PicCollagers, We want a chance to hear your voice!

Tell us:
•Why do you use PicCollage?
•What features would you like to see in PicCollage?
•What other apps do you use?

Enter by April 1 for a chance to get one of your collages featured.


PicCollagers, We want a chance to hear your voice! Tell us: •Why do you use PicCollage? •What features would you like to see in PicCollage? •What other apps do you use? Enter by April 1 for a chance to get one of your collages featured.

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I love pic collage I use it with my friends
I use pic collage to express my self in a way that nothing else let's me
to show the world the creations that my mind makes, and hope that they inspire someone else
I use piccollage to share the things that strike me in this world. the things that stand out.
I use it as a get away from all the stress and what not and also to express my feelings
I use PC because it's great for making collages (and easy to use), I can get inspired by other people, and see my friends collages. what I would add is a select/ lasso feature where you could select a certain area of pictures and stickers, and move the selected chunk to a different spot on the canvas. i find it really difficult to try and move a large amount of things to a different spot. I don't use any other collage apps. I really enjoy how easy Piccollage is to use!
I use pic collage to get out the things I can't talk to my friends about**I would like short videos**I use phonto
For the first question; I'd say that I use Pic Collage to show my art interest on the Internet for others to hopefully enjoy. Pic Collage also helps most users because we aren't "afraid" of showing our talents, and communicating with one and other. So, Pic Collage isn't only beneficial for edits, fonts, or collages, but also to find friendship along the way. Some features I'd like to see are features from accounts that aren't on the popular page, or only Pic Collage edits. I've been trying to get a feature for a long time, and I'm sure that there are other amazing Pic Collagers out there who are to. I think that it would be a great idea to have people remix certain collages with more likes, and great talent, for PC to take a look at for a feature. The other apps I use are Phonto, & Line Camera. I use Phonto because it offered tons of fonts and color options, and that is what I think that Pic Collage lacks. But, all of these other editing apps help contribute to Pic Collage as well, so I find this beneficial. This wasn't a question; but I'd like to say that I believe all of the hatepages in Pic Collage should be kicked of Pic Collage. They cause a lack in confidence and tear other people down. Overall I'd give Pic Collage a: 9 & 3/4 out of 10💕I love this app so much and I spend a TON of my time on it. So TY!👼💭
I use Pic Collage to express my inner self and to get away from life's problems. I use it with my friends and find new ones. Pic Collage helps shape my life for the better! Thank you PC
I use pic collage to share my love for my fandoms with other people in my fandoms. I would to see more fandom posts on the feature page and less pop stars like Ariana Grande. I use Phonto for fonts (like Disney style and Harry Potter style) and pics art for editing photos
I use picmonkey
I use poco plague to inspire other with creativity and which they have their own inspirational gifts they give to me
I use piccollage to teach more people about Star Wars and to make more friends and to help people when they are sad or depressed. I want to see a unblock feature and a favorite collage and profile so you can go easier to your friends profile or when you make a contest it will be easier. other apps I used are Instagram,Facebook,WattPad,Netflix and Tumblr hope you have a nice day
srry I meant I use pic collage not poco plague
I use Pic collage to express my creativity and love for pictures. I use Rhonna designs and phonto also we heart it
I use Pic Collage for 3 main reasons. First, I use it to show my creativity. I am not a good artist at all, so PC is a great alternative. I may not be the best editor, but it comes more easily to me than drawing or painting. I can show people my personality, what I like, and my hobbies, all just through a collage. Secondly, I use PC because it is a great way to get what you want to say out there. If you have something to say that is really important, you have a chance of getting a lot of people to see it. You can give encouragement and make someone else's day through PC. And lastly, I use PC because it boosts your self esteem. If you've had a rough day, or if you aren't feeling good about yourself, people on PC can make you feel better by offering encouragement and really nice comments. One feature I would like to see on PC is a new tab next to the Explore, Featured, and Contests. I think there should be a tab for Polls. People can ask questions and do surveys. That way, more people can let collages what they like, and what what they want to see. It would be another great way to express your personality and opinion. Something else I might like to see (not sure if this is already a feature) is a drawing feature. People can add scraps and creative things that you can't make with just text. I don't really use other apps besides PC except for Cut Me In. It cuts out pictures and creates shadows for the pictures you have on a collage. I think that's all. I love PC and these are all of my answers. Thanks for reading! 😊
1. I use pic collage to display my creativity to show and inspire other users. I just love how I can express myself and expand my creativity and learn and be inspired by other users. I think its wonderful. 2. I wish to see various different styles of collages on the featured page. Perhaps a meaningful quote displayed nicely on a collage, and then another more edited one that is placed and constructed nicely. 3. I use various different apps: Picsart, Repix, Superimpose, Afterlight and of course Pic Collage! ✨
I use Piccollage to make digital art and communication with other artsy people, so maybe add a chat or subsections of featured it divide collages relating to different things, like: phandom, spring, abstract, lyrics, animals, YouTube, photos only, etc. I also use YouTube, snapchat, facebook, skype, graphiti, instagram, Tumblr and Steller
I use piccollage because it's an app where you can express and make new friends I would like for me and my friends to get featured also for people that take effort making their edits I use other apps like phonto,magic hour,picsart,back eraser,we💖it,but what means the most to me is piccollage because here I have founded a,azing besties and people that actually lobe my collages and are happy to like them and all the people that leave nice comments and I love all my besties here at piccollage😘😻✨and that's why I love this app I think it's more like a lifestyle
Sometimes piccollage is not that good cuz people get affected and depressed and hacked and hated and😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭many people leave I think you should manage this and delete all hatepages😘😻✨😘😻✨😘😻✨😘😻✨
follow me pliss
I use pic collage because I really love this app, to make digital art and I communicate with other collagers I can express myself
Contest on my page
I use piccollage for 3 reasons and I really think they point out what Piccollage is for. 1 making friends when I first joined I made lots of friends and followers it has helped me through tough times like say the break up and things like that .2. edits! Omg my editing skills have improved soooo much from this even if I use phonto every now and again piccollage is the best app for making main edits and sharing them. 3. Creativity. helps me express creativity since I'm normally a singer but this makes me want to continue trying to express my creativity in a better way ❤️❤️❤️❤️-GonnaGetALittleWeird
I love piccollage because there are sooooo many different features u can use😍one thing I would like is if u could make some people that aren't very popular stand out there. everybody deserves to have a time to have lots of likes and followers. and I would also like if you could send out more FREE stickers. and sometimes I want to make stickers the background.
I use PicCollage because it sparks my creativity, my inspiration, and lets me connect with so many different people with the same interest. It's also a way of expressing yourself, and letting the world know what kind of magic is at your fingertips. It's a way of showing you truly are, and letting others judge you based on what you create and not what you look like. I would like to see more collages on the featured page that are more original, or a collage that just makes you say "wow.. this is amazing af" when you see it. Other apps I use are phonto, superimpose, and rhonna, but sometimes I like using only PicCollage.💜💜 love, ang
I use PicCollage because there are cool features, we can use it to express ourselves and post stuff that everyone can see, we can make new friends, we can improve our edit skills and help us be creative and it is a great platform for me. I use Phonto as well, it helps me to make my text more beautiful and cut shapes better and we can alpha pictures and make the words multi-colour. I think it would be a good idea to get more people on pop page and get more collages featured. Sometimes, the really good collages don't get featured and no matter how hard I try, I never get anything featured, but some people just make random collages or copy some of other people's collages and they get featured. If people copy collages, it would be nice if you could remove them and stop copy cats. People work hard to make good collages and it is really unfair if you just copy and paste it and then it gets featured. Also, for the pop page, some users follow so few people and have so few followers and their collages aren't really good. I think the pop page should be for people who followed a lot of people and have loads of people following them. I think that hate pages are really bad because they harm people's self esteem. Although I don't have a hate page, I think we you should do something about that, like maybe stop so many hate pages going on. And for the verified people. some of them make collages that are not very good and they follow so few people and have so few followers and their collages aren't even good. I think it is unfair to those who work hard. And I think only the people who have followed loads of people, have loads of followers and make amazing collages should be verified. Those are my ideas, if you have decided to improve them or even consider, I would be most grateful. I would really want to be on the pop page and even get some collages featured. Thank you so much! By BerniceCheung💕
I use piccollage to be creative and share my art with others , and to be inspired by others:) I would love to see more users being featured and some more backgrounds and fonts :)
Hi PicCollage! i use this app because it brings out my creative side. it also helps me interact with interesting ppl and get inspired by many. i also like to inspire other ppl. i think piccollage is one of the safest apps out there because the owners actually go on it and interact with everyone. it helps me make cards for people and it shows them that i really do care because of the stockers cool fonts and colours. the one other app i use is FontCandy because it has cool patterns like dots and things but if pc got that that app would be deleted instantly😂 it also has more of a variety of fonts! other than that FontCandy is useless! i would love it if one of my collages got featured because it would inspire me to keep trying which is and important life lesson! I Hope you read this it would mean the world if you did xxx ILYSM PICCOLLAGE ROCKS!! written by- --SunsetVibes--
just wanted to say please put a tick next to my username! it wld mean so much also plz put my new anzac day contest on the contest page
I piccollage because piccollage makes me express myself and it helps me be me
I use pic collage cause it brings out creativity in me and In others. I would like to see you(the ppl of pic collage) to try spread awareness of bullying and hate. I would like to see a few more pngs :). and now I just want to thank ye for making pic collage and also letting ur users have a say in what might happen in the future and stuff :)
I love PC, it's a nice way to show what I like (Pokemon ect.) I would like to see Nintendo futures or Pokemon, Mario ect. I use Setch
Crooks out what I said
CROSS out what I said
I like PC, because it's a nice way to make collages and a nice way to express what I love (Pokemon Mario ect.) what features I would like to see is, Nintendo (Pokemon Mario ect) and my or my friends stuff. Other apps I use is SketchBookX and YouTube (I like game music so that's why I use YouTube) and Geomatry Dash (way more but just to name my faves) -Nedda
I use pic collage to express my feelings and my creativity, and I think to make pic collage better , you could follow me 😊😏😂 I'm sorry you guys properly think I'm weird 😂. by the way you really don't have to because I am quiet weird 😂😂 and I'm also a depressed person. most of my posts have been about people in my family that are really close to me that passed away and I like to talk about it because if I don't I cry. but like I said you don't need to follow if you want to, I know I'm quiet weird and depressed 😔
follow me
Hi, it would be AWSOME if maybe there could be a private messaging feature (although I also understand that could increase bullying on here). Also, it would be amazing if just like on Instagram you can tag accounts into photos to make sure they see certain photos if their about them! This would be really cool for when people end contests and post who the winners are 😊😉. I really LOVE piccollage because it's the best app to edit photos on and making collages on here is just so fun and simple it's the best app on the App Store. Also it's better than Instagram because the whole site feels a lot more accessible and there are less accounts on here so it feels a lot more homely. I love having an account on here and sharing all the vintage collages make either on Piccollage or on Font Candy. Font Candy pretty cool as well but Piccollage is easier and more fun to use😉
some collages that don't use PC because they r also rly good
I use Picollage because it lets you design anything you want and has great creativity
voice plz!
we could make the collages different sizes and shapes!
I use PicCollage because it's fun!!! It's fun to chat with each other and challenge your artistic skills!!! I also really like watching everyone's account grow and grow!💕
I really like the features that are there now!!! I really like scrolling through and seeing all the edits! So I'd say just keep featuring edits!
For some of my edits I use different apps! I use Phonto, Eraser, Font Candy, Rhonna, and Glitter Paint!!! Those apps REALLY help me to make my edits pop!💕😘
can I pit mine into another paragraph because my other ones are confusing... so, WHY DO I USE PICCOLLAGE? I use it because it can help my creativity grow and make my art skills improve and I can also show them to the public, not showing off, just being proud! and I absolutely love when people make amazing collages it inspires me so much! WHAT OTHER FEATURES WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON PICCOLLAGE? well, I would like it we had many many many more fonts! would love it so much if we did have some more! also can there be this text edit where you can make sentences curvy like a ) except with words instead of a line. last suggestion, could we have a new feature where you can have a private chat? but only if you give permission to that person to privately chat with you? that would be awesome! WHAT OTHER APPS DO YOU USE? well, I don't use any other apps for photo edits or fonts. I really love PC only edits and I try to make my collages inspire others to only use PC and to stop using your time on other apps when you have PicCollage! the only app I use is weheartit which is for images, so I wouldn't really count that as my edits not being PC only. LITTLE MESSAGE FROM ME! thankyou so much for doing amazing things for my account! thankyou for making this app for my creativity and art levels to get way better! thankyou for everything😚long message written by _Snowflake ILY PicCollage😊
sorry put* not pit at the start
I use PicCollage because I can express my creativity through edits and collages. I would like to see an unlimited scraps feature. The other apps that I use are Phonto and Line Camera, (But PicCollage is the best) :)
I use pic Collage because you can make it your own! This app helps me make homework posters! This is awesome! I can make anything I want for free!!
To not have to pay for stickers and get better ones
I would love to be able to use photo shop
I love pic collage because I can share my creativity I ise don't candy and phonto ! :)
I only use pc because it is the best
I really like pic collage it is the best photo app I have. even though I just got it, I'm already loving it.
I love being able to post my edits for other people to see and like. I use Instagram, and I would really like a DM feature on this app because people make shared accounts with one other person , but don't want anyone else seeing the decided password.
i reallllllllyyyyy love pic collage you can Make awesome Things !!!! ( eaven when you can' t draw) but THE stickers Yes i would like more free stickers
I use pic because it is awsome! I want to seemy close friends a feature + kma_1103, +alyssamustache, and me! +pastel_narwhales! I would like to see some more free stickers!
to share
I have been working soooo hard in my collages and they haven't gotten featured. I have over 400 followers but my collages only get like 5 likes
I want to get a feature so bad, because what's happening is that ppl are getting favored! it's only lattebunny, astrid saenz, and -cosmic_
getting featured!!!
I use PicCollage because it gives a chance to express yourself and show your creativity
I love piccollage so much! it allows me to show my artistic vision. I actually don't use other apps, but piccollage should offer the same editing tools as other apps for users that don't have them. I would also like to see more ransoms be featured.
pic collage let's me be me
I use PicCollage because it's amazing and allows me to build and express my creativity skills! It would be great if there was a private messaging system and a way to vote for someone's collage to be featured! Overall, it's a great app and I adore using it however I have been on it almost a year have over 2500 followers, work very hard on my collages and I still haven't had a feature or been on the pop page which has always been my dream on PicCollage! Thank you!
The only other app I use is WeHeartIt to get my images
I think it would be good to have something called 'Recents' where newly posted collages go from everyone, 1 follower or 1000 followers so that smaller people can show off their collages. 😄
I think pic collage is brilliant and it's pretty much the only app I use for my collages
it's a great way to express creativity!!! 😊
i use pic collage because i have made so many amazing friends that i will always have close to my heart ❤️ its also such a nice community usually everyone trying to build up other users which is sweet ✨☁️ you should try to feature some more band collages and lyrics 🎶 also some users who nevee get features not just people on the pop page 🙈 i use lots of editing apps such as phonto magic hour line camera we heart it (Melah_Dokendorf123) repix and pics art 🎨 they make edits so much more complex 💦 hope this is useful to anyone who is new! xx 💘🍃💦💎
I think being able to make a bio, would be awesome to make a short description of yourself
I only use PicCollage for my collages and I really enjoy making them💞 PicCollage is an AMAZING app to make new friends and meet new people, with the same interests as yours😜🐥💭💫 I love how you can blend two (or more) peoples' ideas to make a collab collage, which I think is splendid🌸🌸 I also love how you have a chance for getting featured, or even getting on the pop page🙈💞 I think it is an amazing experience to get so much love and support from other fellow collagers out there🌹🍃 Overall, I think PicCollage is one of the best apps out there, and I still can't believe that this amazing app was FREE🙈😂💞 PicCollage is one of MY personal favorite apps and I don't think I'll ever stop using it🐥💭💫
private message
more images and text fonts
Piccollage is by far one of the greatest apps in the App Store! I love being able to share my interests with people and find other people who enjoy the same things as me! I love entering contests and sharing my collages with everyone and it's so fun seeing all the different styles that people use. I've made so many friends here on Piccollage and I don't think I'll ever stop using it! I do think it would be really cool to add the option of putting a bio! It would be another great way to connect with people on PC! Although this app is already perfect!😉✨💕 I want to thank everyone that works on Piccollage for taking the time to listen to our suggestions! it really means a lot!!
can I please get my collages featured
I only use PicCollage and I would like to see some of my posts featured :DD
i use pic collage so that i can use my creative mind, i would like to see more Inspiring and Quotes getting featured, i use Other apps like Phonto, Line Camera and Eraser. Thank You For Making this app!
hope u like my collage as much as I love you ❤️
I would like the PICCOLLAGERS to decide who goes on the popular page, like vote for them to! it would be a GREAT way for you to hear our voices! 💞 the reason some are leaving is because they feel completely left out from pic collage, and many people who LOVE your app [like me!] would love, love, love to be featured more or get a chance to join the popular users page! also, what about a bio? like under the profile picture or something? I LOVE pic collage because it lets me express my own creativity and ideas! some other features are: new fonts! everybody would love new fonts! Also more font colors and highlight colors, not just black / white! you guys are honestly so so smart of making this app and I can't wait to see what happens! -editfairy
how do I do the comment collage
I use Pic Collage to express my creativity. It is a great way to show the world what you can do. If I had to choose one thing I wanted to see, it'd be more fonts. Other apps that I use are Phonto, Line Camera, and Rhonna Designs. 😊
I use Pic Collage to make my own creations! If I could see more featured I would like it to be Dancemoms or ALDC posts! Another app I use is Wishbone
I use line camera,repix,etc..... but umm can one if my collages get featured plz plz it has over 60+ likes 😰😭😭😰😭😰😭😰😭
I use pic collage because it's my way of expressing myself. I can make art without having to get a bunch of supplies out and wasting time. Pc is sooo easy to use and your masterpiece is at the tip of your finger so it's easy to edit. I love this app!! A thing I would like to see in a future update is bios for our profile, other fonts, and different color outlines. Also as I type this I realize I can't check what I have typed. So maybe you could change that by putting what was typed above. Also, when I search my username it doesn't show up because of the hyphens :( Another app I use is Line Camera (because of the glitter!!) 😃
this is the only social media that my mom loves!! I have other gaming apps and such. I have told all my friends about pic collage and they love it
one thing is "Texts" add more texts
I hope u like it!
I only use this one
I would like you to make more fonts please and I wish I could help you make more stickers, templates and fonts and grids because I love you! 😝🍥💦
You should add private chat, so you can chat with one person and no one else can see.
pic collage is really awesome and I am able to make Percy Jackson collages!
I use pic collage to express myself. I am really into fashion but I don't have bunches of money to buy all of the clothes I see. I use the app polyvore to assemble my outfits. I love PC because I have met so many beautiful people through this app. I love all of my followers so much!
I think you should put a bio in our accounts so we can talk about ourselves and we should be able to change the blue banner to something we can personalize like on YouTube
follow me 😊
I use pic collage because it is very inspiring to me and it makes me happy, I've gotten two of my friends to join and they love it. I don't use any other apps I'm #pconly😀😀😀😀. For what I would like to see featured I would like to see more quotes because there so inspiring. -Love_America 😘
can I plz be featured I will give u a shout out
my sis always gets featured and never me
u inspire me pc
I use photon and pic
love u 😍
I love PicCollage because for one, I love making collages. Collage making is like a hobby. ❤️ I love how I can use different fonts and colors and pictures. I love how I can't test my creativity to the limits. Secondly; I love seeing other peoples collages. I can get wowed by them, or even inspired. ✨ And the people themselves are just amazing. I've made so many friends. WHAT FEATURES WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON PICCOLLAGE? Hmm... Maybe new fonts color? Perhaps we could be able to mix colors for the perfect shade! Keep the old fonts but get new ones as well? Also it'd be cool If you Could unblock people. And when you go on private, you're off the pop page and your features are gone. Please fix this! And pretty please, can we use more than 30 scraps? And direct messaging to send a direct message to someone besides commenting and remixing. WHAT APPS DO YOU USE? I use mostly PicCollage, because I can do so much with it! As I mentioned before, you can use so many colors and stuff! I used to use phonto but now I love using piccollage! I love ya! 💕
follow me
I am absolutely in love with the bright themes I also have a fashion account on pic collage this app allows me to express myself I love it I'm am on it as much as possible 😍😍😍😍
I would like it if you could fix the pngs
could u feature more bright collages maybe even mine that would b a dream come true✨✨
maybe be able to record would be cool
different fonts because I can't get any apps for the fonts and glitter
I want the features to be edits not just of artists like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande etc. I want edits of bands, fall out boy, my chemical romance, twenty one pilots, panic! at the disco, just bands in general really.
I use Phonto, pics art, repix allis/line camera and font candy
I want more fonts
I use pic collage because I can make new online friends and I can share what I love
Please get comments for kindle
I use photoretuch and doodle buddy
I use an app called Phonto and I would like to see you be able to draw things and more fonts plz! Thanks 💙!
I use PC because I love making edits and it's not as bad as Insta because you don't only see selfies, I like edits better and also there are so many more fangirls here and the users here are amazing friends to have. Fo edits I use the Phonto app. I would like to be able to put my own videos in collages, not just from the database. Some more pngs of book characters would be nice. New fonts would be very convenient also. It would be could to have some kind of direct messaging too so we don't have to remix everything. I love PC so much and thanks for listening!💖
I use pic collage because it has many different backrounds, fonts, etc.
also because my friends have it
I would like to see maybe more fonts, backrounds, and the ability to draw.
I use wishbone, musical.ly, and oovoo
Pic Collage is a way for me to make friends and express myself through my edits. I use it every day to get inspired and talk to my friends. I would LOVE to see a private messaging feature in the future though - this would make it easier to talk to people without others seeing! the other social media apps I use are weheartit and snapchat. thank you for making pic collage such a wonderful place! lots of love, -TAYLORSWIFTIE- ☺️💕
I use pic collage because I like to express myself to others. I like to show people who I am in collages and pictures. Pic collage is such a help when I feel sad or stressed I can just let out all my emotions.
I would like to see features about life and how you change and grow with it. I would like to see funny things so when people feel sad they can go to the featured section and feel better
the apps I love and use are Phonto, Font candy, and aviary
i use pic collage cuz it inspires! Here is the place where creativity has voice! u can express ur feeling,personality and EVERYTHING! thanks to Pic collage i get fun and u can meet persons that become ur friends even ur besties this App has changed lots of lifes!!! this is one of the best things that human could make!!!! ur awesome !!!! i Would with to be featured and plz feature alexafancyone,stellapdx9,diyak and -peace- they deserve it they work so hard!!! that is my wish for that amazing persons on this incredible App,this is more than An App !! its a New life! the apps i use r pic collage and phonto! thx 4 being too great with love Marshmallow_game 💖💖💖
🙂I use pic collage because... It's free, it's social media, easy, you can express your self, and fun!🙃 🙂The apps I use like this are... Phonto, video star, drawing pad, and photo booth!🙃 🙂What I would like to be featured... I want to be featured, people that are not as popular on pic collage and a little bit more complicated stuff🙃
(I made a remix earlier)
I use it for school work and just put up my own things too🤗
wish bone and I think we should have tagging thank you
i sorry i had mistake it was i would like to get featured ,not i would with featured 💖
Dear Pic Collage, I use Pic Collage because I use it to express myself. I make quotes, animals, and funny little things. I think that you could improve this awesome app by making the stickers free. And adding more features like where you can put photos over and make it have a shadow. Maybe add effects where the photos that you put move and things like that. thank you for the awesome app you have brought to the world.
I first used piccollage for school purposes but I then started using it at home as well. I think piccollage is already great but there could be some small improvements. I think you could make web search better by changing it to a full screen and being able to see the pictures bigger. I also think that more stickers should be free and you should make more accessory stickers such as hats and mustaches for putting on photos. I already think this app is awesome but things could improve. I don't use many other apps like this which is why I love piccollage. Also, I think it is great having this app free!
I use pic collage bc i can be creative with quotes & quotes from other people really inspire me
hi, please look at mine, I know u have a lot but I worked hard
I use PicCollage because it gives me the ability to express in ways a paintbrush and paper can't. PicCollage has helped me discover the talent within myself as well as other and for that I am truly grateful. PicCollage has also brought great people and collagers into my life. I use PicCollage as a catalyst. During moments of great stress or fatigue, it is a great feeling to know that I can just open this app and let my creativity flow. As far as improvements go, I would love to see a private messaging feature. This would be so much easier to those who collaborate with other collagers and to create a beautiful collage in an organized manner. Because I change my theme, I use different apps for different collages. Currently, I am using Rhonna and Phonto but I also use PicsArt and WeHeartIt. PicCollage is not just an app to me, but a community. It has filled me with confidence and a higher self esteem. To look at an 8K+ follower count makes my day. Thank you PicCollage for inspiring so many people around the world and filling the earth with apparent talent.
I made a remix
thx for ur hard work to keep users happy
I use pic collage to express my art and be me. pic collage is s place I know no one with judge me and I can be happy!!!😜
I use Pic Collage bc it is a way for me to express myself in ways drawing can't . I can express my unique side . A while back I got logged out of my acc and lost all 430 somethin followers I had . I clearly built back up setting the goal for 1K . Pic Collage has given me a way for me to be proud of something IRL . I'm always thinking of new ideas to post . My dream is to get a feature . Pic Collage is focused a lot on the 💢BIG 💢 collagers that I don't really think they focused on the little man . For ex . I put a lot of work into my edits and have never gotten a feature . I'm not complaining , just giving some advice . I'm always working my best to achieve the goal . Ik other people feel this way . Whenever making my edits I just use Phonto . I have PicsArt , I just don't use it that much . I've never needed to . Ending this I just want to say thank u , Pic Collage has given me something to work towards and to be proud of ❤️
also please please please check out my account! I really want something featured! thx!
I use piccollage bc it's just a way to relieve my stress 😌💕 I only use pc for my edits 💖😊
I use I use pic collage 2 express my feelings and thoughts also my creativity when i do post things it gets noticed and ppl like it or comment I feel like pic collage is just where I feel safe and the ppl 2 r just so kind I've never had some1 bully me or write any mean comments pic collage is amazing
it looks great 😜
I would like to see a way to switch between accounts easier:)
Swiftiesicons wants to be featured
can you please follow me
I use Pic Collage to make edits of the people and things I love, share them with the loving Pic Collage community, and let me creativity run free. I have been using this app for about 4 years now and it is no doubt my favorite. I would maybe like to see more fonts, the ability to type @(username) and have that person be notified, direct messaging, a better search engine (if possible, I know that's a hard nut to crack), and an easier way to clip images. Other apps I use are Background Eraser to cut out images nicely, and weheartit for inspiration and finding cute pictures/aesthetics 😄
I use PicCollage to get feedback on my interests. I love to hear from others, and how they react towards my ideas. PicCollage gives me a chance to expose myself to creativity, and I feel like I'm capable. The feature that I most want to add to PicCollage is outlined text boxes, new fonts, a word filter, and an easy way to see if people are following you. I don't use any other apps, unless you count Wishbone as an app. My username on Wishbone is Sarah42404. Thanks for your concerns about us, PicCollagers! I just hope that we can update PicCollage, and assure a safe & creative community. 😄
I use PicCollage to share my creative side and as a way to try new things. Before I was introduced to PicCollage, I had never tried making collages or edits, and since then it has become such a big part of my life. I find doing little edits here and there helpful and calming, especially when I just need an escape. I love finding new ways to edit, and trying new things that I've never seen before. I think that more people who are just starting out or don't have as many followers should be featured more often, because it would give them a chance to be seen, and people would be able to find new people to follow if they like their collages. If the less popular people aren't featured, it's very hard for them to be noticed by others, and that's why I think they should be featured more often. I use other apps like Phonto and PicsArt, just to add things like cool font styles and overlays or filters
Pic Collage is very fun and it shows everyone's creativity and allows you to have virtual friends! I think the collages that are really creative deserve to be featured. I use a lot of apps, my most used are: Pic Collage, YouTube, Messages, Phonto, Subway Surfers, Phone, Safari, Pinterest. (these are just the main ones) Thanks! 😊😜❤️
I Use Pc Because we create and be very creative and everyone's so friendly so we make new wonderful friends! Also Pic Collage Helps you be more creative! ❤️❤️💙💙💛💛💜💜💚💚 Keep It Up Pc!
Before I got introduced to this wonderful app, I never knew how creative I could be! But then my friend showed me this wonderful app!! I was like Wow! Pic collage Shows everyone how creative anyone can be! Everyone expresses their feelings about collages and shows everyone! Everyone can be creative! I think pic collage is the best creative app out there!! Most of the apps I use it YouTube, PicCollage, Messages, Safari, And Skype And fancy Key! ( main ones ) We all share out creative sides and push away the worries when we play this! When we fell upset, use This App then you will be so Happy! This app is amazing! Keep It Up Pc!! ❤️❤️💜💜💛💛💙💙💚💚😘😊😄😝😛😜👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✌️✌✌✌✌👍👍👍👍👍🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖
I use piccollage because I get to make new friends and be creative!I would like to see you direct messaging. I think this would benefit a lot of people. You could have private conversations with other users. Other apps i use (for editing)our Phonto for cool unique fonts. WeHeartIt for unique pics. and Repix to add cool effects to collages
I think we need my little pony stickers they would be great
I use PicCollage because I've always loved art, and this is a fun new form of art that you can share with other people! I love to express myself and I'm very social! I would like to see inspiring quotes be featured, or more of them since many already are. also messages to people with depression because I see so many depressed people on here.☹ maybe things like stay strong, love yourself.... cheerful things! I love PicCollage!
and actually I have another account, candyqueen13_blog, so if by chance I win could you feature something from that account?? thanks so much! (not that I expect to win😋)
I think it is faun way to express your true creative side and have fun with different designs. it's like Instagram just so much more fun and not as like complicated and has much more fun posts. I love the app cause I can make collages and post them and have people like them. it's just a cool way to have fun and be creative. I only use PC so far
Pic Collage was my way of trying to cheer others (and myself) up, and it's WAY easier than most collage apps. It has shown me the simple joys in seeing someone like or comment something wonderful on your post. New features? Direct messaging would be amazing, especially when making collabs. Thank you, Pic Collage, for introducing me to the world of photo collaging!
I PC because i like to reach out to people who are having a rough time in their life and try to help them through it, also to give someone a friend to talk to. as far as new features: I would like it if you could tag someone in a post, and direct message would be nice also. thanks for the opportunity :)
hey, I was wondering if you could check out my collages and tell me how to improve them. This would help a lot. If you don't- I understand. I know you must be busy. Thank you for creating this app. It is wonderful. My goal is to one day get featured, but I know I probably won't get featured any time soon. Thank you.
I use PC because it's full of nice people and it's a chance to make friends! and before I knew about this AMAZING app I never knew I was okay at edits! could you maybe feature my most recent post? thank you so much for being here! ❤️💛💚💙💜
pc is the only social media I actually use. I love seeing other peoples works and I can learn from them. I spend my time on making collages I mostly use pic collage but I also use phonto and photo blend. can u plz add more fonts and improve the search so it's not just transperents.
Contest on my page! Plz join 😱😱😱. Thx! 😘
I use pic collage because I like to be creative and express my artistic side! I have been very interested in editing/taking photos. I like to use it to help me grasp what a career in this field would be like when I get older. I think you guys should add direct messaging and a collab feature so it's easier for others to make collages together!
I think pic collage should have something that lets you know a person is following you. Like where it says 'following', below it there could be a 'is following you' or 'is not following you'. I think that would be great👍🏻✨
I like seeing funny things that include Disney
I PicCollage because it really brings out the real me. The peppy collages show the happy side of me and the Boring ones show me when I'm demonstrating my favorite science experiments. I really love doing picCollages and other creative things because I love crafts and art is who I am. I also love singing and acting and I also use the app musical.ly. My username is superpikl. I really hope hope you like the inner me! If you do like the inner me go and ❤️my collages and I'll ❤️yours!
There is a hater named Pinkistrash. I made this account so they will stop being mean. Plz delete there account. When that happens i will delete this account.
Oh and can I add more to mine? If piccollage heard of a 3ds? Well because I have one and you can add "friend codes" on it. And I added some of my piccollage friends on to my 3ds so it's fun
because I've made so many friends, so many close friends, I've had this account for 2-3 years now and it would mean the world if I could get on the popular page, I've tried so hard to, please? I love you pic collage thank you for all my experiences and friends ilysm😭😚💓 xx
I use picollage as it makes me feel happy and social.Also it is nice when someone follows you it shows there are many nice people. It would be cool if we could chat to other people.
I love creative and original collages and I hope to see more people making them! I also love the quotes people post
follow me on musical.ly. my username is:rosiegymnast66
Pic collage is the greatest app ever I love using it and the apps that I have on my iPad is •Rhonna Designs •Pic collage •Phonto •Font candy I hope you get too feature me!
I would like to see more templates we can use
I like seeing what other people can create and pc brings out the creativity in me
what would be really awesome is if we could personalise our fonts colours extra
you should make a feature where it's a cube and you can add pictures and stickers and when you post it it turns and you can see all the pics/stickers
I would like to see that you can record then put it on your College
i like seeing other people's creativity
I use pic collage because it helps to express your feelings and ITS AMAZING
we also see other people's creativity
I think we should be able to get stickers for free
p.s I would love for there to be more people follow me
please please please let us use our videos I have really funny ones
I think p.c. should un-censor names of certain sexualities because sexualities don't need censorship. You should also add a "chat room" function so we can communicate with other users.
I think since moving pictures came out we (those of you that have the phone) should be able to use those.
I agree that we should have a chat room too!!
I use pic play post
This is my only social media I have and I love to make colleges that help me express how I feel about things. And I think pic college is just prefect. It has the best features ever. I wouldn't change a thing.
I use picalloge because it's fun my collages express myself I ❤️ picalloge
so cute
I think there should be a voice recorder
plz follow
I also agree we should have a chat room
I use PC to inspire others and help people who need it. There are a lot of people who need something to brighten up their day and I feel like I help some people with my collages and comments. I think that you should let us add more than just thirty images to our collages. The other app I use is Pixlr (a very helpful app to edit photos).
Instagram, Snapchat, Pic collage
I think we should have a voice recorder because if u add that to ure collage u could have the sound of crickets with ure awesome collage
I would love to be verified!
did u do anything about @KENDALL_vertessHATER ?
sorry PC I had a lot to write so I did part 1 and part 2
APPS I USE: Phonto, Dafont.com (<<that's a website!) WHY I USE PICCOLLAGE: It's a way to express myself to people who don't know me and don't already have an opinion about me, in other words: it's a way to express myself while being anonymous! I WOULD LIKE TO SEE: the ability for sumsung users to be able to comment, the ability to see if someone has followed you without scrolling through all your followers or scrolling through all the people they have followed! I really hope this helps and that it's good enough for a feature coz I'd really love one! Thanks -ElephantBoca x
PS:- A reply button on comments would be great, so people are notified when you reply to their comment! x
I use PicCollage to inspire people to continue living with a smile, and to see that they are a truly beautiful creation even if they don't believe it at times. At the same time it helps me be happy with myself because I know I made at least one person laugh, I made one person forget their problems for a second; and that makes me extremely happy. A feature I would like to see on this app is the ability to make videos for a number of reasons. First off, it would widen the possibilities of creative making for the people using this app. Secondly, it would keep you up to date with other apps that have had this feature for a long time. Lastly because I do not want to run on, it would be a huge step for not only you but the people here. A new range of creativity would come and you would be proud. I do understand the problems that would come along but if you manage to do it, it would be amazing. I don't use other apps except Instagram and Tumblr.
I use Pic-Collages to make my best friends wallpapers bc they aren't allowed to download something if it's not for school. Pic-Collage, Musical.ly
I use piccollage as another form of art that is not physical. I use it as a way to express my feelings and emotions. I use piccollage to inspire others in life and maybe even help them when they are going through a tough time. I know this can be accomplished because I myself have been going through a tough time with friends and after a couple of collages with quotes about forgiveness and friends I became able to forgive my friends and now I am much happpier than I was a month ago. I think that maybe you should try to feature a larger variety of people on piccollage and I have noticed people who have over 8 features and I only got 2 a long time ago yet I have been asking for months. Also I was wondering if you could make it possible to have more than 30 scraps on collages :). And also maybe feature some more #feature my fandom collages <3. Although overall I love piccollage I think it is a great app and I have reccomended it to my friends and now some of them are using the app and love too! But I do not use any other apps to make my collages besides piccollage... <3 :)
thank you for your consideration! :)
by other apps do you mean photo editing? or in general because in general I use scrabble and buzzfeed :)
the contests should be more formal, so the winner automatically gets a prize
love it
I use music.le
I use piccollage because I feel like it allows all artists to be creative, in the form of collages 💗 Collaging is something I truly enjoy, and would like to continue doing for a while! 😂 I feel like collages that aren't made using PC should have a shot at getting featured (: I also use superimpose and Phonto as other editing apps! ☺️
I use Pic Collage to express myself artistically in ways that I can't easily do with my art, and using clippings to convey a message and tell about my story, and I hope to inspire others and hear their stories. I fell in love with the community within a week of using it, and many people here have such deep meanings and expressions conveyed through their collages. it's not just a pastime of mine, I have made so many friends here and I could not be more thankful. I also use PaigeeWorld, an art community more focused towards anime and artists, so I post there, and my username there is otakuartistonpc, meaning -OtakuArtist- on PicCollage! this app has made such an impact on me for the past 9 months.... I'm getting emotional 😂😂😂 well thank you for this wonderful app!
I use pic collage mostly to make awesome posters for my room, and make them as gifts for my friends of our friendship!😆😘👌 I love this app and I rate it 10/10🙉😏😘👌😆😄😂
be able to make and post videos!
I use Pic Collage to express my feelings through pictures and I want other people to show their unique side. I make these collages to show my creativity. I love all my followers and I want them to know that it's ok to be different because it's better to stay positive and to be true to themselves. I would like other people who aren't so popular or have as much followers as people in the pop page to have a featured collage. There are many people, including me that haven't had any featured collages. Some features I would like to see are direct messaging, more fonts, and a page for the not so popular people. People who don't have thousands of followers should get a chance to be heard and seen. There's many people out there who make wonderful collages but don't have as many followers. I only use Pic Collage as an app cause it's amazing but it could use a few more features like the ones I said. 💖😄
I agree 100% with creative_CD
I would like texting and the the page for the not so popular people
I use pic collage as a place to be inspired, and inspire other people. I think that people with not as many followers deserve to be heard. I would like to see more features of art created by less popular users, like myself. I think that it is great that people like _PastelAngel_ get so many features, but I also think that other users deserve to be heard. pic collage is the only app I use. I love that I can share my art and creativity with so many other amazing people. I will say that you should look closely at certain accounts, I get that people have problems, but I feel uncomfortable when I see inappropriate or disturbing things. I love being a part of this community
I suggest that pic collage should have more edit options. ya' know?
If we could make Videos and post them!
some other apps I use are phonto, pics art, and repix. I think that pic collage should feature more fandom themed collages and also include more fonts. I use pic collage since it is easy to find web pictures and put them together in any way you want. i also love the collected feature, and wish there was room for more than 50 items.
I need google on here
1. I use PC to be myself and see what other think, make people smile and laugh even though I'm going through hard times,and yeah. 2. I only use pic collage, and we💕it! 3.I would like to see on the bottom who followed you and it says, 'FOLLOWS YOU!' that would really help. and thank you for making the app PicCollage AKA the best app EVER!! <3
I would like to see being able to do pic collage without downloading the app
I would like to see being able to do pic collage without downloading the app
I don't have any followers please follow
more of everything is always nice because ut makes everyone happy
Have a section where u can add your own videos, not just videos on YouTube. Like add videos you've made yourself!!! :D
we could do tutorials and stuff, and like singing and dancing contests, etc.
I want to like make our own videos and not just pick from youtube
I use pic collage to express my inner feeling and to show my individuality , I would like to see a recent bar that would show you the most recent collages , another app I use is called art stamp
ummm I love pic collage the way it is so it hard what to do to change ☝ hold on let me think☝️ummmmmmmmmmmmmm I don't know what you could do to this amazing app you should just keep it like this,the way it is 😀 there is nothing u can change to make me 👸 happy 😊
I use pic collage since I am a creative freak, and I LOVE to make collages so why not make them on a device 😂? It's really cool using pics from the web than looking through pages in books or magazines, because it allows me to think beyond of what I would have thought. 👌😂
I ❤️ pic collage just the way it is. Well... it would be nice to have a few more followers BUT thats not pic collages fault 💛💚💙💜
Maybe more fandom stuff... Like not just anime or the same books, but, FOR EXAMPLE, I'm fan of a show named Miraculous Ladybug and I have seen pretty cool edits... The point is, there's a lot more fandoms Pic Collage haven't discovered.
...And maybe more fonts, more figures, more stuff. But I really need to say Pic Collage is a really great app for me!
number 1. I 💖 pic college! number 2. use it for education, social media (my daily life) number 3. need more free stickers, free backgrounds and have tones more of everything for free! ( would be perfect pic collage if that happens) by the way plz 👏 follow me!!! I'm CelineRaz just for you!!!
make our own stickers😝😋😎
I use pic collage because I like to share my creativity with everyone and I love how nice and happy everyone is! I would like to see more comedy on featured or some more quotes that will brighten someone's day, also maybe we could be able to add a filter to our collages. Other apps I use are colourswitch, music.ly, and iTunes!
i use piccollage because this app is honestly my favourite app, it's really fun and is developed nicely and the people are great and lovely and it gives me a shot at being creative. i would like to see more one direction related stuff featured because well, 1D are my life but that's just me 🌚 i use a lot of other editing app for my collages on here (phonto, rhonna, repix) but i think this app in itself is the best app for editing personally
I use pic collage to express myself and I think that you should add little 7 second videos
I use pic collage to inspire people and let my creative spirit flow.Other apps I use are phonto for the fonts and line camera for the ability to draw on your collages.I like pic collage just the way it is although it would be nice if you could personalise your my collages menu to suit your style
I use PC to express myself and to find inspiration from people who have a similar style to me. it's great finding someone who has similar interests and likes the same fandoms as me! 😀 my edits are PC only but sometimes I'll post one that I created on Edit.Lab or Studio, or I'll use Piclay as a photo editor. I'd like to see a wider variety of fandoms featured, as this would allow people to make new friends more easily, and also featuring completely new users other than the usual ones, and users who are different and not so mainstream 👌 thank you! 😀😗
more fonts like Waltograph and the star wars font
💜I would like to see a drawing feature. so people can doodle on their collages.💜 Pic Collage is great
❤️💙💛💜💚💔❣💓💘💝💕💗💞💖💟 I like this pic so keep adding😏
I want one of my collages to be followed
I use pic collage bc no other app is really like it and I only play pic collage be all the at her apps are to boring and on pic collage you can talk to your friends for free and I think if you cold get more stickers lick arrows for free it would be good bc I use them a lot
hello picCollage! picCollage is my favorite app and I use it because it helps me with feeling creative and confident and I love sharing my ideas with people! some other apps I use are phonto and line camera!! I really want more people to have there collages featured not just the ones on pop page!!! this would mean a lot and I love you picCollage!!!
we use picCollge because it's fun and be creative
I use PicCollage because it is creative and innovative; a place to create and share ideas and works, then find other wonderfully talented people. It's easy and sleek, and I hardly use any other photo editing or collage apps. All in all, I'm glad to be a part of this amazing community.😊
i would like to see aomething where you can record yourelf and post it in a collage
I'd like more txt fonts please
and I would also like to be also to put videos from my camera roll into collages
piccollage is awesome and I would love if there were bios and private messaging that would b great ya thanks
I think pic collage is awesome but I wish you could do private messages and voting for features. So for example there was a like button a remix button and a vote button and if you pressed that and got say 50 votes you got featured. Thanks
come give use a follow! 😉
what i want to see in the future is photo editing and make things a lot more smoother, and suggestion not something i will most likely see in the future some animation features that will make pic collage a much more enjoyable and so photos look more complex and fun
better photo editing
I use pic collage to share my creativity and I play other apps that u use creativity for and features I would like to see in pic collage would be to like take little clips of yourself
I use picCollage because it is fun and I can spread my creativity. I would like to see more free backgrounds.
I use picollage to have fun! I all the cool saying features id love to get featured. and another app I use is doodle buddy!
I LIVE AND LIVE 4 PIC COLLAGE! i feel like me when i am on here and i have been having a hard time at school but when i go into pic collage its like i am in a whole different world! thx so much for creatiing it. other apps i use are: phonoto, superpoise, and pics art. thanks for making my life amazing!!!!!😘😘😘😜😝😚😘😐😑🤓🤓😏😗😎
i use picollage ti be social to make amzing stuff and j would like pivollage to feature horse stickers fir free i love horsez
sorry about spelling mistkes
I would like u to add some videos that we can make by our selfs and add fans so u can see how many fans u have
I love PicCollage because it's like getting into my world☄🌎 and at the same time share with others, I can test my imagination💡 . I wish there was an easier way to make ouffits👗. In addition to using PicCollage Live Collage use. Thank you PicCollage and all my followers!!!🙌🏻😘😜.
I use Pic Collage to express myself and share my art! I only really use Pic Collage and Phonto. I would really like to see more fandom collages and collagers featured. I would also like to see more fonts and a short bio.😊😊💖
I use Picollage because you can be super creative and it's lots of fun. Some other games that I use are Minecraft and Club Penguin. I think that you guys should make more free stickers because I'm not allowed to bye things for money on any apps and I bet that lots of other parents are like that too. Thanks! -TropicalFashionFreak❤️
I use Pic Collage because it'a free and fun to use! You can be so creative, and come out with a masterpiece! ⭐️
I use Pic Collage to share my creativity go wild!I also use piano tiles 2,tunnel town,and my boo
I use it as a social app and a chance to express my creativity
piccollage is the only editing app I use! it has all of the features I need to create a unique and beautiful work of art. I love piccollage because the variety of fonts and editing options allow me to experiment with different shapes, symbols and colors. most importantly, it allows me to express my creativity, and share it with all of my friends/followers!
In regards to what I would like to see in future piccollage updates, I want the popular page/verifications to be removed. this may sound crazy, but to me, these features show a hierarchy of power, and can often make collagers like me, who are neglected from the spotlight, feel put down.
I use PC to express myself! it's a great social platform to show others the creativeness you possess as an individual, and even though there may be tons of collages with the same quote, they'll all be different based on the individualness of their maker! the only other app I use is fontcandy to get pictures and other text fonts. as far as features I'd like to see go, how about being able to vote on featured collages so that everyone has a voice? basically, you all would choose collages at random of different styles and such, and then put them up for voting. after a designated amount of time, the collages with the most likes out of the ones PC picked at first get featured😊!
I use pc for school and because I think being able to share your creativity with other people is awesome and I would like other people that have less followers or just started pic should be able to get featured too. some other apps I like to use is weheartit, relic and phonto! dafont is also a website I use
repix* autocorrect was made to get on people's nerves ugh...
I use PicCollage as a way to express my creativity and how I am feeling. It's a fun way to show who you are through photos. I would like to see more easier ways to edit photos (like cropping around a shape instead of in a box form) and I would like to find a way to be able to keep and repost remixes I have created and like a lot. I would also like to see more free backgrounds/stickers and less glitches in the system. Also, I would like to see the popular page to be removed. Though it may seem like a petty thing to ask for, I do have to ask since many people who aren't on the list feel put down, as well as me. I just wanted to point out that this may be the reason why collages seem more "gruesome" or "competitive" these days. I don't use any other photo editing apps; this one is so amazing, why would I need another one??! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Thanks for asking!!
let us have more than 12 clips selected at once and more fonts
follow me my feed is tumblr. themed so check it out follow me!
I use pic collage because it lets me put a bunch of pictures that me and my friends take and put them all together for one big memory I usually use the grid a lot
I use pic collage because it can express my feelings. when I hear something funny or when I'm feeling down I make a collage to show my emotions and I'm so happy this app can help me with expressing my feelings and let me have fun whenever I want!
why don't you make all the stickers and backgrounds free instead of making us pay for them
this app is great though great for putting all my pics together
I use pic collage because it helps me get ahold of me feelings in a creative way. I also use it to contact my friends that I don't get to see often. I see myself in a few years as a graphic designer.
plz check my profile Piccollage I'm trying to spread a message with a collage so it would mean a lot to get it featured
It's so cool!
I use piccollage because I can connect with other people! I also use phonto.
I use pic collage to express my creativity I have had it for several years now and I really have been able to explore the passion for art and I am grateful for that! I think we should be able to post our own videos! thank you!😂😂😘😘
I wish I could email the GIFs by their selves.
I use pic collage because I want to inspire ppl with my real life stories and quotes. also it's an escape from the real world where everything stinks. here we can all be perfect! Other apps include: phonto and line camera. A new feature can be to have new fonts and wallpapers and pastel color font colors
I know you probably don't see this but, Dear pic collage, this means a lot to me and just thank you for making this app and offering this oppertunity. Ik I won't be selected but it's worth a shot!❤️ just thank you for changing my life plz plz plz the least you could do is go to my page and comment or like one of my collages or follow me!!! I'm so thankful for this app and how far I've come Ik I probably won't get featured until far into the future or not at all but plz here me out just I hope you read this and if you did give me a heads up!😂😊 thanks! ~BBxoxo
I use piccollage to have fun. I just like to randomly browse and create. #socool😘
I use pic collage because I want to inspire ppl with my real life stories and quotes. also it's an escape from the real world where everything stinks. here we can all can be perfect. I also use it to express my creativity and my wild imagination. I love this app so much. my quotes show how I'm feeling. I use pic collage because I want to inspire ppl with my real life stories and quotes. also it's an escape from the real world where everything stinks. here we can all be perfect! Although the popular page is cool I think not only should people with like MILLIONS OF FOLLOWERS GET ON IT. also I've been seeing some of the popular collages and they are literally the easiest things to make which isn't fair. Maybe new feature pastel color fonts and new cooler fonts!!!!!Other apps include: phonto and line camera.
I would like to have people enter my icon contest. plz check it out! 💕
contest on my page
I love PicCollage!! One thing I would like to see is some new font options!! thanks!!
one thing I'd like to see is new font options and new templates. 💜❤️💚💕
I'd absolutely love to see a template where we could layer our collages so that all of the decorations and words aren't moving everywhere you swipe your finger. I think layering your collages would help people who are more into organizing their collages like me!
more fonts would be fabulous 🙌 and more layouts I also use it to print them out this is my art
Well, I use PicCollage because it's the only editor that I can actually make good things on xD As for starting an account, I love to meet people who are interested in the same things as me, and even though I could do that on Instagram, Twitter, etc, I like PicCollage because I can see others and their collages. Some of my best collages were inspired by these people and I hold them dear to me. Thank you for your hard work PC!
oh there were more questions xD I think the app is fine the way it is, but I guess the web search results are a bit wonky (hehe). Sometimes I search up something and a totally different result comes out! And the last question... I sometimes use Line Camera to draw on glitter to my collages and PicsArt when I feel like making simple icons for fun
aww I man, I missed ANOTHER chance to be featured.☹️😨😰😱😭
I sometimes use snapped to edit. I'd like more fonts and more colors and stickers
i use pic collage exclusively for my account and the social part where i can talk to people, make firends, like other peoples collages, but i would really like to have new fonts, and a fine tune function where i can put my text exactly where i want it, because it is very frustrating and takes a long time to actually get my text where i want it with my fat uncoordinated fingers so some sort of fine tune would be SO HELPFUL! I would acutally maybe use piccollage for my editing process! I use rhonna designs to edit my photos becasue there is a HUGE range of fonts and TONS of stickers! I would also love if PicCollage could make it possible to put controlable shadow and outline on the text! Please keep thiese in mind!! I would love to use PucCollage as my only editing tool, but its so frustrating to use it. -Lily Dionne aka @chaloure_
I use pic collage to have fun and to make memories!!!!!!!😘😍😝😜
I would love if each pic collage user had their own blog where the could post and share their thoughts with other users by pictures
plz follow me
who won?????
I would love to have u check out some of my colleges plz🙏🏼👌🏼
I use PicCollage instead of Instagram. and yes. I want more new fonts.
free wallpapers please!!!!!!!!!
I use it to make lyric videos
more fonts!!
more fonts!!
Nice collage
my account is so fun! you should follow
with my teacher and it is cool
I would love to see more fonts, GLITTER, an icon maker, and pastel/neon backgrounds
just for fun
I use PC for the amazing community 💙💙 I would like to see private messaging and being able to add your own videos from your camera roll to be features. Please take these into consideration!
I use pic collage simply because it's fun!
I use it for more friends since I'm made fun of at school ☹️☹️☹️
please follow and like 💖
I use PC because it's creative and artistic and a lot of other apps arent. id like more fonts. thanks :3
I would like more fonts thanks
i wish there could be more fonts
post notifications
and see who is following back
i use pic collage for making cool collages and using them as my backraund and I wish more of the stickers where free
I use pic collage to express myself,and think the people who do pic collage only collages should be featured more,by the way,thanks for making this app pic collage!
I love PC but I think that maybe it would be cool to have a button on the side and you press it and then there is a little microphone and you say something and then it says it when someone looks at what you made!!just suggestion
more fonts and video maybe
I want to be able to tag people in comments and on photos (like Instagram )
look at my acount
I use picCollage for school uses, and for socializing, because it's soooo... fun. I ❤️ picCollage
where are our gifs?
I use it for school and fun and I would like to have bug glitches fixed🙂
I use pic collage as a blog
I use pic collage because it inspires me to explore new forms of art. I love seeing what other collagers have posted. I enjoy using the fun stickers to make cards and collages for my family and friends. I use the wide variety of texts for school projects. most of all, I love creating collages to share so thanks so much for the great app!
I use pc as social media and 2 c and share inspirational collages. I would like 2 c more posts w/ ur sticker packs bc I want to c how to be more creative w/ those types of posts. Some social media I have is Musical.ly and Snapchat and I just got Insta. I got this app around November in 2014 and since then, I have made 5 other acc's!!! This app has been very inspirational 2 me and I love it!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ p.s. I still wanted 2 do this even though it's past April 1😊
I use PicCollage for fun. I would really like more stickers and backgrounds to be free as well as more fonts. Also I'm pretty new to PicCollage so if you have any tips could you please share them with me.
I use picollage cause I like to express my self in art
I use phonto and repix ( other than PC )
-Cotton Candy
I use pic collage for clipping pics
I use PicCollage everyday, whether it was for my fandom brethren or just for something to do. I love the features, and I use it a lot.
To be honest, I really just use Pic Collage as a way of getting my feelings out or sending messages...
I use it for random things
Follow for follow
I use pic collage as expressing my feelings with ppl, and showing ppl how artistic I am and my personality
I use pic collage because I like to bad creative and I like an app called musically go follow me dancelove225 I dance!
I love using pic collage to make adorable things for my family and friends. I think pic collage should have more themed templates
it would be nice if we could dm or private chat others on this app and not on a seperate one:)
follow 4 follow
I use piccollage to express myself and hide my opinions in plain sight. it elevates my self esteem and allows me to have freedom, and it always makes me happy!! Thankyou, PicCollage 😄💕
I would love to be able to add videos from my camera roll... wait, is this possible? my phone doesn't let me...? and more stickers please 😜
it upsets me that I have never been featured 😔 but if a collage is featured, it'd be good to be notified? 🤔 Thanks! 🙃
I use PicCollage as its more interesting than Instagram and I'd prefer a better report and block system! I think the stickers should be cheaper - £3.00 is not justified; that's 1/5 of an £15 iTunes card. I use Supeeimpose, Phonto, Magic Hour, Rhonna, Afterlight, Autodesk Sketchbook or Procreate and Repix for more complex edits, but those are mostly posted on Instagram - I mostly use PC on here to keep it PC Only
My main is @TheWandChoosedTheWizard, this is my tutorial acc
I use it for making quotes and stuff. And I use YouTube LOLZ
I think starbucks-ari should be featured! she is sooooo talented and has many amazing collages!
follow for follow
what happened to the giphy
please enter my icon contest!!!
do u actually read the comments. AND NO THIS IS NOT ABOUT COMIC SANS
omg plz bring back gifs and add new fonts💕
please add fonts and create the DM feature. also, please make a feature that allows us to make an icon without making a collage. thanks!☺️👍🏻
Direct/private messaging and some more fonts would be cool
New fonts plz!!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼
plz come and comment and follow me plz my user is XxAmaraxX search it plz
plz like my most recent post (chlid abuse) and spread the message😌🙏🏽💕
Can you make this feature: recording a video and sending it....
I use it because it is a way to get creative
get rid of hate pages
enter my contests i have 2
cute to all
I use PC to make art for myself and others to enjoy. I'd really love to be featured one day because I've had my account for a year and a half, and have finally made it to 1k! I'd like to be able to reach more people, but it's hard when my account has so little popularity after so long. But I am so thankful and happy for all of my followers. I wouldn't have it any other way 💛
can you plz join my contest!😍 anyone who reads this can join✌️it's on emojis xx😘😻
that is really cool
I use PicCollage for my wattpad covers.
people should get featured if they have 100 followers or more!
do you realize it's April 11th and you haven't featured any entries yet?
to make wall papers for my phone
I use PC to be myself, where no one can judge me on how I look, or talk.
I can be who I want to be, I can be creative beyond limits.
in real life , I'm bullied. called a retard. ugly.
here, I can be me
make pic collage more secure it's gets hacked a lot and get rid of hate pages too
feature puppylova! or check out her page!
follow puppylova!
enter puppylova's contests!
I use pic collage for fun, I would like to see more free stickers and other apps I use are music.ly (I'm hannaharrow2 go follow me) and I also use snapchat (hannaharrow also go follow me) and also dubs ash
I use PicCollage to document the crazy memories my friends and I make.
I use Instagram and snapchat.And I use pic collage for social
please feature my collages💗
more fonts please! more free stickers please! more backgrounds please! more space for collecting please!
I'm A bit late but my friend livstyle_tumblr who i met on piccollage has made some amazing collages don't tell her i old u to feature her but ik she secretly wants to be featured for her work!
cool stuff
im not very creative and pic collage helped me
I use it to make colleges of my family when we go to special places and me and my friends every day but I love this app and I faint use any other one
I use pic collage at school and at home. I would like to see more backgrounds and more free stickers 😂😂
i know it's too late but I'd like more book/film fandom features, and I use enlight and rhonna
oh and i use it because i love making collages
I would like to see a photo blend opinion.
Hey everyone!!! There's a contest on my page. Mind looking at it? 🤔 I would really appreciate it if you could like some pictures too 🤗💞 Follow me maybe? 👑❤️ Sorry for promoting on your picture 😥😅
more backgrounds and a few free stickers
that is so cool
I would like to see more free sticker packages
thus is very inspired I hope that anyone out there believes that saying something will make a difference
contest on my page it's easier to win
I use Line camera , doodle buddy, Phonto (On Phonto if you want to download fonts you go on google and type in Da.font then you have a choice of great fonts to use) I would Love to see a strawberry collage because I love strawberries at the moment!!!
I use piccollage to make collages to inspire people.
I use my page for activity and entertainment I want people to smile if they see my work I'm only 10 but I would love to show the world my work of photo creations!
I love pic collage to create, have fun and share
I use it just to have fun !!
I use it for editing on my Rhett and Link Instagram account
I use it for fun. it would be cool if u could add filters to your picture without having to use other apps. I use Magic Hour for my filters!
1. I use it for fun 2. it would be cool if there was filters for the photos and possibly some more fonts. also can you make some more free stickers. I use befunky as a photo editor. 💕💕
also can you plz make some more free backgrounds. U haven't added more for quite a long time. Thank you for making such a great app.😀💕💕
I use pic collage for fun
I would like to see an effect to make text gradient and a tagging thing
To whoever is reading this: follow GreasersRunes please!!!!!!!!💝🔥❣. And pic collage, please feature her!! 🤗 She's been waiting almost a year to get a feature but she hasn't yet. Just the other day there was a girl that only had 15 followers but then she got a feature, and GreasersRunes has over 800 now😰😭. Some other people have been on for only a couple months and have already gotten like 6 features already😞😕😔. No offense but it's kind of not fair. Please please pleas just give her a chance😊 and check out her page for a feature!!😝😜. Whoever sees this and votes for her then I then I'll follow you!!!!!!!!
Hi everyone🍉🌼!! I would so love to get featured, and I need help🔥! I've been on PC for a long time now and I haven't gotten featured get 😰. Then there are some people that haven't been on but for only a couple months and they've already gotten like 6 features 😭. Please help me out with this 🤗💞. If you follow me I will most likely follow you back 😜😏. Whoever is my 900th follower 😱 gets a shoutout, vote for pop page, and a vote for a feature 🐬🐳. Just the other day a girl that only had like 15 followers got featured and I have over 800 now 😔. It's kind of not fair for us that try really hard and do t get noticed😕😞. Please help me out on this 💔🎨🍔🍟. If you do help me out I will help you out to get a feature too😎.
okay, I don't care that this was due ages ago. I use PicCollage simply because it's easy, and the community. I don't use any other apps, unlike SOME people on the featured feed. I would like to see PC actually not featuring some of that stuff.
I'm in
checkout my collages
I use it to be myself and meet new people. I also want to find people who like the same things as I do. I use apps such as Looty Dungeon, Minecraft, and My Boo. I would like to see a custom gif maker, free backgrounds and stickers, and a make your own background/sticker feature.
I would love it there was a messaging feature
ability to add videos!!!
Seria genial si tuviera opción Opacidad
able to collect more pngs
i use it for fun, and PLS ADD MORE FONTS (and i use meitu for another editing app.)
lol how old is this
where has the filter choices gone?
with the last update, the app has become very different- all filter choices are lost and only basic filters left? Any explanation, please?!
I know that I'm SUPER late for this. I just wanted to let you guys know some things. I use PicCollage because it helps me connect with people. I've got to know so many nice people: Cherry_Edits, Unknown_Nae-Edits, Madihah456 and arigrande_101 just to name a few. It also helps me relieve my stress. After a bad day, I go home and begin to play around with Tumblr girls, pastel backgrounds, Ariana Grande and spectacular PNGs - the list is endless! Moving on to the next question. I'm not sure of you mean "features" as in collages being featured or what new updates PicCollage should have, so I'll answer both. First up, what collages should be featured. Honestly, I'd like to start with a question: how do you choose who should be featured? Do you choose them by looking through some kind of feed or do you only look at the accounts that pester you with requests to be featured? Anyways, it WOULD mean the world to me if you featured one of my collages. Please check them out by going on @Magical-Moments (that's my main account: I'm writing from a shared account). I would also love if you could check out people that regularly comment on my posts such as Madihah456, Unkown_Nae-Edits and also my extras account, Magical-Moments_EXTRAS. Now onto the second part of this question. Some new features that I'd love to see in the next update would be to have a DM (direct message) or a PM (private message) feature. It's SO annoying having to sift through accounts JUST to reply to a comment! If this isn't possible, would it be possible to be able to comment with @s? For example I'm commenting on HollyParker7's account and we're working on a collab or just chatting, she could've said "Hi" and I'd be able to reply "Hello, @HollyParker7" and she'd get a notification. I'm also hoping to see the end of a limit to the amount of scraps on a collage and the amount of images and what-not that you can insert at once. One last thing is I would LOVE if the collectors case would be expanded from 50 to maybe something like 70. Or maybe for Premium subscribers, they'd be able to get ten or twenty more spots. For the last question, I only use one other editing app, if that's what you mean. I use Phonto. Thanks SO much for (hopefully) getting through my extremely long answer! I don't expect to be featured, but it would still be nice. Please comment on one of my posts on Magical-Moments if you can any of my questions. Thanks, Magical-Moments xx P.S. this is, like, my FAVOURITE app! I love it soo much and begged ALL of my friends to get it and now we're part of the PicCollage community!
I love it! collage is helpful to use for cards or celebrations!
This app is awesome. I love how you can send it to other people and it says something already!
I would like to be able to add hyperlinks to my collages.
Can someone tell me where the ALL ABIUT ME TEMPLATE is?
I use it cause it is so easy for beautiful presentations i would like to see more free backgrounds
you should be able to delete sticker packs and backgrounds you don’t want anymore to free up space on your device
I use pic collage to showcase my work and promote my pedicure salon. I sometimes use other apps often for special effects or seasonal frames. I would like to be able to create my own templates.
piccollage is the best
I love Pic Collage its helped me make things for school such as timetables and things
sa ne marche pas ta gros marde
Hi I love piccollage but
I love Pic COLLAGE