16.05.19 「t a p」
and I- oop don't worry we didn't catch rabies
QOTD: who's your celebrity crush?
AOTD: Ruel - he's got me DAZED AND CONFUSED


16.05.19 「t a p」 and I- oop don't worry we didn't catch rabies QOTD: who's your celebrity crush? AOTD: Ruel - he's got me DAZED AND CONFUSED

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AOTD: Min Yooooonnngggiiiii or Tom Holland
lowkey my friends tho
aww tysm! 💓
AOTD: Tom Holland
rip bob😭
😭😭😭😭 aotd: cole sprouse
omg rip ❤️ aotd:Tom Felton or all of bts lol
thank you so much!☺️💘
I have too many 😭😭
oh my gosh😂😂 that’s great. aotd: chris evans and daniel seavey
thanks love
aotd: lee jongsuk 🥺🥵💗💗
thank you 😘
omg I love ruel sm ahhhh
and rip bob ❤️
rip bob azsnee ploy jr😔✊
aotd: lee dongwook🤠
heehee thanksskkk
aw tysm xo
wth does this sound like something my group of friends would do?😂
aotd: ok this is a long one so buckle up. I won’t say all of them. Jungkook, Jimin,RM,Jin,Tae, Hobi, Yoongi, Hyunjin, Felix, Chan, BamBam, yeogyum, jinyoung, JB, Mark, Jackson, Christian Yu, DOR live, Tom Holland, g-dragon, seurungi, TOP, Lucas, Mark, Johnny, Taeil, Yeonjun, Soobin, Kai, Taehyun, Beogmyu, Kai, Sehun. that’s like 0.0000000001% of my celeb crushes
rip bob!
AOTD- Tom Holland
when you gotta censor words on pc 😂
thanks for the support 💛💛
hahaha aw thank youu💞💞
oh btw RIP Bob :,(
thank you!💛💛
what country do u live in
I live in the UK
sorry just me being weird
awww ty
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thank you so. MUCH you made my day🙈and ikr spirited away is s’good
aw you are literally so gorgeous xo
tysm (❁´︶`❁)
ahh thank youuu so so much!! 💓
also rip bob :’((
I nearly though a person died omg
I once buried a bee with my friends on a school trip
the place was 12 hours on plane from where I live
Hello!! you’ve been a great friend of mine but..... check my recent post, I’m really sorry 🥺🙏❤️
yesss I love it sm💓
and thank you xx
oops 🙊
ik ik like I was ShoCkeD
ppl saying it’s a prank tho 🤷🏽‍♀️
tysm ur so sweet and nice! what’s ur name I’m Britney wanna be friends?💗💗❤️❤️💞💞💞
again lol
tysm!💞 and np😊
aw thank youu
thank you😊😊
aww thanks!
you’re welcome 🤗
Thank you!!
thank youuuuu❤️
aw thank you!!
your account is so so cute!!
ahh tysm!
thank youu 💕
no problem!
lol a book 💀
thank you so much!😘💛
it’s cool
and cool
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😂 thanksKkkK
ty 💕
omg me to 😭 he the my drama queen like what happened? 😂☕️ give it a month or so he’ll be back to being the petty queen he is 😂🍵
thank you!
aw thank youu i will!! 😍😘
thank you so much lovely☺️💘💘
thank you so much!!!!!
ah tysmmm
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awww thankyouu!! 🥰🥰
I have wayyyy too many but rn it’s probably Gavin aka Nicholas Scratch from Sabrina
Thanks for all the nice comments!!
thank youuu :)