t. She had things to do in America.
well karma knew of him but that’s only because of Hudson and maya
"Alright, Let's go." Myra nodded (Fast forward to them looking at the footage lol) || "Sorry about that," Ethan reached for her hand.
clap clap
well you know him now!
dooop dooop dooop
OooOO fancy footage
thank you
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time for my award show
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Well, Reyna looked throughout the halls again.
Karma gritted her tears in anger as she reached for her phone. with a quick three numbers, police cars pulled into the houses driveway. soon a man was forced out of the house and handcuffed. a man walked up to her and asked her to come with them to the station so she hesitantly got in the car
Maya didn’t know what to do. she decided she needed to become Sherlock Holmes to figure out where Dalton was.
And I don’t know if she saw anyone or not.
Aaaand that’s when she was abducted
Like I said, she had her own things to do.
don’t listen to strangers kids😁
maya should join the investigation
And I’ll probably have her go on her own merry adventure.
and hudson should join too, he needs a life
tobin was in the library reading a book
Karma walked up to the front desk after an hour of waiting. “excuse me sir? I don’t REALLY need to stay here so I??” she looked in the opposite direction while slipping him a 20. in exchange he pocketed the cash but told her to sit down
Reyna turned around and started to head towards the exit. The sun was starting to set which meant her father was going to go home soon which meant she could go to his company. On her way out, she spotted a familiar looking side.
what are we even doing?
Karma was thinking about making a run for it but there were to many guards.
being weird
idkw but master makes me uncomfortable. like idkw but i think of this cartoon/animated thing but i can’t put my finger on it
let’s go karma let’s go
Karma needs some assistance 😏
i could help karma...
or shall i say trouble maker and risk taker hudson
ima might head to bed
maybe i will
maybe i won’t
who knows
ooo yes
have Hudson assist karma in her escaping
stop being an idiot pc
it was America’s fault
how shall he help?
hi srry for being late :(
are we talking about the country america or a person named america?
it’s okayyyy
create a diversion. let’s say he was “walking by” and he sat her through the window and she sOmeHow mouthed to him to help her get outa there
remy watched the footage, frowning in confusion // “it’s okay we can’t all have happy endings.” // varian glances up at reyna. “hey?”
i’m tired but i’m watching this show
hudson was in the police station because his brother was missing and he saw karma in there. he then had to think quick because she seemed like she didn’t want to be there. he then walked right by the cop and *trips* and falls and says “OWW MY BACK”
i have many questions but at the same time i am just confused
Reyna turned around on the balls of her feet, “Hey,” she responded, quite hastily.
Hudson over here trips and falls on his face “oWww mY bAcK”😂
Karma as quietly as she can bolts for the door in which she yells back “SEE YA KATER FRANK!” to the police officer who looked quite annoyed
if your all communicating through pc that means your not together irl, why don’t you guys have different accounts so you don’t have to keep saying - (insert name) and stuff? sorry if i seem weird, i got confused on why you were talking on pc like that if you said you share a device and stuff
hudson gets up and says “i need a masseuse- Well Bye!” he then runs out of there too
Karma can’t help but applaud Hudson at his performance “vEry quick thinking”
wait so are all four of you the same age??
i feel like this story doesn’t add up, but idk...
plus you can keep a roleplay alive with other accounts
but this just feels suspicious
respond to karma 😂
hudson laughs and takes a bow “thank you, thank you” he then says “we should go now before they come and get us!”
sorry 😂
karma nods and then leads them both to a park where they hide behind a tree. “hey thanks for that” she grins
its okayyyyyy :))😂
hudson says “no problem, plus i needed a bit of a distraction from everything going on”
oop I think Ava left
Karma pauses for a moment before going on “oh... is it because of Dalton?”
yeah but you said you didn’t have phones and you all shared one device before and now you apparently have phone but you use one account for rps when you could make personal accounts and occasionally switch accounts or just go on iris’s phone or whatever she uses to help manage it. idk
this just feels fishy
fish and chips
star fish
jelly fish
that’s all I got
hudson says “that and my mom says we might have to move again...and i found something and i don’t trust my mom as much as i don’t trust the people who took dalton.” he sighs “i feel like i don’t even know anyone...but besides that, why were you in there?”
tuna fish
anyone got an available character?
still it’s fishy
not gonna lie
it just bothers me
and i do
who u have?
fish sticks
carmina, zaylie, and tobin
ah yes, fish sticks, a great character
but you know who was the best character?
I read that as “who do you have?” “Fish sticks”😤
can reyna talk to Tobin?
yeah sure!
tobin was in the library reading
I just remembered I forgot to eat dinner.
ahh oh well
sorry wattpad got me
i have now blessed you all
but you have just as much proof as i do
Karma frowned sympathetically “in sorry-“ she mumbled. “ I was..well I was in there because I called the police on my dad and they needed me to backup all the evidence even though I have millions of times before. they just always say “it’s not enough”” she rolls her eyes
and i have my right to curiosity
don’t read that
we keep politics out of this
i kind of agree with brooke but i have no right to judge, it’s just weird that you guys communicate to each other and ik you said iris is in the bathroom but that was like an hour ago and you were talking to allie on her instead of irl
but we could be wrong idk anymore and i don’t really care it’s just odd
yeah same
if I disappear I died
or I’m out searching for food
huh ok
hudson puts his hand on her arm and says “it’ll be okay...” he then sits down and puts his hand through his hair and took a deep breath. he then says “life’s a bish...”
me too
food is life
i should be going to bed
but i don’t wanna
decisions decisions
She sits down next to him “no that’s MY job!” she jokes trying to lighten the mood
oof same. but I really don’t feel like it
hudson laughs and says “what do we do now...”
yeah my phone is about to die so I’ll probably go to bed soon
me too
good night
hhhhhh this makes no sense
sleep tight
and don’t let the kira under the mattress bite
who is Kira???
sweet dreams
long story
okay good night people
old oc
night guys :/
you okay Ava?
she would avoid social interactions by hiding under mattresses
Karma shrugs and sighs once more before leaning back shading the tree where she eventually dozed off
classic lady
she is mrs jett’s mother who is technically hudson and dalton and tobin’s grandmother
that sounds...niceeee
that feels like such a long time ago
well ima head to bed
oh dang
so night
naw I don’t want her under my bed please and thank you
hi I was watching BeetleJuice
the movie.
with Winona Ryder.
I love Winona Ryder.
i love winona too
I finally did a math assignment 👌👌
i applaud you
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math süćkś, and so does Mr. Falk.
and thank you, Brooke
i finished all of my tests
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at least 1000 comments on each chat page
this was weird
blood just got on my phone but i don’t have a bloody nose
idk where the blood cane from
oh yeah that’s weird
I’m gonna start role playing and you can jump in wherever you want I guess 😂
Everly sat on a bench outside and read a book. she was staying as far away from her dorm as she could. // Sandra ate a sandwich in the park. // Owen ate vending machine snacks. // Natalie sat on the bleachers, back to her depressed self.
Nicolás saw Everly and went to her and sat down. He says “ has it been?”
Hudson was walking around and saw Sandra eating a sandwich and waves at her (i’m pretty sure they’ve already met)
Zaylie was walking around and then went to the vending machine to get a snack. she sees owen and says “Hey...”
Everly looked up and closed her book. “oh, good, thanks.” // Sandra smiled and waved back at Hudson.
Owen grinned. “hey. want a free vending machine snack?”
Nicolás says “If you want i can help you figure out who it is, but if you don’t want to that’s okay. first thing that’s important is keeping you safe”
Hudson heads to Sandra and says “Hey again, whatcha eating there?”
Zaylie smiles and laughs and says “of course!”
Everly shrugged. “I’m not really sure what I want to do yet. I just don’t want to make it into a big thing because the news is going to go insane.” she shook her head and looked down. “I don’t understand why someone would do this.”
Sandra smirked. “a sandwich. uh... a ham sandwich.” // Owen pumped his fists in the air. “alright!” he hacked into the vending machine with skill. focused, he asked, “what snacks do you want?”
Nicolás gave her a hug and says “Well figure this out in time...but right now we just need a plan to make sure your safe”
Hudson laughs a bit and says “sounds delicious!”
Zaylie says “umm...the cookies”
It’s ok 👌
now we need less than 50 more comments 😂
Everly nodded. “okay.” she leaned into him.// Sandra nodded. “it is.” she scratched her head. “have you not had a ham sandwich before, or are you just bored and need something to talk about?” // Owen nodded. “good choice.” he punched in the numbers, and without putting money in, the cookies came out. he took them out and handed them to Zaylie. “there you go!”
Nicolás kissed her forehead and says “Do you wanna do something to her your mind of it?”
Hudson says “yes, i’m bored”
Everly closed her eyes. “like what?”
Sandra laughed and took the last bite of her sandwich. “I can change that.”
Zaylie smiles and says “Thanks!- oh yeah, i’m Zaylie”
Owen nods. “I’m Owen. I like your name, by the way.”
Nicolás says “No clue, what do you wanna do?”
Hudson says “Really? How?”
Zaylie says “Thanks, i like your too.”
oh yeah, Tobin was walking around sad and saw Natalie by herself and went to her and asked “is this seat taken?”
Everly shrugged slightly. “I don’t really care.” // Sandra looked around. “wanna go explore? or see a movie or something? or get pizza? the possibilities are endless.” she shrugged.
Owen grinned widely. “thank you!!!”
Natalie sat up and cleared her throat. “uh, no.”
Nicolás says “Well we could go to the beach if you want”
Hudson says “Okay, sounds fun”
Zaylie laughs and says “So how long have you been here at this school?”
Tobin smiles a bit and says “Can i sit here?”
Everly nodded. “okay...” she sat up and smiled. “oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, over the summer, I got over my fear of the water.” she scratched her head. “I mean, that was random because we probably won’t be able to swim since it’s a little cold out, but yeah.” she shrugged. “I just thought I should tell you.”
Sandra grinned. “great.” she got up. “where to first?”
Owen leaned against the wall. “oh, I’m new this year. you?”
Nicolás says “That’s great! i am really glad you got over that fear!”
Natalie nodded, a bit surprised. “yeah, sure.”
Hudson jumps up and says “Adventure? I heard some people were trying to solve my brother’s disappearance...maybe if we solve it first or find something i- i don’t really know what would happen. but it’s a mystery the cops aren’t solving or telling me and my family about”
Zaylie says “New too, i can a few weeks ago”
Everly smiled. “thank you.” she got up. “let’s go now.”
Tobin hops down next to her and opens his dr seuss book and starts to read it
Nicolás smiles and gets up too and says “Okay”
Sandra frowned. “I heard. I’m so sorry.”
Owen smiled. “oh, cool.”
Natalie glanced at the book. “that one’s a good one.”
Everly giggled and held his hand. “okay!”
sorry I disappeared
and hiii
Hudson says “It’s okay, i just- i just don’t wanna think about it right now. i am already getting sympathy looks in public from people i don’t even know”
Zaylie says “So how did you learn that cool trick?”
Bubble gum
bubble wrap
bubble bath
Nicolás leads her to the beach boardwalk and it had many things on it
bubble tea
bubble rap
bubble pop
bubble wrahp
bubble rep
bubble spasm
heart attack bubble wrap
bubble buttox
bubble bop
bubble blower
bubble man
bubble woman
oh yay
we surpassed 1000 comments
bye bye bubbles 😥
that was my plan allll along 😎
rip bubble man
Sandra nodded. “that’s understandable.”// Owen smirked. “let’s just say, YouTube is my life.” // Everly looked around the boardwalk. // and also, Natalie answered Tobin.
and woman we aren’t being sexist here
i am back
Hudson says “Besides that, you ready for this little mission?”
maya joined the search for Dalton I guess.
oof acne sucks
this girl light walked up to me and she was like yOuve gOt a Lot of Acneeee. (and she totally mispronounced it)😂
* legit
Sandra nodded. “yep!”
Everly looked around the boardwalk. “whatcha wanna do first?”
i is back
time to rp
zaylie laughs and says “mine too, you never know how far you can go down the rabbit hole”
Hudson asks “So should we go to the crime scene first?”
Nicolás says “Ice cream?”
meanwhile Mrs Jett was doing paper work. she was going to sue the hospital because they are somewhat at fault for having her son missing. they let the kidnappers go right under their noses and get away right in front of them. plus brooke is bored and wants drama with dorothy
Owen laughed. “true.” // Sandra shivered. “yeah, sure.” // Everly smiled. “I saw that coming.”
as she was doing paperwork she got a letter...the letter made dorothy go from angry to scared. she then put the letter away and started to cry a bit...i wonder why- wait no i don’t. i know why, you don’t know why.
hee hee
Zaylie says “so what do you like to do for fun?”
Hudson started to head to the hospital
Nicolás says “Of course you did, that’s my go to place!” he laughs and starts going there
Can Reyna’s dad own the hospital so she has an excuse to go bc she doesn’t know any of these ppl?
come join us
that works really well with this plot
Owen thought. “well, I like to dance on tables and on roofs. also, I sing. and I act... and... yeah.”
Sandra followed Hudson, a bit scared.
Everly follows Nicolás into the ice cream shop.
when are drama club sign ups coming out?
Zaylie says “I love to dance, especially at parties! parties are so much fun, mostly when you have some friends with you”
Hudson stops outside and says to sandra “remember, i hurt my back. when they take care of me go snoop but don’t get caught”
Reyna left with haste and had a stylish duffle like bag draped over her shoulder. Why? You’ll see. She then got into her convertible and began to drive to the hospital.
nicolás got into the shop and got some chocolate ice cream
Owen nodded. “I agree. I’m actually trained in dancing and singing.”
Am I in charge of that since I have the theater director?
Sandra nodded. “will do.”
Bc if so— uhhh
Everly ordered mint chocolate chip.
Maya didn’t know what to do.
maya can join hudson and sandra in their little plan to search the hospital
is that a yes to the thing i said to you kat?
I already know what musical I want to do and no one can stop me
also for the theater director thing, sure. take as much charge as you want
Well actually it’s between three
bahahaha i don’t even know if you saw it
About Reyna joining the crime scene?
what three?
or smth else?
no no no, i check your notifications. i comment something. it’s an okay plan but it will definitely get you involved in the rp
Heathers (many opportunities), Addams Family (many opportunities and plus it’s close to Halloween), and Beetlejuice (Halloween)
ooh Heathers
I responded to your comment Brooke
Heathers or BeetleJuice
Maya decided to join Hudson and Sandra
i like heathers, because i feel like carmina and zaylie could be a heather...idkw
hudson walks in and says “my back hurts, i think it’s either broken or something. so can you heal me?”
Sandra looked through some magazines in the lobby while she was waiting.
omg Maya should be Veronica if Zaylie and Carmina are two of the Heathers 😂😂
Maya walked into the hospital
hudson saw maya and made a subtle eye gesture to sandra
tobin was reading his book
Sandra nodded and walked slowly down a hallway.
Everly ate her ice cream.
Natalie closed her eyes and felt the breeze.
Tobin saw Natalie and says “I’m tobin”
Reyna kept the duffle bag secured under the passenger seat as she entered the hospital. “Good evening Miss Reyna,” the receptionist said, “What could I do for you?” Reyna gave her a lovely smile, “I’m here to cover someone’s medical bills. Someone who needs financial help,” Reyna said to the receptionist. She didn’t know anyone who was omitted to the hospital, so this was going to have to work. Though her father owned the company that owned the hospital, she couldn’t just simply march back without knowing a patient. So fingers crossed her brilliantly devised plan worked.
Natalie opened her eyes slowly. “I’m Natalie.”
Maya had a sudden (but small) panic attack walking into the hospital. she froze up. she closed her eyes and took a minute to breathe. she then opened her eyes and looked around.
aye Natalie gets panic attacks too
hey Brooke, are we continuing with Everly and Nicolás or are we moving on?
She would cover everyone’s bills, so she would get full roam of the place without question so she could meet the patients and everything. But that would draw too much attention. She just needed a patient whose room was conveniently place where she needed to go.
“How kind of you dear,” the receptionist smiled. “Well for those who need financial assistance...Hmm...” the receptionist thought
Sandra looked through some files.
welp everyone is goneeee
I’m here
“Well room 345 needs assistance and so does room 878,” the receptionist trailed on.
yayyyy Brooke
yay indeed
Neither of the rooms were close to where Reyna needed to be. “And room 427 and room 654...” she continued to list off rooms.
She needed a room on the second floor, but it would sound quite strange if she asked if anyone needed financial help on the second floor. It was oddly specific.
one second i’m going to have lunch
i’m hungry
Wait also what floor was Dalton on?
wait Brooke what time is it for you?
hey hey
I’m probably going to go eat oo
time to spam
until ppl arrive
cause ye ye
or not
but rjajwjaksj
oh wellllp
Hopefully my character actually has a life
maybe she will once ppl actually get ON
i’m back
anyone wanna rp?
sure 👌🏼
where do we start...
oh yeah sandra, hudson, and maya have a plan on investigating the hospital and finding some clues and such
me too
but then again right now i have created a web of drama
most characters in this rp are related to the drama i created with dalton
and i find it fun
like how at first i hated the bombs, but now when i’m bored i am tempted to start one
and hiii
well good luck with your rp
Myra took several pictures of the people who wheeled Dalton out of the hospital, she couldn’t get clear images but it seemed that a Man and a Women kidnapped him and pins both of the pictures onto the board. The question she now has was who it was.
bombs are always the answer to drama
What floor was Dalton on Brooke?
in the hint i provided yesterday or in the footage?
oh yes?
and yes they are
when in doubt, b o o m
b o o m
so what to do....hmmm
Well what floor was Dalton’s room located?
I’m trying to have my character run into this investigation
2nd floor, right by and elevator and staircase
Myra sits back and takes a goldfish break.
Okay thx
Maya walks over to Hudson. “Um, hey..”
hudson was searching around a bit and said “yeah?”
“I think I’ll cover room— 218’s,” Reyna said, handing over her credit card, “They seem to be having the most financial difficulties, but I would like to request to meet the family and the patient,” Reyna said, crossing her fingers that this would works
i like reyna
“You’re searching for clues about Dalton, right?” Maya asks.
Hudson says “Yeah, i mean the cops won’t tell us much, i can’t trust my mom, people seem to be involved even if they didn’t know him and didn’t even ask for my help and-“ he sighs “he is my much as he annoys me, i know he would do the same for me...”
Myra decided to go back to the hospital and asked the Nurses and showed them pictures of the Man and Women asking if they recognized them.
The receptionist handed back the card, “I will let the family know that you covered their bills and see if they would like to meet you,” she responded, “You may take a seat. This should only be a moment,”
Maya nods. “It’s... it’s okay if I help, right? since I was there when he was taken...”
mrs jett was at her home stressing out
Reyna sat with perfect posture, figeting ever so slightly. She really hoped she wasn’t going to have to break into her father’s hospital- well more than what she was doing.
hudson says “yeah of you the only witness. you could help figure out who they are.”
“Yeah definitely” Maya says, smiling.
Reyna’s eyes travelled from the receptionist to her velvet maroon boots to outside
hudson says “can you tell me everything you remembered happen?”
Myra jotted down the estimated height, hair color estimated age from the Nurses.
meanwhile dalton slowly starts to wake up. he sees a woman by his side setting up some pills, a glass of water, and a few slices of bread. he then starts to panic a bit and she then injects him with something. he starts to calm down and gets drowsy. he then falls back to sleep
“Miss Reyna? The family would like to meet you.” Reyna stood up quickly, and smoothed out her skirt. Finally, access. Reyna took the elevator and made a right turn up to room 218 which was conveniently located next to Dalton’s room. She walked into room 218 to find a small, skinny blonde girl who looked only about 7 or 8. Then a lady who looked to be about in her thirties quickly gave Reyna a tight hug. Tears were streaming down her face, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she whispered in between sobs. Reyna smiled sweetly, “It’s not a problem,” she responded. She talked to the girl’s parents for awhile before walking over to the girl’s bed. “Hey there, I’m Reyna. I would like to give you this- it always helped me through the barriers that I’ve had to face and I thought you should have it,” Reyna said, removing her necklace which had a small fox charm at the end of it.
*clap clap*
also that whole charm thing reminds me of kira’s old necklace that she gave to dorothy...good memories-ish
then kira died...but we don’t talk about those moments here
mrs jett was in a cemetery talking to a grave in front of was like a casual conversation you would have to someone close to you
wow this got sad quick
hudson was searching around dalton’s old hospital room. there were no clues, no items, no paper, no finger prints. but there had to be something. this couldn’t be a cold case- could it?
Reyna said her goodbyes to the family and proceeded to exit the hospital room. She was going to have to be quick, everyone recognized her here since it was her father’s hospital so they would probably be wondering what she was doing wandering around the hospital.
Myra replayed the footage on her laptop over and over trying to get something new out of it.
Reyna passed by Dalton’s hospital room and was slightly confused by what he was doing.
what Hudson was doing.
Myra pauses the clip and zooms un closer to the license plate of the black and van and quickly scribbled it on her notepad.
Maya looked around with Hudson.
hudson was searching through the trash and files, trying to find something
“Are you looking for something?” Reyna asked, standing in the door frame. There looked to be no patient in that room and they looked like they weren’t supposed to be in there.
Myra closes her laptop and decided to go into Dalton’s hospital room.
Maya looked up at Reyna. “Um...” she glanced over at Hudson
remy was at the hospital asking people questions. the feeling of being watched was back so he tried to stay by a nurse at all times, asking them annoying questions. // eliza was in the library looking for books, but she came across a yearbook of the school from when the school was first made // varian was outside of the school, smoking and waiting for someone
Myra ignored the other people in the room and looked at history of Daltons vitals which was on a clipboard next to the bed.
i is back
my brother had candy
and i said yay
my once a year treat
Hudson says “Yes, my brother is missing and was kidnapped right from this room in the middle of daylight and this hospital did nothing. they let it happen, and i’m going to find him.”
Maya nods. “I’m helping him.”
hudson then continued to search till he found something...a burnt up letter...all that could be forged was “Dr. J” and the rest was unknown
“Interesting,” Reyna thought to herself, “I’m sorry,” she responded sincerely, “If you need any help, I have connections to the hospital. So if you need anything at all, just ask,” Reyna responded, writing down her number in her neat handwriting, “Although I do have one question, what was he omitted into the hospital for?”
Hudson says “He was shot and had to get surgery done to get the bullet out and well- get better. he was then in a comatose...”
Maya stays silent.
Reyna gave the piece of paper with her number down to Hudson, “Did they expect him to wake up any time soon?”
Hudson says “They didn’t completely know...but they suggested he would wake up soon.”
Myra looked over at the other people in Daltons room, “I have the video footage of Dalton getting kidnapped.”
hudson then asked “when and how did you get that? plus maya witnessed the whole thing. they drugged her”
hudson then asks “did you see what direction they went in?”
Maya looks at Myra. “You do? wait- there’s footage?! I’m so dumb holy çråp”
then says to maya “we might find him...”
Reyna nodded, she then turned to Myra, “Can I see?” she asked.
hudson then says to maya “do you know any doctors that have a last name that start with j...because i only know one person who have a last name that starts with j...”
Myra nodded and opened her laptop and showed the footage.
Maya looks at Hudson. “No, Hudson, we WILL find him.”
hudson didn’t trust myra or reyna...for all he knew they could have been spies throwing them off or undercover cops trying to get their evidence...
Maya shakes her head. “No. I don’t.”
“Doctor Jones, Doctor Jordan, Doctor Jung...” Reyna said, listing them off of her fingers.
hudson then says in a low voice to maya “my mom’s maiden name starts with j...and she has no siblings, has no other relatives, and has been and still is hiding stuff from me and my brothers.” he then says “you don’t think- no. she wouldn’t...” he then walks around the room thinking
“I also have the license plate number, it was in the footage,” Myra added.
Maya shakes her head. “Hudson, she wouldn’t do that.”
hudson says to myra “and when was this? and why didn’t you tell me, or tobin, or our mom?! he is MY brother, and for once i don’t want to be kept in the dark!”
Reyna watched the footage, but she seemed zoned out from the video, concentrated on something different.
hudson then says to maya “yet she almost married a murderer, the same person who’s father killed her mom, and they killed tobin’s dad and almost killed tobin and dalton. for all we know this could just have been another elaborate plan to trick us into moving again!”
“I barely know anything, I just got the footage and I’m trying to help you.” Myra crossed her arms and closed the laptop.
Hudson says “how do you just find footage! for all we know you could be one of them! trying to take the evidence and make false ones!”
Maya shook her head. “I... I don’t know Hudson. it doesn’t seem like her.” she then looks at Myra. “Yeah but... how did you get the footage?”
omg maya and Hudson said the same thing 😂
hudson says “yeah, but it wasn’t till yesterday i found an old doll with dried blood on it. my mom doesn’t know i know about it, for all i know she could be a murderer”
“I’m not ‘one of them’. I broke into the hospital surveillance room, and took the footage.” Myra sighed.
“Yeah, footage is hard to get from this hospital,” Reyna added, getting back into the conversation.
Maya shrugs. “you know her better than me, Hudson. is this really something she would do?”
Maya put her hand on Hudson’s shoulder, in a comforting, “Hey calm the f**k down” sort of way
hudson says “i don’t know...”
Maya looks at Myra. “The footage is a lot of help. Thank you. Hudson is just stressed.”
“I’m an investigative journalist, I like solving mysteries. I’m good at breaking into places because I do it all the time. I’m not a bad person.” Myra explained
oop I’m at a stand still now
have fun kat
Reyna zones back out.
“That’s pretty cool.” Maya says. “You’re help would be great... if Hudson is okay with it..” she looks at Hudson.
hudson sighs and then says “we’ll need as much help as we can get”
Myra slightly smiled, “What do you know so far?”
Maya smiles.
You know Idk what to say at this pointttt but it’s all good
hudson says “we know a dr. j was involved. we also know that whoever did it must of had a motive or wanted something. our main suspect is our dad...our mom left him and took us with her and we were on the run from him ever since. he’s the man that shot dalton and tobin in the school that one time...”
just say random things that sound smart
oof I gtg
Maya nods. “To be honest I feel like Zaylie has a pet in this... if she really loved Dalton, or had no idea this happened, then wouldn’t her reaction have been bigger and more tearful? she just kinda acted like it didn’t matter..”
and have a good time
“There’s a total of five Doctors that could potentially be a Doctor J. here,” Reyna stated, “Doctor Jones, Doctor Jordan, or Doctor Jung if we’re going by surnames or Doctor Jason and Doctor Jayden if we’re going by first. That’s if it’s a Doctor at the hospital. If it is, it’s more likely a surname,” Reyna said.
turning slightly back in forth in a spinny chair
hudson then asks “how about any doctors by the last name Callery~Akin?”
i love spinny chairs
Reyna nodded, “I do recall there being a Callery~Akin. I’m pretty sure they’re stationed in the east wing,”
hudson says “wait really? i knew that name was related to me, but my mom said she had no family there. they all died...weird. can you take me to them?”
Maya stays silent.
hudson asks maya “you wanna come with me?”
Reyna nodded, “Yeah,” she responded, “If I remember correctly, they should be clocking out soon.” Reyna said, walking out of the room. She took a glimpse of room 218- the girl who she covered medical bills for. She wasn’t there anymore...odd. Maybe she got moved. Reyna then pushed an elevator button.
“Yeah.” Maya says.
hudson asks “what are they like? like description wise?”
“Darkish hair- it’s brown, semi-tan, blue eyes,” Reyna said, “I never knew them too well,”
Maya followed them.
i is back
hudson says “ we can’t completely trust them”
“Why not?” maya asks
“Yeah,” Reyna nodded, as the elevator began to go down. She exited the building to find Doctor Callery~Akin heading to their car.
hudson says “well she doesn’t really know the doctor, we can’t trust them just yet”
hudson then says to reyna “how do we approach them?”
“I’d say we just go in with a simple good evening and ask them how they are. Simple stuff like that. Then we slowly ease them into answering our questions,” Reyna suggested, already beginning to walk up to Doctor Caller~Akin.
Maya stood next to Hudson.
Myra follows the group silently with her note pad.
who’s going to be Dr Calerfh Akin
okay i’m back again
i could if you want
“Doctor Callery~Akin?” Reyna called out, trying to get their attention, “Hey there, good evening. How are you?” she asked them.
They turn around and say “Yes?”
Maya got a text and pulled out her phone. she read the text. (Brooke you wanna make it a scary text? :DDDD)
Everly sat on the beach and read her book some more.
Sandra walked around town.
Owen went dumpster diving.
Natalie held Owen’s feet as he went dumpster diving.
ooh wait I’ll be back in like 10 min
maybe 5
can I make the scary text😂
sorry mates
make it scary
“Do you mind if we ask you a few questions? It will only take a moment,” Reyna asked with a charming smile. And if being polite and charming didnt work, she could always whip out the “my dad runs this place” card.
I’m thinking about skipping school tomorrow
Karma sat on some bleachers doing nothing// Collin was busy saving ɑӏӏ the turtles
hey there
how you doing
what should I doooo
sorry me dudes
i was watching tv
also kat what is dr. callery~akin’s gender? because i have a potential idea on a person i wanna use but they are a guy so i was just wondering
Everly heard a voice behind her. “why haven’t you been running?” they asked. Everly turned around, just to see a masked stranger standing behind her. she stood up, her heart pounding. “who are you?” she asked, her voice shaky. “I’m Gilbert,” he said, tilting his head sideways. “I know your parents.” Everly stepped back slowly. “what did my parents do?” Gilbert chuckled. “years ago, we went to high school together. they got all the main parts in all the musicals, they got good grades, and they had each other. I had nothing. and I still have nothing.” he shook his head. “then they got famous, got married, and had Levi. and then they had Zoey. and then they had you. and then they had Owen. and then it occurred to me... I deserved all of that. did I mention, I dated your mother?” Everly folded her arms. “you dated my mother?” Gilbert nodded. “then Adam swooped in and I didn’t have her anymore. I want you, Everly. you’re the closest thing I can have to Carrie.” he pulled a knife out of his back pocket. “we can do this the easy way, or the hard way.” Everly was trembling, not sure what to do.
oh my🤭😂
whoop whoop
I wasn’t sure so I’ve been just keeping it ambiguous. They can be a guy if you would like.
everly rUnNnnnnn
Everly gasped. Gilbert looked around. “what?” Everly pointed behind him. “it’s Santa Claus!!” Gilbert looked behind him. “what?” Everly broke off in a run. she ran as fast as she could. it took Gilbert a little bit to realize that Santa Claus wasn’t actually on the beach, but when he saw Everly running, he ran after her. Everly didn’t look back, but she mumbled, “guess we’re doing this the hard way.” she was running as fast as she could, but she was running out of breath, and Gilbert was catching up.
I hope somebody saves Everly soon..... she’s my favorite so I don’t actually want anything to happen to her.... gah! 😂
հҽɾҽ ϲօʍҽտ տɑղեɑ ϲӏɑմտ հҽɾҽ ϲƙʍҽտ տɑղեɑ ϲӏɑմտ
what is up with those ‘S’s😂
oo yes let’s have a heroine
I have Collin if you want me to swoop in🙃
ok sure lol
Collin was taking a leisurely stroll down by the beach as he heard screams coming toward him. he looked up and saw a girl being chased. he had to think fast as he wanted to help her.
He ran to catch up with her and then realized he had no plan so he threw his shoe at the oncomer
the power of shoes
ah yes the power of shoes
I remixed a creepy text Jamo bc I felt like it, but it didn’t really end up that creepy so idk if you want to use it or not🤷🏻‍♀️
Gilbert collapsed. “you little äss,” he mumbled as he struggled to get up. Everly looked back, and fell in a small hole in the process. Gilbert got up, threw the shoe in the ocean, and started running towards Everly again. he called to Collin, “just trying to catch my DAUGHTER! she’s sooooo impossible.” Everly whimpered and shook her head quickly at Collin, hinting that Gilbert wasn’t her father.
idk it sounded pretty creepy to me
ok haha
Everly. *sighhhhhh*🤦🏼‍♀️
oh my goodness what am I gonna do with you 😂
It’s not as creepy as I usually/can write
and it didn’t turn out as creepy as I wanted it to be either
Collin watched as his shoe was thrown carelessly into the ocean and out of nowhere he got all heated and lunges at the guy “THIS IS FOR THE TURTLESSSSSS” he threw a punch then glanced at everly to see if she was okay
Everly smiled slightly in thanks, then ran to the port o potty to call the police.
Gilbert ran to the port o potty, ignoring the punch and banged on the door. Everly hoped he kept doing it until the police came.
Collin cautiously hid behind a tree and videotaped the whole thing
h M
back again
what did i miss?
Gilbert just polluted 😤
we should have another b o m b
we frown upon him
oh noes
I read that as Collin vaped the whole thing
And how I did that is beyond me
the police got there in 5 minutes. Gilbert tried to run, but they were coming in all directions. they shot him with something to put him to sleep and took his knife. they carried him to the nearby cop car. Everly got out of the port o potty, and gave the police the notes, explaining everything. they took plenty of notes. Everly looked around for Collin.
wow that’s great😂
I wrote a semi creepy text messag
And response from Dr Callery~Akin
Collin ran over but tripped in the process. he showed the police the video as extra evidence then went to talk to everly “hey are you alright? that guy is pretty crazy”
Everly nodded quickly. “I’m fine, thanks. and thank you for what you did back there.” she put her hands in her jacket pockets. “I’m Everly, by the way.”
a bomb goes off
oh god
hmmm the school
irk it might not happen cause Brooke will put me in time out again
Brooke likes bombs now
oh my
Collin smiled “I’m Collin”
I wasn’t here for the first one so it doesn’t count. that means we have to make another go off😁
or maybe like 5 more...
Everly put her phone in her back pocket. “nice to meet you. I think I’ve seen you around. you go to phs, right?”
lemme wait for he approval
“yeah I just transferred here at the beginning of the year. how about you?” collin asked
“I’ve gone here since freshman year.” she smiled. “welcome to the school.”
I just realized idek how old Collin is...🤫🤭
“thanks” he grinned again then looked down only to remember his shoe was still floating in the ocean
oh god 😂
Everly looked where Collin was looking. “oh no,” she said. she looked over to the ocean. “too bad the lifeguards aren’t on duty.”
hey hey
Reyna is stuck in time waiting for Doctor Callery~Akon
Collin starts taking off his other shoe and socks and wades into the water “I won’t let an innocent turtle die on my behalf”
hi jamoooo
i’m back
Everly smiled as she watched him.
and here is another moment in an unknown location
hi Brooke
Everly texted Nicolás. “they found the guy who wrote me the notes. he chased me down on the beach.”
hi broooooke
dalton wakes up again and is tied up in the backseat of a car. the car is driving fast in a ghost town area. he wakes up and sees no one else there but a young woman driving the car. she seemed nervous, and wasn’t the best driver. she looks back and sees dalton and then starts to drive faster. she says “oh hey- your awake good! now before you freak out- i am not trying to hurt you. i’m your friend.” dalton didn’t say anything and just asks “who are you...” and she puts her shades on and then a hat and says “angelica...but my friends just call me angie” she then smirks and drives faster
nicolás then texted back “wait- who?”
and hiiii
Everly texted back, “some dude, Gilbert, who was jealous of my parents or something, and he decided to take it out on me. 🤷🏽‍♀️”
Maya read the text. “what the... Okay... blocked and deleted” she said as she blocked the number and deleted the message. but the text still stuck in her brain.
my best friends parents are switching churches and taking away her phone so she can’t text me ever again because they hate me
so that’s fun
aww Ella.... I’m honestly speechless... why don’t they like you? you obviously don’t have to say.
Collin retrieved his shoe just as he felt something brush up against his leg. he screamed and ran out of the water accidentally splashing everly in the process
Everly screamed. “oh my god!” her phone was soaked. “oh my god!” she stared at her phone and whacked it. “gah!!!!” she wasn’t sure how to fix it.
it’s because we were texting about homosexuality and her parents are totally against it but anyways her mom read the texts. she was the one who started the convo saying how she was questioning her sexuality and I just said I would love her either way so her parents think that I influenced this in her and that something is wrong with her if she’s bi and basically its all my fault so now there is no way I can contact or see her again
oh my god, that’s horrible.
Collin blinked “ bad...?” he laughed nervously
yep. and honestly this past week I’ve been really depressed
Everly mumbled, “it’s fine, it’s fine.... Uh...” she thought. “uncooked rice, right? yeah. yeah.” she looked up. “it was nice to meet you, Collin. thank you again.” she ran off towards her dorm.
and to top it off I saw her today at church but this was the last day they were coming to my church, and after we got away from her parents gazes we talked for a total of 3 minutes before they found us again. she told me how this was all living hełł because her mom would look up videos and books on “how to fix your daughter” if she thinks she’s gay. she said she was having suicidal thoughts due to it all and all I wanted to do was hug and talk to her more but that was the one thing I can’t do and it’s just so unfair. I just want to help her
awww.... I couldn’t imagine what that’d feel like. I’ve lost a best friend before, and it was devastating, but not like this. I understand, and if you ever need to talk, you always have us, and your other friends in real life. 💕💕
thank you so much it means a lot that you just even listened because that’s more than I can say for everyone else (irl)💞
Collin walked bare foot back to his dorm where he soon found he locked himself out.
Ella I’m so sorry. I know how that feels. 💕💕💕
any time, I can relate on some level so I understand, and even if I couldn’t relate, I’d still try to help and support you, and understand.
thank you guys ❤️ 💕
Np 💕💕💕
I’m very tempted to skip school tomorrow and walk to her house. even though it would take probably an hour or two and she’s homeschooled...
it’s still a work in progress
awww.. this stinks, I’m so sorry.
I’m recruiting you guys to be part of my spy crew when I sneak into her house
what the heck pc updated
icant see anything i type
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hi kat
I just realized that the caption says “new werk” instead of “new week”
werk werk werk
what you’ve never heard of a werk before. tsk tsk
eAit ella
was this the first time you saw my glasses lmâo
This is the first time I’ve seen you with glasses
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I don’t think so but oh well😂🤷🏼‍♀️
i usually wear contacts but i haven’t been to the eye doctor in awhile and i ran out 😔
ah well they suit you
my great uncle just passed away..
oh no jamo im so sorry
aww jamo I’m so sorry! I hope the best for you and your family
thanks guys.
no problem my prayers go out to you and your family
i am back
also oh no jamo, i am really sorry about your great uncle :(
anyone on?
my mood just dropped over something hhh
i am back
I am here to rp
let’s rp
I think Reyna said something to Doctor Callery~Akin last
Collin looked like a homeless dude because he was shoeless and walking around town
Martha Dumptruck in the flEsh
you didn’t see that
let’s have something big happen
Response from the doctor?
far far away angie and dalton we’re changing their clothes and makeup. they were adding special effects and fake nose and contact lenses. angie was helping dalton look- well not like dalton. they even got wigs and then they set an oil leak in the car and then set it on fire and it exploded. b o o m. they then started walking. but where were they heading too?
oh yes
where did we leave off with the doctor?
Reyna asked if they could asked him questions
Dr. Callery~Akin said “of course, what about?”
I’ll probably do Heather sign ups in a little bit
Maya stood next to Hudson silently.
“Thank you,” Reyna smiled, gesturing for Hudson to ask his questions.
Hudson asks “How- well...where do i start...” he then says “did you know my mother, Dorothy Jett?”
Dr. Callery~Akin thinks for a bit and says “No...i am sorry, but is that a name of importance? like a patient or something?” and hudson says “no doesn’t matter. but have you heard of a Dalton Jett?”
Maya looks at the ground.
The Dr. Says “Of course, he’s the missing kid around town right?”
Reyna nodded, “And he was a patient at this hospital who was omitted recently,”
The Dr. Says “Yes i remember, i helped with the surgery.”
dr seus
Maya looks at him. “He was kidnapped. from this hospital. in broad daylight. And you all just let it happen!”
Karma sat impatiently inside the police station. after her attempt at running yesterday, they locked her up in one of those cells they have inside.
So there was a connection. In a way. Reyna notes in her head.
I know
i’m playing cards against humanity online with some friends
I’m reading a book 😂
I’m doing my eyebrows since I haven’t had time to get them threaded
I’m gonna head off
night guys
Maya looked at the doctor, a fiery anger in her eyes. “It’s your, and all the other staff in the hospital’s fault for what happened to Dalton!” Her voice breaks suddenly as her eyes well up with tears. “It... it’s also my fault... it’s mainly my fault... I couldn’t stop them from taking him... I’m no good... I let them get away...” she struggles to not burst into tears.
oh my poor poor child I feel so bad for doing this to maya. TwT
I am incredibly confused rn
my hair is naturally super wavy (not quite curly, but rly close) and usually I use a curling wand to touch up any waves that are too frizzy, but um...I curled my hair tonight and my hair just kind of flattened out. Like it’s getting straighter/less wavy even though I curled some of them tighter and my hair never does this. The curls always stay in. So like now I’m frustrated
thank you for coming to my ted talk I will be going now to sleep
use hair spray?
my hair is completely curly and I straighten a lot because it’s super frizzy and annoying to deal with
everytime I curl my hair within an hour it’s back to normal again. even if I use hairspray 🤷🏼‍♀️
and I have really wavy hair like yours kat
^i mean I’m assuming it’s like yours 😂
sAmE. my hair doesn’t stay curly at al. but it just gets really wavy.
My hair usually stays curly, but today it’s just not having it and it ended less wavier than my natural hair and like🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
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